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General Discussion / Mothers Day weekend
« on: April 21, 2018, 05:17:27 AM »
It has been over a year since I spent my partying budget at the Mustang. Seven got it all, Coco was busy (multiple days long), and Victoria wasn't there. I am changing venues from Pahrump for my monthly sex vacation trips. I have enjoyed the Mustang (Wild Horse Ranch) in years past, and am preparing myself for the upcoming LPIN awards week. I have become accustomed to the hospitality that Sheri's Resort offers me and I know the Mustang and Reno (Mound House) is on par. I have been spoiled by the women of Sheri's Ranch and the Chicken Ranch and look forward to the hospitality of the Mustang and their women. What I'm wondering is which women are going to be working over Mothers Day weekend? I am looking forward to the fun in Northwest Nevada that I am used to enjoying in Southern Nevada. By the way, I'm not a Vegas High Roller, I'm a budget minded monger, from Kansas, that loves to party with fun women.

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