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General Discussion / Happy Birthday Carrera
« on: February 02, 2019, 11:20:16 PM »
I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to the amazingly beautiful & sexy Carrera. I hope someone thoroughly pampers & spoils you today

General Discussion / Re: A woman’s quality
« on: December 12, 2018, 06:12:49 AM »
For me a woman's most seductive quality is her intelligence & sense of humor. The first thing I notice about a woman physically is her eyes.

"How's it Hangin" / Happy Birthday Charlotte
« on: June 26, 2018, 09:06:08 AM »
I know it's a couple of days early but I wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to Charlotte. You are a beautiful, intelligent, charming, sensual woman with an amazing sense of humor. I hope your birthday is as fabulous as you are.

"How's it Hangin" / Re: Today is my FINAL DAY!
« on: April 30, 2018, 07:17:26 PM »
Unfortunately I won't be making it there to see you today, which means I've forever missed the opportunity to play with you. I've really enjoyed our conversations in the bar & as I told you when I was lucky enough to see the at the beginning of this month, I hope whatever plans and adventures are in your future, you find lots of happiness, fulfillment, joy & laughter. You will be missed!

« on: April 07, 2018, 04:41:10 AM »
Thank You are a very special woman

When are you coming back?

As it happens, I'm lucky enough to be returning next week. Hopefully I'll get at least a little time to talk with you.

Scheryll I want to apologize to you and everyone else there in the office. I realized quite a bit after the fact that I totally forgot to thank all of you friendly people who take care of the business end of our parties. I'm sure that dealing with all of the paperwork involved at times can be extremely boring but in all of my visits to the window I've never encountered a single person who wasn't extremely friendly & who didn't help me take care of the necessary business procedures with a smile on their face. You are a group of hardworking people who we, the customers, too often forget to say thank you to.

Tori, after meeting you on my last trip to the Mustang, I totally understand why your name is on the list. Congratulations to you and all of the other ladies

Lineup / Re: Mustang Ranch February 9th Weekend Lineup
« on: February 11, 2018, 03:03:43 AM »
Cherry I'm so glad you are feeling better & back at the Ranch.

I'm not sure if we met,

Yes Jesslyn, we did meet. You might remember me as "the cookie man"

I just got back from a three day trip to the Mustang during which time I celebrated my 65th birthday. I've been lucky enough to have been there previously but the employees & ladies made sure that this trip was special and for that I wanted to say thank you. To the three ladies that I had intimate time with,  I hope I've expressed to you personally how much I enjoyed & appreciated our time together. To the other ladies whom I met or had the opportunity to become better acquainted with in the bar, I don't want to mention any names because I know I'll leave someone out, the laughs & conversations (some serious, some not so much) added so much to my trip. You are an amazing group of intelligent women that I could spend hours talking with, I hope you also  found our conversations enjoyable.

To Jeremiah and all of the other bartenders, you all do a great job of taking care of the needs of everyone in the bar and I want to say thank you. With all of the amazing women that are always around, what you all do many times what you're doing goes unnoticed & under-appreciated.

To the men in security & the women in housekeeping, two groups of people I'm sure many people, myself sometimes included, forget are even around quietly doing their jobs in the background I want to say thank you. The men in security, whether you're escorting a lady across the parking lot after dark or simple sitting quietly at the back of the bar, you make sure that everyone who is there to play and have a good time can do it safely. The women in housekeeping keep our rooms neat and clean up the messes we make enjoying ourselves in our parties so that the room is ready when we enjoy another party.. While doing all of this they care enough about the people staying there that the lady who was working in the area that my room was in knew that this was a special weekend for me & took the time to wish me a happy birthday when we happened to run into each other in the hall.

Finally to Madame Tara, a woman who I seriously wonder if she ever goes home, a major thank you. From the moment I arrived at the Mustang you had a hand directly or indirectly with the overall enjoyment of my visit. You saw to it that I had a room that I was happy with, if I had a question, you were always available to answer it, I know you were the person that took time out from her busy schedule to actually go & pick up the birthday cake that I was surprised with Saturday night & when I had a minor logistical problem with getting a gift I had received home, you simply volunteered to take care of it for me. Around all of this you always seemed to be available to quickly join in a conversation for at least a few minutes. For all of this & more, a huge thank you.

I was also lucky enough to have my trip coincide with the “sexy sleepwear” party and I've got to say, anyone who missed the party missed an unbelievable enjoyable evening. Even though many of the ladies have a short period of time to plan what they would wear, they all looked sexy as hell, including Paris & Morgan who decided not to wear provocative sleepwear and easily proved how sexy a woman can be when she is just wearing something she's comfortable in & then let their natural sexiness ooze out. Also the activates, like the ladies playing twister & the books that were found for story-time (and trust me those were two very unique & hilarious books) are memories that I'll enjoy remembering for a long time to come.

This long post basically comes down to: Thank you to everyone at the Mustang Ranch for making my 65th birthday weekend one of the best weekends of my life.

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