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The new Riley

Started by Thumper, Sep 04, 2013, 07:44 PM

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There is a new lady around.  Riley!  Yes this is a new Riley!  She is a blond about 5 1/2 feet tall and 110 lbs.  A dancers body built for speed and handling.  She is not a clock watcher and gives a magnificent part.  I highly recommend her.

Thumper;  :P


and dance she can do thats for sure i so luv to share the stages here at the ranch with this girl  :-* hope she stays a real long time...Godbless her


She is really a Hot girl...She is not a clock watcher and sees to that she treats and takes care of you real good! She is so flexible and wow what a day i had with her! I would recommend her to my friends!!


Phoenix.  The dance that riley did in her room was darn near the end of me.  I wasn't sure if she was an angle of mercy or the devil come to drag me to the netherworld.  :P   Magnificent lady. 




 ;Da gotta luv all side of her thumper you'll be fine she knows mouth to cock recessitation :o ;D