Courtesans: Share something interesting about yourself.

Started by 1loveNevada, Oct 08, 2018, 05:26 AM

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One of the things I enjoy while going to the brothels is the interesting things I learn about the courtesans when I meet them (or even when I read their profiles). For instance:

(a) One courtesan is, in addition to being a successful currency trader (something that's very difficult), is also a very skilled and talented classical vocalist.

(b) Another courtesan is also a classical vocalist and I believe she mentioned she was singing professionally... before the age of 15 :o! She's also done musical theatre as well as the courtesan I mentioned above. At one time, I actually tried (unsuccessfully  :( ) to pursue a musical theatre.

(c) Another courtesan used to be in the marines.

(d) Another courtesan was/is also a lawyer.

(e) I've also read about a few other courtesans who work in the IT industry. As someone who enjoys programming (mainly Javascript, C# and a little bit of Python), I kind of find that interesting.

So, with that being said, share something interesting about yourself  :) .


Don't be surprised if no Ladies reply. Most like to keep their private lives private and only share In Person. They expect you to keep that info to yourself. Anything a Lady says to you during your time together you should use discretion and keep it to yourself. It was good you didn't share the Ladies names with their outside world info in your post an independent message board dedicated to LPIN where clients and Courtesans can interact


These are both very good points! The greatest thing about courtesans is what makes each one of us different and, therefore, special. Simultaneously, we do not want to tell you everything on the forum when many things are best explained in person (for a variety of reasons).  :) You can always learn much more during pillow talk ;)

Here are a few things I'm willing to share that are also available on my website (

  • I was born and partly raised in Poland
  • I did my undergrad studying to go to medical school and my area of study was neuroscience and I did a LOT of lab work, took my MCAT, presented at conferences, etc, before I decided I was too burnt out and wasn't sure I was ready to commit to medical school

And yes, thank you for pointing that out, SixT9er. There are many things about ourselves that we cannot reveal or reveal in full detail for our personal safety, so if any lady has ever trusted you with any personal information it is your duty for her safety and well-being to keep that information to yourself and not reveal it to anyone. Even if it seems harmless, we appreciate your discretion the same way we know you expect The Mustang Ranch to respect your privacy and personal information.

That's why I love working here and I hope that's partly why you all love coming (hehe) here :)
♥♥♥ Lena Starr




I ain't askin no body for nothing if I can't get it on my own
So if you don't like the way I am livin then leave this long haired country boy alone !!


It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass out all day long.


When I was six years old I was scratched by a capuchin monkey. This was in the mid 90s and I had just seen the movie "monkey trouble" and not only did that make me super fascinated by monkies, it made me assume that they are harmless.

There was one in a cage at a local petstore that kept exotic creatures, I got too close to its cage it grabbed my head and scratched me .

I know capuchins are only the size of a cat, but don't underestimate them those fuckers are STRONG! It grabbed my head with a mighty force.

And ya know what? I still love monkies  lol.


I have traveled and lived in 9 countries, and would love to experience more!  Xo, Anika


I have been to 49 out of 50 states and 3 different countries!


I'm double jointed. So I'm extremely flexible!!!


I like to kick ass when I'm not working!
I do kick boxing and mma on my days off!


I also love to go shooting! I have a few guns and knives I like to take classes to get better and using both knives and guns! Hahaha


#3 would have to be that I love ❤️ plants. So my house is full of amazing green house plants.
I like to cut the plants up and make a couple baby plants! It's super interesting to me!


I guess this would be #5 lol 😂
I love the water! So I love going into the hottub on my mornings and just relaxing and thinking about all the things I'm grateful for! I have a lot to be thankful for!!!


#6 I love learning about new things. I read a lot of self help books! I'm reading a really good book that Madam Tara let me read which is called, "The Art Of Selling to the Affluent! Which I can't put down right now! Super good read!