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Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / LEAH!! DAAAYUUM!
« on: March 28, 2018, 10:35:06 PM »
ďIf I could give you the greatest sexual experience that youíve ever had, that is what I would like to do in a party with you.Ē These are the words that Leah told me the first time we ever met.  She was true to her words that night.  I didnít know that included every party we would be having together after that wonderful night.  Every party that Iíve had with Leah, she has done special things to step up the pleasure in our time together and definitely make it the greatest sexual experience Iíve ever had each time.  In one of our previous parties, I had told her what look I find the most attractive.  On Friday night, I was sitting in the bar watching the basketball game, when the door opened up and Leah came out.  Leah had the look that I had told her about down to a T and dayum, did she look perfect!  I almost shoved my way between two people to get to her.  It wasnít too long before we were taking care of the business part of an incredible party.  A night on the town with the Lovely Leah was more fun than I had anticipated.  With lady luck at my side, we doubled up at the gaming tables.  Leahís also quite the athlete as we were able to win a teddy bear at the unball game.  We enjoyed a late night meal, before exploring more of downtown Reno.  It was nice spending time with a beautiful lady on my arm and seeing all the envious stares from so many people that night.

Back at the ranch, Leah and I ended a perfect date in the best way ever.  Iíve got the stunning blonde in her room and my goodness you would never think someone as innocent looking as her could get so wild.  From head to toe Leah is absolutely stunning with so much energy.  You know the party is going to be intense whenever a lady puts her hair up and looks you straight in the eye.  All I could do was grab on to something and hold on tight as that wild party kept on going.  Now, Iím not a smoker, but after a party like that with Leah, someone pass me a cigarette!  Anyone got a light?         

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Leah!! Absolutely Amazing
« on: January 20, 2018, 02:34:54 AM »
Girls with glasses always drive me wild.  The other night while sitting at the bar, this jaw dropping beautiful blonde wearing glasses comes out from the back and makes her way around the parlor.  Itís always hard for me to approach the ladies, especially when they are as lovely as this woman.  Luckily for me, she came up to me and introduced herself as Leah.  She sits with me for a bit and we have some good conversation that calms me down.  Sheís so sweet and intelligent, that I know I want to spend time with her in the back.  Whoever said, ďnobodyís perfectĒ, has obviously never partied with Leah.  Her sweet and lovely bar demeanor is carried over in her bedroom, but she has a naughty and wild side that she lets out once behind closed doors.  Leah may look like the innocent, shy girl, but when the time is right, you better be ready for her naughty side.   The party she threw for me is everything I want when spending time with a lady.  The way she erotically removed every stitch of clothing, except her glasses, to reveal an amazing body, the way she took her time to show me that it was all about her pleasing me, and especially the way we wrapped up the party, was the perfect mix for an incredible party.

Iím totally blown away by Leah and how she backed up her talk about giving me one of the best experiences Iíll ever have.  Iíll definitely be back to spend time with Leah again.  I need to see what other surprises she has in store for my next parties.       

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Victoria!! Wow
« on: March 05, 2015, 03:48:55 AM »
Another great trip to exit 28!  It started with me dropping in to say hi to a few people I know. A short while later, someone calls for a lineup. I always watch lineups, it's a great way to get a peek of all the sexy ladies available in the house. The first lady comes out and immediately catches my eye. I've never seen her before. She introduces herself as Victoria. I think there was a lineup of about 7 or 8 ladies, I didn't pay attention after I saw Victoria.
After the lineup is complete, I meet Victoria at the bar. She's very attractive and very friendly. She introduces herself and tells me she is AKA The cowgirl gone wild.
A few days later, behind closed doors I enjoy some party time with Victoria. I was treated to a great party. Lots of fun, mixed with some playfulness, and lots of cuddling. Thank you Victoria for a party that left me grinning from ear to ear. You definitely are true to your name, Cowgirl gone wild.

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / JR Carrington
« on: March 05, 2015, 03:41:14 AM »
I was sitting at the bar when a lovely blonde in a pink robe starts chatting with me. She's so cute when she says, I'm trying to pick up on you.
Nice line, it worked. It lead to a great party with JR Carrington. She's one party girl that really gives it her all.  We went from 0 - 100 in her bedroom right from when the door closed. I wasn't ready for such an energetic party from JR. She put so much sexual energy and passion into the party.  Thank you for an excellent time.

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Alexia!!
« on: December 09, 2014, 06:54:27 AM »
I happened to be in the Reno area and browsing the Mustang Forum. As soon as I found out Alexia was working, I immediately cleared up my schedule for a visit. Alexia is one hot lady that I canít get enough of. I pop into the Mustang on a Sunday night and there she is, looking as good in person as she is in her online pics. . We sit and have a few drinks at the bar to loosen up. Sheís so much fun to sit and talk with, that I find myself booking a party with her in no time at all. I already know itís going to be a great party before we head to the Spanish Suite. We leave the bar with our drinks and a can of whipped cream. In the Spanish Suite, Alexia gets the party started with an oh so erotic lap dance. We continue the fun in the hot tub before she leads me to the bed. Once on the bed, Alexia just keeps getting the party wilder and wilder. You know the partyís about to get serious when Alexia pulls her hair back and ties it up. After an amazing party with Alexia, we head back to the bar. We toss out the empty can of whipped cream on our way to the bar. Thank you Alexia, you really turned up the naughtiness with that party. It was more than I was expecting. Iíll be sure to visit again and find out what else you have planned for our next party.

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Alexia knows how to party!
« on: March 05, 2014, 03:50:22 AM »
I finally got a chance to meet up with the one lady, whose online pictures had drawn me back to the Mustang Resort.  Standing 6í2Ē without her heels, Alexia is such a beautiful lady.  I walked into the saloon and saw her sitting at the bar.  I made a mad dash for the seat next to Alexia.  Sheís so much more attractive in person and I got intimidated by her good looks.  However, Alexia is so friendly and she quickly got my nerves to settle down.  We had such a good conversation going, that I lost track of time.  Alexia made me so comfortable being around her, that I had to have a party with her.  She led me to the back and negotiations were very easy.  As we walked to the cowboy suite, I noticed one big advantage of being with a woman so tall.  My head was right next to my favorite part of the body.  Well, once inside the suite, Alexia gave me a big hug and my face was right where I wanted it to be.  Alexia got the party started by helping me out of my shirt.  She tried to keep it slow and sensual, but she teased me enough, that I could not wait anymore.  In no time at all we were on that bed.  We did so much during our party, with lots and lots of playful tickling, some massaging, plenty of nibbling, and some incredible action that had me hollering at the top of my lungs to end it all.  Alexia used every minute of our party to make sure I had great time.  In fact, she gave me such a great party, that Iím already heading back next week to party with her again!

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