Seduced by Jasmine Samara

Started by B-team010, Jul 28, 2019, 07:15 PM

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I strolled into the Wild Horse Saloon on night 2 of 2 of my "Weekend of Bliss" this July. As I always do, I made my way to the bar, ordered a drink, and started chatting up some of the always exquisite ladies of the Mustang Ranch. Enjoyed some lively conversation and the great live music, but I became immediately distracted the second I saw Jasmine walk through the Green Door and sit at a table near the wall.

I had met Jasmine the previous night. She's an incredibly gorgeous woman with a sophisticated and sensual personality. While I didn't party with her the night that I met her, I knew I had to party with her this night!

So I sauntered - um, OK, I clumsily walked - over to her and asked to join her at her table. We talked for quite a while about nearly everything under the sun. Jasmine is a true conversationalist and is a fascinating person to learn about. Our conversation was interrupted by a lineup called by another guy. While she was out at the lineup, I was a bit worried that I talked so long that I was going to miss my chance to party with Jasmine. Fortunately for me, Jasmine returned 5 minutes later and I leapt at the opportunity to ask her to talk about a party behind the Green Door.

The negotiation was quick and fair. A brief - but thorough - DC later and we were on our way to her room. We had agreed to a 1-hour, GFE, half-and-half. On the walk to her room, she suggested we go to the jacuzzi room first. While I had seen the jacuzzi room on a few tours of the Ranch, I had actually never enjoyed this luxury. I immediately agreed.

We got to the jacuzzi room and began to disrobe before the obligatory quick, pre-jacuzzi shower. This was my first chance to see Jasmine in all her glory. She was a sight to behold!

Jasmine is one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever seen. The pics on the website & on her Twitter/Instagram are 100% accurate but do not do her justice IRL. Her hair is thick & soft with a complex, natural dark brown color. Her skin is super soft, flawless, and a magically uniform light olive. Her eyes are a combination of innocent & sultry and her smile is contagious & sweet. Jasmine is a heavenly proportioned 5'5". Her figure is magnificent with a glorious waist, perfect hips, and perky/youthful breasts. If I was an artist, she would be the woman that I'd want to paint.

We slipped into the hot tub and enjoyed the jets & the water. We caressed each other's bodies and kissed sensually. My party with Jasmine began as though we were new lovers, softly exploring each other and communicating through kiss, touch, and smiles. And that true Girlfriend Experience continued throughout the party.

In the hot tub, we kissed each other's bodies sensually. I rubbed her breasts and sucked her nipples as she softly moaned. My hands explored the small of her back to press her body against mine. My fingers wandered over her thighs to her clit. As I rubbed her gently, she caressed my cock.

My only concern was that I was losing track of time. It was bliss but, as we all know, there's no sex allowed in the hot tub. I suggested we make our way back to her room.

Another quick shower in her room & then we were on her bed. We kissed and caressed more. Jasmine kisses softly & magically. Her tongue ring brings a spark of the erotic into an otherwise pure-GFE party. I could have kissed her for the entire hour but, alas, I wanted her mouth on another part of my body.

She grabbed a condom and applied it. She took my cock and slowly & softly began a gentle blowjob. The sight of her on all fours with my cock in her mouth is one I hope I get to keep for the rest of my life! The blowjob began slowly and she picked up the pace over time. She has the amazing ability to bob her head on a cock faster than most people can stroke. I held her hair as she bobbed faster and faster and took me deep numerous times.

On to the main event, I rolled her onto her back. She spread her legs wide and I slid inside of her. She moans in ecstasy and makes the most glorious eye contact. We both looked down to watch the view of my cock sliding in and out of her bare, wet pussy. I wish I had three sets of eyes: one set to watch the penetration, one set to watch us in the mirror, and one set to look Jasmine in the eyes. God only gave me one set, so I spent most of the time gazing into Jasmine's beautiful eyes as we had sex.

I put her ankles on my shoulders for a bit to go deep and then rolled her over for doggystyle. She lifted her ass into the air, lowered her chest to the bed, and looked back at me as I took her from behind. I managed to slip a hand under her chest to rub her breast. I came hard as Jasmine looked back at me, moaning.

My orgasm lasted quite a while as I continued to hold Jasmine. I slowly pulled out & Jasmine then cleaned me up. She later cuddled me and we rubbed each other's bodies like lovers.

When the call came to end our session, we both slowly redressed. Jasmine walked me to the Green Door, gave me one last big hug, and I was on my way.

Jasmine is a truly wonderful lover who provided me with a spectacular, sensual, Girlfriend Experience. I am thankful that I got to spend one hour of my life with this goddess!


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