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Mustang store

Started by Luvtofish69, Jan 22, 2023, 09:42 PM

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Can anyone tell me what time the store opens. Would like to get a shirt for a friend



Michael j.

Can you buy it on line?
Michael J.

Adventure Guy

Here's the link to the Mustang store:

It's open 24 hours a day!   :)


As was already pointed out you can purchase online.

You also can probably just ask.the cashier if you can purchase whatever items anytime you are in the building.

Sometimes even though I always decline because I don't want evidence.  If you spend enough on a party they will comp you a T-shirt, hat, or whatever. You just have to ask before you leave.  I was offered a shirt, or hat many times, but had to decline because I didn't want any evidence.😉