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Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Re: Tori's Charms
« Last post by Tori on December 09, 2018, 02:00:54 PM »
Thank you so much for your sweet words. It's always nice spending time with you. You're very kind and thoughtful and I appreciate the gifts. I'll always remember you and I hope we can have many more good parties together. I definitely would love to see you during my birthday month!
Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Tori's Charms
« Last post by Just Sayin on December 08, 2018, 11:03:37 PM »
     I often think of all the nice things that could be said of Tori's many charms, but don't because they've been said so many times, by so many others that are smitten with her, just as I am. Well, maybe not quite the same. I've got a really bad case of it. I admitted to her that I have purposely avoided her at times. I probably should have kept that to myself. I have to. One look into those eyes and I loose my mind. An hour after a great Party with Tori last year, I was approached by another beautiful woman wanting to have a two girl party. I told her that I had already partied and was good for the night. Then, when I heard the words "me and Tori", once again, I lost my mind. The last two times I went in with intentions of seeing Tori, she was taken before I could get to her, so I made an appointment to see her last Sunday. I expected it to be exactly like the last time, thinking it couldn't possibly be any better. I was wrong. My time with her seemed surreal. I don't want next time to be better. I just want another, just like the last one.
     Tori, you're such a beautiful person inside and out. Looking forward to February. After all, it's your BIRTHDAY !  All MONTH !!!!!
Lineup / Re: Mustang Ranch December 4th Lineup
« Last post by Ironman on December 08, 2018, 01:52:33 AM »
update: my shift is 5am-5pm :)

You had yourself all done up nice last weekend my buddy spoke with you  briefly just before we headed out. I think you gave him your business card.
Lineup / Re: Mustang Ranch December 4th Lineup
« Last post by LenaStarrXXX on December 07, 2018, 08:44:04 PM »
update: my shift is 5am-5pm :)
General Discussion / Re: What I Really Love About the Brothels...
« Last post by Shay on December 06, 2018, 09:45:14 PM »
Great post! Many of us ladies have a similar experience. There's a whole other level of intimacy you can experience in a judgement-free zone.
Schedules / Re: 🔥🔥🔥 Your Amazon Goddess is back 🔥🔥🔥
« Last post by Alexia on December 06, 2018, 05:20:03 AM »
Updating my schedule: I will be available until Tues 12/11 in the afternoon. Come see me before I head out until 2019. Help me celebrate my birthday before I leave 🎉🎂❤️

Iíd love to have amazing times with everyone before the end of the year 😘 Letís spoil each other.
Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Re: Ironman Rambling the sequel Bowling Tori
« Last post by Ironman on December 06, 2018, 04:08:04 AM »
Hell I want to take that picture before eating dessert. Ill see what I can do. But I dont think I have anymore pull than anyone else that has partied with her.

Yes you do she told me what you did to make up for the time you forgot the donuts. You the man Chuck 👍🏻 Besides she is your brothel wife. Not mine. I am just a one night stand she had while you was away on business.😉😉😁😁

OK edit Tori said she would take the pictures. This may or may 😂not include a whip cream bikini we shall see but I sent her a DM explaining where I am trying  to go with this to help the mind set when she takes them.  If I can't make the time work I will just use the pictures in another Project but I think  I can make it work. How soon its done will depend how soon Tori is able to  slip into Character and how soon I can sit at my laptop and put it all together.

Where it will be posted TBD not on here though

As of today tentive release sometime in 19. But like I said how quickly Tori can slip into character will be a big factor on when.

She told you about that? Hope she didnt give to many details.😀😁
No she wouldn't do that to you Chuck she just said you came in one day to make amends for the time you forgot the donuts. Anyway Tori now has an idea of what kind of pictures I am looking for and the context they will be used in the story. So we will see if this project get into production.

Unfortunately some ideas never get passed the planning stage. Some ideas play much better in my so called mind but when I try to lay it down  and create the file it just ddoesn't translate well enough that the audience can embrace my vision so its basically not watchable. So the project gets canceled. Or thrown back in the pile of unfinished projects in the corner of my mind.
General Discussion / LPIN 2018 Awards Voter Registration ENDS 12/31/18
« Last post by firefighter on December 06, 2018, 01:08:23 AM »
LPIN 2018 Awards Voter Registration Announcement

LPIN 2018 Awards Voter Registration ends midnight 12/31/18, so please don't miss the opportunity.
Please register and vote to support your favorite Courtesans and Brothels!
NOTE: Ballots cast from people who are not on the
Official LPIN 2018 Awards registered voters list must be rejected.

It is not necessary for LPIN 2017 Awards Registered Voters to reregister if their handles are already included on the
Official Registered Voters List for LPIN 2018 Awards.

The Official Rules for LPIN 2018 Awards have been posted and a summary of changes is included.

Note: Prospective voter registrants should list several references for verification, since it increases the likelihood of a reference response.  If a prospective voter hasn't met any LPIN Awards registered voters, they should list the brothel personnel including Courtesans they have met.  Also, voters must provide a valid email address so the committee may contact them if necessary. 

It is recommended that LPIN Awards Registered Voters register as LPIN Awards board members too, because it provides another method of contact.  LPIN Awards Registered Voters may communicate with LPIN Awards Committee members or the "LPIN Awards Committee" handle through PM.

Thank you,

LPIN 2018 Awards Committee
firefighter, FumbleNutts, Highdrive, Little Richard, Mikey & MrTShirt
General Discussion / Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!
« Last post by ChicagoBob on December 05, 2018, 09:43:47 PM »
I've decided to come out for New Years about a week early.  What ladies are going to be working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  Reply here or PM me!  ;)
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