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need advice part 2
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2017, 04:44:03 AM »
I was down in Las Vegas for a few days for a bowling tournament.  One of my best friends normally puts together a couple teams for the annual event. It is a difficult process for him because there is a big entry fee that he pays up front to get the dates he wants etc.  Then, he has to collect the individual entry fees from them the other participants. Unfortunately, he often has trouble with people slow paying  - dragging their feet - and backing out at the last minute etc. There are ways to get replacements but it isn't easy. I don't normally bowl at the tournament (I'm the last resort replacement cause I suck) but I go along when it's a gambling destination for a vacation. There are two people he had trouble with this year - call them deadbeat #1 and deadbeat #2.  Deadbeat #1 had never gone on the trip before but had become a good friend of my friend over the last couple years. Deadbeat #2 had gone on the trip last year but was really slow paying and obviously was under financed on that trip.

Since the tourney was in Las Vegas for the first time in many years, my friend was bringing his wife. Normally, he and I split a room. While it would be more expensive, I was fine with just having my own room and we weren't staying at the same hotels. Both of us made our reservations months ago. Anyway, the deadbeats finally made their arrangements much later and were set up to share a room. Three days before we leave, Deadbeat #1 backs out of the trip with a seemingly BS work story. Deadbeat #1 had chronically been complaining about the trip's cost for weeks and had been talked off the ledge at least once from canceling earlier. Deadbeat #1 had booked their hotel so he canceled it.

Meanwhile, my friend was also being slow paid on the entry fee by Deadbeat #2. Deadbeat #2 was also very late booking airline ticket. My friend was anxiously texting him and worried up until just a few days before that he would cancel too or even just not show up. Anyway since Deadbeat #1 canceled, Deadbeat #2 was stranded with no room. I reluctantly said Deadbeat #2 could stay with me. I don't know him very well and really only knew him from that one previous trip. Deadbeat #2 was informed that his share of the rooms would be $160 for the nights he'd be there.