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Labor Day Weekend at the Mustang Ranch

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Keep a light on for me I am headed south this weekend and Exit 28 is programed into my Navigation Program.

Another year without Burning Man but they never spent at the MR so who cares.


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--- Quote from: SeattleSun on September 08, 2015, 05:06:26 PM ---After being in Reno last year for Labor Day I swore I would never do it again.  Burning Man occurs that weekend and with 70,000 "Burners" in the area and the Rib Cook Off in Sparks making it just too crazy a scene for Mr. Sun.  But I found myself in Sin City with no NFL action to keep me in town and on the spare of the moment loaded up the van and headed north up the Highway of Love aka US-95.  Noteworthy that the Shady Lady will close in December and the Cotton Tail and Angles Landing had already closed leaving only the Alien Cat House (Amarosa Valley) and Kit Cat (Mina) open along US-95 so maybe it's losing the name as the Highway of Love but it and Alt US-95 will lead to the Mustang Ranch the Temple of Love.

Last year driving from the Bay Area to Reno on Friday night before Burning Man nearing Donner Pass (7,000 feet) a Burner cut in front of me and ran me off I-80 onto the shoulder at 70 mph.  This year south of Beatty, NV on the way home on Memorial Day a burner passed me on US-95 lost control ran off the road on the right then left side of road with tires smoking, thank God there was no north bound traffic to head on, and then drove off into the desert on the right side sinking into the sand.   I don't know why they didn't roll over.   I fired a couple of shots over their heads just in case they already hadn't pissed his pants.

Burning Man Info

Lucy is a Burner so if you want the full details of the action in the trenches ask her.

Burning Man Encampment 50 miles north east of Mustang Ranch


The Night Fever

Saturday Night is not my favorite time at the MR.  Way too many drunk tourists and and not enough ladies result in the odds not being in my favor.  There seems to be a non stop of "Code 3" announcements.  And Labor Day weekend effectively contains two Saturday Nights as Monday is a holiday and Sunday Night resembles a Saturday Night.   I have to admire the ladies who work the "night shift".  They have the courage of combat soldiers.  I walked into the bar at 4 am Sunday morning and there were bodies everywhere.  They were being carried out on stretchers.  It was triage.  The sleeping and dead were left lying in place.  One work horse of a woman had just finished her 9th party of the evening declaring 'Thats All Folks' and headed off to bed.  I went back to bed thinking nothing for me to do here.  I would come back later when the dead and dying were removed.

Night Shift Warriors Badge of Merit Award Labor 2015 Day Campaign awarded to: Ashley, Alexia, Atlantis, Ayana, Jaylynn, Kennedy Adams, Kortney*, Monica, Morgan, Victoria, Tiffiany.  Carrera and Mimi do a split shift and get a half awards, sorry ladies you have to be on the floor when the sun comes up to get the full award.   * with Last Woman Standing Battle Ribbon

The Day Shift     Afternoon Delights one and all!

I returned to the bar at 8:45 am to see the last of the night shift being helped off to bed.  Courtney was the last night shift lady to leave the floor thus winning the Last Woman Standing ribbon.  Shortly there after the cleaning lady showed up and began spreading the foul smelling disinfectant and cleaning up all the left over fluids on the floors.  Slowly the day shift ladies wondered on to the floor.  The Hot Historian, Reily had showed up at 6 am stabilizing the walking wounded. Then the petite Korean Coco who gave me a short back rub promising more if I wanted it which I did.  I like a lady with "strong hands"    :) :) :) :)  Then the eternally youthful Erica Lauren eating a bowl of brand flakes with fresh fruit.  God I wish I could do her diet and exercise program but pigs don't eat like that.  I thought I had seen everything but Olivia Bentley showed up with eatable pasties covering only her nipples, who knew they even made such things, and I couldn't take my eyes off her boobs!  The ever cheerful southern bell Kelli rolled thru the Green Door and then in that lovely southern drawl said "Good Morning You All"  Ahhhh.  I got to get her on my bucket list.  Then the cheery on top was Donatella showing up in this pink outfit with bows all over it.  She looked like a present just waiting to be opened.  We have to get pictures of Donatella in the pink outfit up on the web site, it will drive the boys crazy!

Then I did one of the dumbest things I every did in my whole life.  I got in my van and drove back to Vegas leaving those six beautiful ladies sitting alone in the bar.

Someone should have tied me up until I came to my senses!  I still had a few pills left and a pocket full of hundreds!  If Ayana would have been there she would have tied me up, she is good at that kind of stuff.   :o :o :o :o :o

The Dumbest M.F. on the Planet

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Burning Man = Almost Unlivable Environment + Unrestricted Drugs + Naked Old People

Burning Man = Frat House + Nursing Home + Florida


--- Quote from: SeattleSun on September 08, 2015, 05:06:26 PM ---
...I thought I had seen everything but Olivia Bentley showed up with eatable pasties covering only her nipples, who knew they even made such things, and I couldn't take my eyes off her boobs!...

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Never take your eyes off Olivia's outfits!


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