Author Topic: It's a new year!  (Read 248 times)

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Re: It's a new year!
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2018, 07:10:29 PM »
Tom is right. It was a fun night. Victoria and I were playing in her room when the new year came around. Now that is what I call getting the year off to a good start!
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It's a new year!
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2018, 12:51:54 AM »
The ladies rang in the new year last night with karaoke, and dancing, it was fun, loud, but fun to watch.  Don't let Paris have a microphone to sing a duet.

As usual Jeff and his crew did an excellent job on the bumptious buffet dinner; the crew in back doesn't get near enough thanks, so any time you see them let them know you appreciate them with a heart felt 'Thank you'

Special Thanks to Rea, Victoria, Lole, Max, Ember, Sammie, Chloe, Isabella, Anaya, Danae, Erica and all the other ladies that were working last night, you made it a really fun way to ring in the new year.

2017 is done, may 2018 be even better
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