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Olivia Lush
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2019, 08:05:31 PM »
I was hooked on Olivia after researching her on the internet.  She puts herself out there very well.  Not only her beauty is showcased, but she reveals herself in so many ways.  She has worked hard in many fields and is now very content with what she is doing.  This translates into a very engaging and satisfying experience for anyone lucky enough to hook up with her.  I was one of the lucky ones.  When we met, I found the person I had read about - it was all true and in the flesh and oh what flesh.  We shared three parties, and it just kept getting better and better.  She will make you feel whole again in case its been a while.  Her mind is her best asset, and she enjoys using it to help others.  Not only that, but she loves sex in general not to mention all the other somewhat less traveled roads she is an expert in.  I will be back.