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OK Short version V. Falls was a lot of fun and she was nice to me when she didn't necessarily have to be. She was willing to give me what I asked for, and went a little beyond because she was willing to make one part of the overall party experience easier for me. I will just leave that there.

I will say that the overall experience inside the building before the actual party was eye opening. There is definitely an expiration date on this for lack of a better term hobby.

Your own individual expiration dates will vary not necessarily age related, or even your finances.  There will come a day though when you will be done with your brothel adventures, or at least you should be.   

Mine will probably come sooner, then it will be for the rest of you guys.  Due to my own special circumstances.  I don't think my go away for good date has come yet! However due too my overall situation being fluid it is possible that I have had my last dance. Time as it does with all things will write the end of my adventures. :'( If my time is done V at least sent me out with bang! No pun intended.

As for the rest of you guys watch for the signs don't miss your expiration date. When the time comes for you, if you have been paying attention you will understand what I'm saying here. Until then enjoy your own individual journey, and adventures :D

OK this was on one of my social media News feeds. Not sure who created it. I admit I did laugh when I first saw this, but about 2 seconds later I thought wow some people have to much time on their hands.😄

That actually reminds me of a 1990's country song by Larry Stewart.

Or this little tune by a Muppet dog playing piano and a Famous Muppet Frog😉😄😄

Don't get me wrong ladies I value each and everyone of you, and the services you girls provide to me.

But the picture meme and  the two songs are true.😉😁

OK whats more Shocking the fact that Tori is getting another review up on here?🤔 Or Ironman managed to for the most part finance a party on his own for the first time since 2015?🤔

Although I will point out doing it 100 percent alone is no longer possible for me fairoakian gets credit for an assist he agreed to give me a ride out so I could avoid the problems that taking an uber or cab out to the Ranch can cause to a party budget. When you are on a shoe string budget in my case it was a broken shoe string budget.🙄

Taking an uber to the ranch is a party killer it is death. Basically its because of that stupid system that I will eventually be knocked out of this game for good. There will probably come a day very soon where I just won't even bother trying to come in anymore.

But that day did not come this year.

A sincere thanks to Fairoakian for the ride out Saturday night, and buying my breakfast actually your breakfast my dinner time. Saturday morning. That was actually the only meal I ate in Reno the whole weekend. I was penny pinching the whole weekend. What would have normally been my food budget and other expenses like money for the side options at the bowling tournament all got diverted to my so called party fund.

One last bit about this Uber BS before I move  on I did share van uber back to town with my buddy who ubered  in at 4 am for a party with Leah. That was my buddies contribution to my broken shoe string budget letting me hitch a ride back in his uber.

The driver went into the office for like 20 minutes🤔🤔 I better  not find out he got one  single stinken penny of what I gave Tori😡 I will never set foot in Mustang again! Just saying that whole thing seemed fishy. One minute driver was there time to go then its wait 10 or 20 minutes. This just seemed a little fishy. Yes I hitched a ride back with my buddy Vin his uber. But I didn't arrive at Mustung that way. So if Tori's cut was compromised in anyway then I am done!

OK this concludes the bitch about Kelly Fare being attracted to patrons that come out via Uber at least for the rest of this post.😉

Anyway OK I was  in town for another bowling tournament.

I actually bowled OK this trip the lanes actually had oil this time. Just not well enough to cash. None of my teammates did.

I got to Mustang around 10 fairoakian hung out with me for about an hour or so he told me a very funny story about the late Flyfisher😔 Some others about some of the other guys I never actually met and are now in the Monger Witness protection program or so it seems because they dropped off the grid.

We also of course discussed the ladies on the floor in a respectful manner before. fairoakian decided it was time for him to head home. Thanks again for the ride out. My friend.👍🏻🖖🏼. 

In the here and now I don't really have the funds for this kind of thing. 7 or 8 years ago I would have either had to make some difficult choices or popped some of them there old man vitamins. There were too many ladies in the building that I either had booked with or would under the right circumstances.

Charlotte was of course there.😍😍 If I had  decided I was ready 10 minutes earlier when I was finally ready about 5 hours after getting in the building. It was a little before 3 am.

Anyway if I decided I was ready 10 minutes earlier I would have just booked with Charlotte. I am like the moth drawn to fire or something like that when it comes to Charlotte.  Anyway she basically called it a night, but she is fully aware of the fact I got a thing for her.😍

Anyway about 45 seconds after Charlotte leaves the floor Tori comes back out I had been talking to her off and on for most of the night she actually sat with fairoakian and I for a bit when I first got there.

At that point rather I tried to go behind the green door or not. I had to keep a promise to Tori's self appointed number 1 Fan.  The legend in his own mind anyway😉 Mr. Chuck Chase.👏🏻👏🏻 Not 1!🤗 But 2! 🤗Hugs🤗🤗 from you for Miss Tori Yes Bigfoot I did tell Tori you said Hi. I never spoke with Cannela.? I might have spelled her name wrong if so sorry.  I did tell Tori what that  message was supposed to be so the message might have gotten two her third Hand.

Before I talk a little more about Tori I will say like I said there were several ladies I had a past with. She may presently go by Whitney but to me She will always be Kassie.😁 She was actually busy for the night. But she did appear in the bar briefly to get some refreshments for her and another person😉 just after  I had wrapped things up with Tori.

We talked for 2 or 3 minutes though I think and  or at least hope she knows regardless of what she chooses to call herself. She will always have a small space in my heart to put whatever name she chooses to imprint  on it, and I have many fond memories of th as that girl on a mattress. She always just knew how to get me in the mood keep me in it, or if need be back in it. For those who don't know my history with her I will just say we had 6 parties with her in total and two of those she was next girl up after I would finish with my now long retired ATF so hence she always knew how to get me back in the mood that should give you a hint on her skill

Any I decided I am not sure where I got it I had what I felt was close to enough before getting to reno. So eventually I wound up in Tori's room the girl knows what she is doing.

My guess is she probably had a few more skills she couldn't show in just one party. 🤔🤔 I need to find a way to see more of her skills.

There really not anything I can say about Tori that hasn't already been said mostly by Chuck😉 not going to even try.

I like Tori  she for a lack of a better term knows how to work it.

We are now at the point in this rambling it is almost Done I promised Tatum the new girl she would get a mention on here so here it is Next time one of you alls guys is at Mustang if she is there say Hi to her she is an interesting young lady & she was fun to talk too.😎

I don't know if there will be any parties for me in 19 or 20 yet.
I am not Sure what 19 will hold for me in the thighs that truly matters.

My Bar of life is set very low. The line between what is a good year and a bad year for me is razor thin.

Tori might have been the end of the line for me in the brothel world at least for now. Tori was the first girl I was actually able to pay for out of my own pocket since 2015. With Whitney  when she was still Kassie.  Those are not favorable
Odds going into 19. Every other party after Whitney in 15 leading up to Tori happened with 99 percent  other peoples money, and while a helping hand is always appreciated. You can't always rely on the charity of others all the time.

But I am done for at least 9 months maybe a lot longer I am not in  a situation to guarantee anything anymore.
If Tori was my last Rodeo rather it be just for a short while or significantly longer. I can live with it😁 If I have too. Although I think she found me interesting when went into official contract talks I handed her the money said we had to have sex or doesn't count, and if you need to work on a time clock Thats Fine just don't start the clock after the shower. Everything else you can decide I told her. She was like um ,🤔 Ok How long? I said You figure that out too😁  It will be fine sex time starts after shower. Everything else  left up to her I have reasons  why I make request this way that  I choose not to discuss on here. Other than to say once we got In her room it started to make more sense on why I make two very specific request but leave everything else up to whomever I am with at the moment.

Tori was just used to most of you will usually say I want this that and the other thing.

For me its just easier I only have what I have rather it was money other people gave me like for the party with Charlotte back in September or The now very  rare occaions I can come up with what I feel is the minnum on my own. Which has only twice in the last 3 years. The days of me knowing I could book something every  I was in Nevada regardless of which brothel I was in ended forever in December of 13 when my financial house of cards came crumbling down.

Its just better to let the lady do whatever she was willing to do for whatever she is willing too do or at least how much of it and anything else for the money I just gave her As long as she agreed to request 1 and 2.

I made the exact same request of Charlotte in September. The only difference Tori had a guy tell her before if you are willing  to do 1 sex and are willing to start the clock after I'm out of the shower for that amount because that is all there  is😔 Unfortunately there is no up or down.  It be nice if there was a little wiggle room But those days are over for good.

Starting in 14 I either have my minimum or I don't it is what is

We all make choices in this life and we have to make choices we make sometimes they work out great sometimes they  have consequences that bite you in your ass. But either way we all must live with the choices  we make in life.

For the record both Tori and Charlotte were cool with request 1 and 2 in both cases it was long enough I honestly don't remember how long it Was neither lady rushed me out the door.😎
Now for a quick plug for Alexia. You are one of the coolest ladies I know. You have always been nice to me and I had fun. With you  the 2 times we got in a room 2011 & 2014.😉

Rather or not we cross paths again or not I wish nothing but good things for you in this life.🤗 I  hope you know I have fond memories of you just lit all the other 3 ladies that got significant lines in this epic novel.

But unlike the others you seem to know how my mind works vyou probably know exactly why I am all 😍😍 Over Miss Charlotte while at the same time after just one party very comfortable with Tori. While also even though she will always be Kassie to me I am not willing to shut the door on a possible round 7 with Whitney under the right circumstances.

I am sorry that girl just always  knew what t do with me on a bed. Rather we were having a quickie or a longie......😄

Anyway you are amazing in your own right Alexia😉 Don't ever think otherwise.🤗

OK so some of you all said you wanted a trip report so here it goes. Complete disaster I bowled like Shit 110 123 137. Had to use my old Ebonite Werewolf plastic ball most of the time. In hindsite I probably should have used it from shot one.😠😠😠

Oh wait🤔 my bad this is not the bowling forum I post on sometimes. Hopefully I didn't post the Charlotte report over there. If I did you all can read al about Charlotte over on the bowling forum.😉😉😄😄😁😁

OK kidding at least about posting about Charlotte in a bowling discussion group. The part about me bowling like Shit!💩 Is real. Which means its a good thing I had funding in place courtesy of the Non Profit Help a fellow Monger in need Foundation & some additional assistance from one of my members at work who knew I was going to Reno & my Employer don't pay me enough to Buy peanuts let alone anything remotely close to an hour with Charlotte. Anyway one of my regulars just gave me some cash. When I asked him if he wanted it back he said no just have a good story for me when you return to work. I have been rather Ornery lately with a lot of BS going on at work, he felt it would help.

So lets just say getting laid ladies and Gents does not solve your personal lifes problems. But if you have the right girl in front of you she can help you focus on her for an hour or so. Which by default takes your mind at least for a moment in time off of whatever is bothering you in the real world.

I will also say thank you to Big Foot for offering the ride out. When you are on a very tight shoe string party budget additional party cost attached to uber passangers can be a deal breaker before you even get through the gate. Your contribution to this whole operation was very valuable and greatly appreciated.

So basically all the planets and stars in the known universe along with a few more from an unknown universe all lined up for one night anyway.

I of course didn't jump in right away. I hungout till like 1 30am before I decided it was time. But Alexia who was also on shift and knows how I roll when I havr what I feel is enough to book. Told Charlotte if I say I am going to book with girl X Y or Z I will. I just take a few hours before I am ready.

True the nights of me being able to take a lady off the floor and in a room for 5 or 6 hours are gone for forever.☹ So are the nights of me being able to book 3 or 4 ladies in the same night ☹ Although I am quickly reaching the age where physically I probably cant go 3 or 4 times in the same night anymore anyway.😄 So I ain't going to necessarily want to rush into a room.

But this brings me to reason number 2 why I don't rush into a room anymore. This is actually the main reason I can't just rush into a room shortly after I get there even if I have the funds to go behind the door. I am just too damn old to burn the candle at both ends anymore.☹ I have spent most of the last 15 years working graveyard shift. The problem is when I roll into Reno for these bowling tournaments I need to be up and functioning in the day time. Then I go down for a 3 or 4 hour nap tops. So even though I walked in at around 10 15pm which in my everyday life would be more like the equivalent of 8 15 am for most of you. My internal time clock was all out of whack. My eyes werr open but I was still basically sleeping with my eyes open until around 1 30 am when my internal clock basically was reset and saying OK we are good time to see if that nooner with Charlotte can happen or not. For me guys 2 am is like noon.😄

Although before I get into that I will say around 1 am Carrera did get my attention she got up on stage did her thing and I gave her a 20. If I had not decided on Thursday when I saw Charlotte was going to be working that she had earned first refusal rites because of our two past encounters, and last years what now apparently my standard go to party these days when I don't got any real money or at least not enough☹ Ironman special talk the girls ear off party in the bar. Basically thats where if you sit and keep the guy with no real money company for an hour if I think I would want you on a mattress if and when I think I have enough money on a future visit too Reno you get 20. Basically after the split the girl has just earned close to what is probably the Nevada minimum hourly wage. On the upside the girl that has committed to the Ironman 20 dollar special talk a lot party you get to Stay fully clothed.  We never leave thr bar, and touching is restricted a hand shake at the beginning and a hug at the end of this talk fest.

The downside the girl that finds herself in the middle of this Ironman 20 dollar special you need to be willing to do this at a time when I would want you in a room if I had the money, and unfortunately if we ever do cross paths when I think I have enough. You might have to actually see me naked.☹ Charlotte just took a page out of Ironman's now long retired ATF's playbook. Close your eyes and peretend I am someone else while we are having sex.😎  Anyway I might have gone back with Carerra if I had not decided on Thursday that Charlotte when I saw was on the schedule had to be given the option of saying no first at least for this trip unless she was busy when I was finally ready. If she had said no. Well then it would have been on to plan B which would have been Ok who is available with the right look from behind. Carerra still has the right look from behind its just every time her and I have crossed paths. I was either 1 out of money. 2 I had money but not ready to book a party or 3 and this is what happened on Saturday the money had technically not been spent yet. But I had already told Charlotte we were going unless she was busy when I was ready. Alexia will verify this if I tell you I have what I think is enough money in my pocket or at least available to me to make it work, and you get first chance at least on that night of saying yes or no when I am ready. I am sticking to my plan A, and going with the lady I told in advance she was the one at least for that night.

Carerra essentially got 20 for providing a little entertainment before I was ready and because of the timing of who was out and available when I was actually ready to go back if Charlotte had said no Carerra was plan B. I knew the actual negotiations with Charlotte would only last about 2 minutes. Negotiations with me never last long. Its basically I want Sex or it don't count this is what I have. Anything else we do and for how long is up to you yes or no. I have not been told no yet. But I don't go into a negotiation room unless I am confident the girl in front of me at the moment will say yes.

I actually did wind up spending my last 20 which was supposed to be for food on the way out of town later on a Ironman talk a lot 20 dollar special party after my party with Charlotte before leaving with another girl who I will mention by name in about 200 words or so. Wound up not needing that last 20 anyway because my team mates and I stopped at Mels on the way out of town and I had a gift card for there with enough left on it to cover my part of the check.

Anyway Charlotte did say yes. What can I say about Charlotte. Lets just say she has that certain something that will always pull me in and no I am not talking about her butt that was just how she caught my eye in 2016. The rear view will always be how the girl initially gets my attention. But no Charlotte has a certain something else that would be difficult to put into words so I am not going to.

I will just say time with her is what I expected. She had no problem doing what I asked her too and then going a little above and beyond.

I don't know if I will ever actually get in a room with her again or not. I would like too but, I need to have what I feel is the right amount of money in place, and you can't ask the Monger in need foundation every trip for assistance every trip and I sure as hell won't be expecting a 200 dollar gift from one of my regulars again probably ever. So yes I would go back to Charlotte she has that certain something that can pull you in. But funds just are not always there in the here and now. But on the upside if I can come up with what I feel is fair I think Charlotte will be OK with it as long as I don't ask for anything weird.

Now before I wrap this up I will barely discuss the Ironman 20 dollar talk a lot in the bar special party since it apparently is my now go to MO I actually started doing this in 16 put it through beta testing with Charlotte the last 2 years.

Anyway the 20 dollar talk in the bar party was with Tori. Now Tori has a little something too that I like but with her I know exactly what it is with her.

She essentially just brings out that inner howl at the moon call of the wild got to have it have it at least once wild animal instinct. But the money is not guaranteed in my world so while I may want it for lack of better words realistcally it might not happen. On the upside although prices are not and were not discussed in the bar other then her saying in so many words a as long as you are not an asshole don't assume we all charge the same or its not enough. I am not even sure how we got to that point in the conversation we were talking about a lot of things and various subjects. I just remember we got to a point in the conversation where she had a pretty good idea what I would expect if we ever got on a mattress together and that led to me mentioning something about an asshole tax. My only point here being my overall impression of Tori. She will work with you and your budget unless you are a complete asshole. She did say she will be on her last tour for the year next time I am in town. I don't know if I can come up with my minimum. So soon because I will need to finance it on my own. So I may not be able to make like Tarzan to her Jane.😄 But I need to make sure I get at least 10 more dollars over to her. At some point during our discussion she explained to my dumbass how to direct message on Instagram. So 10 more dollars for the technical support.😎

So with that Bigfoot thanks again for the ride out. Thank you again to the monger assistance foundation without your help the trip to Charlotte's room might not have happened.

Tori thanks for the chat and tech support at the very least you got 10 dollars coming Rather we ever get in a room or not. But make no mistake you got it going on.😉

Charlotte you were wonderful.🤗 Amazing all that sappy stuff. Rather or not we ever can again. I enjoyed my time with you I hopd you know that.🙂

Trip Summaries / Charlotte It did not happen but almost did
« on: June 11, 2016, 11:59:30 AM »
OK most of you that post over on SIN  Know I am not really booking much these days I consider myself in virtual retirement from the Hobby LPIN Rodeo whatever you all wish to call it. For several most of which are none ya alls business. 8) I will say one of the reasons is  lack of funds, aka. disposable income  to pay for the well er um. :-\  pay my entry fees to secure my entrance in a Rodeo event. ;)

I won't say exactly when I last ventured into Mustang because that too is None of your alls business. 8)  But I am going to share this because there is a moral here at the end of this story for the ladies.  Besides several of the girls despite my efforts to stay off Radar knew who I was even though I don't post on here much.  The online rep was established long ago.  Also you go to a place often enough even if you don't book you can bet every time you walk into a brothel in some cases even if it is your first time in that particular establishment someone will know who you are 99 percent of the time its one or two of the ladies.

Hell even Atlantis whom I only met one briefly in 2010 in the original building remembered me almost right away.

Phoenix don't count she knows everybody. ;D ;D ;D  Alexia don't count in this case either because even though it was only 2 times we still have a past history. ;)

So anyway I was in town for a bowling thing not too long ago.  I had decided probably 6 months ago that I was not going to set foot in a brothel at all this year not even just to hang out. I figured no funds what's the point, and more importantly I have other issues that take priority right now.

So my intent at least this last trip was to stay out of the brothels completely.

But the best intentions poop happens and all of that. Plans changed and I found myself in a brothel yet again. ::) Truth be told most of my well er um events when I had money for the entry fees were not planned. So I guess the fact that I showed up is not shocking.

Anyway a friend of mine who did book twice during the 3 nights I was in the area I won't say whom he booked with because that is his business and I know he wishes to remain Anonymous. 

I will just say he was going he said I could come along, and if I wanted he would float me a loan if I decided I wanted to saddle up one more time, and at least make a short return to the game.

I figured OK what thew hell I had enough money of my own I could pay for my drinks if I had too and sitting in mustang even if you don't book was better then sitting at the hotel playing my nightly 20 dollar allotment on video poker, and besides the video poker was not going anywhere.  I only started playing that a few years ago anyway.  Lets just say its the lingering influence of my retired favorite. :'(  I won't mention her by name on here sense this is a house forum.   Besides those of you that read sin as well as this forum know who she is anyway, and at least one lady still currently  employed at Mustang knows who she is.  So the video poker is her still lingering influence on me.  Besides I can sit at the Mustang and drop 20 on a bunch of diet soda and see a bunch of half naked women, or I could stay at my hotel and donate 20 to the video poker machine at my hotel and get the Soda for free.

So why not lets go to Mustang video poker not going anywhere. 8)  The first night we went out there my friend offered me the loan, but I really was just not in the mood at all, and since I did not have any money of my own, or at least not enough of it to book my minimal expectation in the ladies room I just told buddy if he came back out before the weekend is over   I might come with and take him up on the loan then.

I could however tell that first night although it was not going to happen at all Charlotte whom I did not speak too, but I saw her in the bar had the right look.  Essentially Charlotte fits into the overall look I tend to most often gravitate towards first before sometimes deciding to venture off my normal and book with someone that may not fit the look I almost always gravitate towards first, but something about them can occasionally get me to shift gears and go another way.

So anyway Charlotte basically has the overall lok I most often will go for, or at least look at first.

But again like I said it was not going to happen even with her that first night. So we left after sun up.

The next night it was me and the video poker machine I actually won 80 dollars.  I was down to 4 dollars decided it was getting boring so rather then play 25 cents at a time for another hour I decided to just bet my last 4 of my video poker budget for the night and 4 of a kind came up had one more soda then cashed out and went to go eat something.

The last night the video poker machine was cold, but that seems to be the norm on a Saturday night.

So around 3 am my buddy decides he wants to hit Mustang one more time so I go with again he offers a loan, but I am still not sure I have some other expenses coming up and borrowing money to see a lady Naked even if she fits my A look like Charlotte was probably not a good Idea, but I was a little more open to the idea after checking her out 2 nights earlier.

Wait for it guys I am getting there in my normal long winded posting style. ;D ;D ;D

So around 3 almost 4 am we show Up I made a point to at least say hello to Alexia out of respect for our past history, and she has always made a point to be nice to me even if she was not on my itinerary for that visit.  She is a smart lady and knows never to say never so....I always make a point to say hello to her if we are both in the building because you never know what the future may hold I may win the powerball  and book the whole shift for just myself and my 2 or 3 closest friends someday. It probably won't happen but it could! ;D ;D

My buddy after about 30 or 40 minuets makes his selection for the night.  At this point the loan was off the table, but that was OK like I said I was not really willing to take it.  The need was just not strong enough.

Of course after he was back there for a while Charlotte got up and went in back a few times came back out walked around a little basically she was moving around a little More then she was two times before.

This is where the booking that wasn't could have been if the timing had been a little better better. I watched her walk in back a few times.

Well most of you that post on sin also know my biggest weakness is a girl with a great rear view.  So I am watching Charlotte walk in back a few times.  Lets just say although it is a little bit different Charlotte has a little wiggle in her walk and the way her ass wigglers when she walks just for a moment gave me a flash back to 2008 at a southern Nevada establishment when I first crossed paths with my now Retired ATF :'(  Her wiggle still haunts my dreams to this day.  Anyway Charlotte has a great little wiggle all her own, and after that flash back to years before with another girl. My thought was hells no I cant go down that road again a walk very much like that is what got me in trouble before good thing no money right now I tell myself. ;D ;D  But I also know I tend to sometimes make like Whitesnake and go down the same road I have been down many many ties before.

So I asked this big burly looking dude with a badge and a gun what her name was because I don't normally approach the ladies unless I have past history with them.  So me and Charlotte had not been introduced.

So big dude with the gun and badge says that is Charlotte! I say um yeah Charlotte she be dangerous for me.  He just laughed and went back to his duties.

I wanted to know what her name was though just in case I went down that road again despite my insistence that given her overall look and similar walk to someone from my past I am still kinda hung up on even though she retired 3 years ago. ::) The fact that Charlotte would be potentially dangerous for me anyway. ;D ;D Like I said earlier in this post never say never.  So this whole time my buddy is still in back I assume having fun with the lady he selected. 

So around 6 am There is like 2 guys in the bar me and this other guy who was talking to another lady ironically also from my past.  Like I said guys you walk into a brothel sometimes even if you never been to that one before before odds are good unless its your very first time in a brothel odds are good you are going to cross paths with someone who knows who you are. ::)  Anyway Charlotte decides after all this time had passed since I walked in that night she was going to practice her best moves on the damn stripper pole.  For what was basically an audience of one me! The other guy was preoccupied. ;D ;D  So I watch Charlotte do her thing on the pole and I am thinking :-\ :-\ :-\ UM OK f--k! women why did you not show me those damn moves sooner! Maybe dangerous or not maybe I can walk down that road one more time, but now its too late going to be leaving soon!

My buddy popped out 5 minuets later said the Uber was called 15 or 20 minuets. I said OK! 8) I only need two! I'll be right back!  So I walk over too Charlotte hand her 20 bucks and say you are dangerous maybe someday I'll tell you why.   So if one of you ladies happens to read this post, and Charlotte is there tell her to read this so she will know why she is dangerous. ;D ;D ;D  Charlotte gave me a hug and said good by too me when I walked out shortly after.

So the moral of this story for Miss Charlotte and all the ladies of the Mustang if you got a best move you are hiding in your thong g string or whatever  you are passing off as an out fit that shift.  Pull that ace out sooner ladies. ;D ;D

See if Charlotte had made her best move 2 hours earlier.  We may or may not have come to terms, but I would have been hey Buddy!  Money give now!!! 8)  Pay you back before next trip me wanna go dance naked horizontal Mambo on Charlotte a mattress with Charlotte!  8)  Or at least see if that loan he was going to lend me along with the 100 I had in my own pocket would be enough to get my minimal expectations in a booking with a lady granted.

If Charlotte had showed me those moves 2 nights earlier.  I probably would have taken the loan and sat on it till my last night in town.  But Charlotte still would have got more then 20 bucks either way.

This concludes the story of what almost was if the timing had been a little better, and in the spirit of always doing things I say I am not going to do ever ever again, but always do it anyway a little Whitesnake lol those of you on Sin i am sure remember my take on this tune, but for several reasons we will not be posting that on here.  If you look really close though and don't blink rumor has it there is a nipple slip in the music video the band did, but given it is Youtube it might have been edited out. ;D ;D  On a unrelated note David Coverdale in my opinion was never a good looking dude even when he was younger. ::) ::) lol.

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