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Mustang Buck-A-Roo Buck$

Started by Mr.NiceGuy, Mar 11, 2017, 08:41 AM

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Hi everyone,

I just came across a $25.00 Buck-A-Roo Bucks from 2004. It was given to me by Mimi after our party. They were popular at the time, and you could use these to get $$$ off on the next party.

Are they still valid towards a future party? And do the ladies still give these out?


Mr.NiceGuy  8)


Unfortunately they discontinued those a long, long, long time ago.  I found some a couple years ago and asked them if I could use them, but was told No.  Too bad, they were such a great promotion, and one of the fun reasons to keep coming back.


Thanks Coralin!  I have a $50.00 Mustang Buck-A Roo Buck$ from Jazmen; probably keep it around for fond memories. Yes, it would be great if some sort of promotions are created. I would definitely be back! I think the best promotion I took advantage of was at a competing house where parties were half price, but you had to email the house first so they knew you were coming that day. Good times from way back then!