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Started by caveman, May 13, 2013, 03:13 AM

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Man goes to buy a house & he finds one him wife like. He asks how much the realitor tells him. He says why is it more exspencive than all the other houses in the neighor hood. The realitor says it has a magic mirror. The man is like what. The realitor says give it a try so the wife dose she says mirror mirror on the wall make my celulight go away. puff it's gone. She tells the husband to buy the house & he dose. Days go by & the wife keeps making all these wishes. She says mirror mirror on the wall make my breast firm round & big . Puff there hug & perfect. The husband says honey I don't know we really can't afford the house & she says watch this. Mirror mirror on the wall make my virgina young & tight. Puff it happens.  She tells him you try. He says mirror mirror make me rich & puff he has a big pile of money. Now he is thinking this is pretty good. He decides to make another wish mirror mirror on the wall make my dick drag the floor & puff his legs fall off. :o