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Visit with Latina


On Saturday, 16 July, about 6 or so, I went to Mustang for dinner and to see who was there. Grabbed a table and waited for a menu. While waiting, this beautiful over 30, curvy lady with a wonderful smile and a sexy accent asked if she could join me. Sure, please have a seat. Bar tender pretty busy with a large crowd. This gave me and Latina a chance to visit and get to know each other. She asked if I was here to see anyone. I said no, just dinner. She smiled  and I asked would you like to discuss a party on Sunday. Away we went behind the closed door. Activities and length were discussed then price. We reached an agreement and set 1:00 pm Sunday for a one hour GFE party. To say she took real good care of this old sailor would be an understatement. My time with her was out of this world. Specifics will remain between us, but the memories will remain. I have to get back to her real soon. Thank you Latina You are the best.
Navy steve


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