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New to the "Mustang Ranch" or to "Brothels" / Re: First Timer
« Last post by Bigfoot on Today at 10:33:50 AM »
Glad to hear you had a memorable time at the Mustang.  And thanks for clearing up a question I had today, as I was sitting at the bar, as to who the lucky guy was eating with Kitti and Lena.
Constructive Criticism / Wrong Lady Pictures In Lineup Page
« Last post by Prospector Bob on Today at 09:18:52 AM »
In the Lineup Page, when you click on Charlotte's photo you get Jasper's photos & reviews. The photos & reviews for both Ladies are correct in the Ladies Pages.

New to the "Mustang Ranch" or to "Brothels" / Re: First Timer
« Last post by SixT9er on Today at 03:32:33 AM »
Glad you had a great time!

Now you see why the Mustang is my favorite house! Iím
New to the "Mustang Ranch" or to "Brothels" / Re: First Timer
« Last post by Zylar on Today at 03:21:32 AM »
Made it out here and omg the mustang ranch is amazing.  Everyone was so friendly and it is a comfortable relaxed atmosphere.  Oh and the food rocks too.

I got to party with two awesome ladies, Kitti and Lena who will be getting their own glowing reviews as soon as I can come up for air and do it half the justice they deserve.

Thanks to the members of the forum and especially Kitty & Lena for making me feel so comfortable and an awesome time!  ;D

Gonna take me at least a week before I stop walking around with a deliriously happy smile :P
It takes a lot of effort to maintain an online presence and not everyone is up to it technically or has the time.  Unfortunately in a world of digital everything, the best way to find out about a woman there is to actually meet them.  Calling the house is a good way to know who will be there/when if you have someone in particular in mind.
The mustang is a great choice you won't be disappointed!  The atmosphere is so comfortable and laid back and the women are gorgeous and know how to calm the first time jitters!  :D
Schedules / Re: Krickett AKA Shay
« Last post by Krickett on Today at 12:16:37 AM »
You could have went back to Kiera and screwed us all up!

I almost did but I had dark hair then and didnít feel like it fit anymore...🤷‍♀️
I could not imagine how many emails and PM's these ladies get from all sorts of people. They have no idea who is legit and who is just a fruitcake.
Just my opinion but the ladies of the Mustang are not overall into all the technical marketing. That being said I for one completely appreciate the way these ladies are. I want a woman that gives a good time in the bedroom more than one that gives good computer.
When you arrive and get to know the ladies I think you will change your opinion. It is an awesome place.
Its called marketing.
Some ladies understand it and realize the payoff may be immediate, or it may be months later.
Some ladies have the "indie" approach - a quick buck.
Some ladies weren't in house to read the email.
The rest of the ladies?  The jury is still out.
New to the "Mustang Ranch" or to "Brothels" / Re: Greetings from the Midwest!
« Last post by MrTShirt on April 22, 2018, 09:17:26 PM »
...One such beautiful lady is Ivy.  I saw her photo as I browsed the website, and I was immediately smitten.  Problem is, she's not in the current lineup, and she apparently hasn't been in a lineup since late January.  Yet her picture is still there...
Some houses keep showing ladies that haven't been there for years.
Maybe because they want to give the illusion of a "bevvy of beauties".
Maybe because they don't have the skill to edit the web page.
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