Alexia knows how to party!

Started by Duck11, Mar 05, 2014, 03:50 AM

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I finally got a chance to meet up with the one lady, whose online pictures had drawn me back to the Mustang Resort.  Standing 6'2" without her heels, Alexia is such a beautiful lady.  I walked into the saloon and saw her sitting at the bar.  I made a mad dash for the seat next to Alexia.  She's so much more attractive in person and I got intimidated by her good looks.  However, Alexia is so friendly and she quickly got my nerves to settle down.  We had such a good conversation going, that I lost track of time.  Alexia made me so comfortable being around her, that I had to have a party with her.  She led me to the back and negotiations were very easy.  As we walked to the cowboy suite, I noticed one big advantage of being with a woman so tall.  My head was right next to my favorite part of the body.  Well, once inside the suite, Alexia gave me a big hug and my face was right where I wanted it to be.  Alexia got the party started by helping me out of my shirt.  She tried to keep it slow and sensual, but she teased me enough, that I could not wait anymore.  In no time at all we were on that bed.  We did so much during our party, with lots and lots of playful tickling, some massaging, plenty of nibbling, and some incredible action that had me hollering at the top of my lungs to end it all.  Alexia used every minute of our party to make sure I had great time.  In fact, she gave me such a great party, that I'm already heading back next week to party with her again!
A duck walks into a brothel and...


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It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass out all day long.


Thanks Duck11. I had a great time. And thank you for the wonderful massage. I loved every moment of teasing you as well hehehe ... Can't wait for our next party very soon :-)

You're a sweetheart & gentleman  :P ;)