Author Topic: First LPIN trip, first post, two Fabulous Ladies - Kitti Minx and Morgan  (Read 1273 times)

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Re: First LPIN trip, first post, two Fabulous Ladies - Kitti Minx and Morgan
« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2017, 06:52:00 AM »
Thank you so much for your kind words! I had an awesome time!


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Re: First LPIN trip, first post, two Fabulous Ladies - Kitti Minx and Morgan
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2017, 10:19:33 PM »
I totally agree Why? Look any further we have the best ladies, staff and venue in Nevada ;)
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Re: First LPIN trip, first post, two Fabulous Ladies - Kitti Minx and Morgan
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2017, 02:47:34 AM »
Awesome   review  of  the  ranch . Absolutely   agree   why would  you   go   anywhere   else .


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First LPIN trip, first post, two Fabulous Ladies - Kitti Minx and Morgan
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2017, 03:09:48 AM »
This is also posted on the SIN board, but it is a Mustang Ranch story, so maybe it should be here too.

For many years I had been vaguely aware that prostitution was legal in cetrtain areas of Nevada – but I can’t say that I ever thought of trying it myself. Until I stumbled across the SIN board one day – and didn’t it make some interesting reading! After reading posts by all the newbies and old hands – I started thinking; well, couldn’t a guy always use one more expensive hobby?  And, for many reasons, it was about time for me to step out of my comfort zone – so I thought I’d give it a try. So I did. And this is what happened.
There are a few ladies that keep themselves visible by posting on the board, but, for the most part, ladies comments tend to be fairly brief, and principally refer to nice reviews of themselves or other ladies. Sometimes though, there are real issues that are discussed, and although she is certainly not the only one to take these on, Kitti Minx seems to be one of the most frequent responders – and her viewpoints seems to be pretty consistent, championing the virtues of diversity and respect, both for and from the ladies and the clients. So, after reading most (OK, all…) of the posting on her blog, it sure seemed to me that this was one heck of an interesting young lady – and would be a good choice for an LPIN newbie like myself to meet. So I sent her an introductory email, to which she responded to within a day. We set a time and date, and then I got myself to Reno, Nevada, a giant bundle of nerves. On the drive to the Mustang Ranch, I was wondering what would go wrong – because, with my luck, something always does. And sure enough – I rang the bell and told the staff that I had appointment with Kitti Minx. And it turns out that we had a small kerfluffle over the appointment time. So, we made arrangements for me to come back in a couple of hours. As things going wrong go, that wasn’t so bad.
The next time I got to the ranch – Kitti was expecting me. Before anything else, I must say that I was not quite prepared for how pretty she is. She is cute in her on-line photos, but they really do not do her justice at all. Oh no – SIN readers may be thinking. Here we go again, another over-the-moon review of Kitti Minx. Yes, we know. Kitti Minx is beautiful. Kitti Minx is smart. Kitti Minx is talented, Kitti Minx is all that and a bag of chips. Tell us something we don’t know! Well, fellas, yeah – check, check, check, and check. It’s all true.  What really hit home to me though was how she was able to calm the nerves of a first timer. I’m not quite sure how she did that, but if she could bottle it, she’d be a millionaire. I think it was just being authentic, kind, and patient. The negotiations went quite smoothly – another thing that I had been stressing about; then we retired to one of the theme rooms. No details – but time was spent in the Jacuzzi and cuddling. And Kitti is one fine cuddler! After our hour was up, all too soon, we went to the bar and had a drink and probably spent another hour just chatting (mainly about Game of Thrones. It’s a beautiful thing when two geeks meet). I had such a good time with Kitti that I asked if we could do an outdate – away from the ranch. She agreed and we set something up for dinner, a show, and some alone time in my Reno hotel. And here is where I cop to a rookie mistake – if dinner is not going to be a light meal, say if you go the Sterling Steakhouse in the Silver Legacy Hotel, the wise client would take the alone time before dinner, not after. The reason being that after a superb dinner, by the time we got to my room, we were both in a virtual food-coma. We were unable to do much besides watch some YouTube videos, cuddle, and chat. Did I mention that she is a great little cuddler? Still, she is so much fun to be with and to talk to – I still had a great time. So – all together between 2 parties, I was probably with Kitti Minx for about 7 hours, give or take. And she was completely engaged the entire time – and I was absolutely enchanted the entire time. Kitti is an absolute pleasure to be with – both in private and in public. I cannot think of anyone who would have been a better choice to help me break the LPIN ice. Thank you Kitti Minx – you gave me fabulous memories that I will carry for life! I hope we can make some more soon!
And then – the day after our outdate, Kitti Minx’s tour ended, and she went back home. And I had another day left in Reno. What to do? After a great introduction to LPIN, I was feeling pretty self-confident, so I thought I’d head over to the Wild Horse bar, and try my luck without benefit of preliminary email contact. It was about mid-afternoon when I got there and walked in. Of course the bar is pretty dimly lit, and it takes a second to adjust from the bright outdoors. I think there were 6-8 ladies in the bar at the time, and as my sight adjusted, it seemed like there were 6-8 beautiful pairs of eyes – all looking at me. Oh hell’s bells. What do I do now? Those first time nerves? All back – yessir. I found an unoccupied table and took a seat, figuring that a tumbler of liquid courage would fix me right up. As fate would have it, a the next table, inexplicably all alone, was a stunning blonde who I recognized from the website as Morgan. We exchanged pleasantries, and she seemed very personable, so I asked if I could buy her a drink. She came over to my table and we chatted for a while. Not to sound like a broken record – but Morgan is another lady whose photos do not come close to adequately conveying just how pretty she is. Maybe they don’t catch her when she is really smiling or laughing – but that smile really lights up the room! She was also extremely easy to talk to (no mean feat for in introvert like myself). After a little while chatting, I asked if she would like to talk about a party. So, off to the negotiation room we went, and again, to my pleasant surprise, things went very easily, and we agreed to a 90 minute session in her room. I took a quick shower before starting in on the fun-times, and when I came back into her room from the private bathroom – she met me wearing nothing but her glorious birthday suit. And wow. Just wow. Another thing that her website pictures do not convey is just what a smoking hot body she is sporting. In particular, one cannot appreciate how ..ehem.. well-endowed she is. I won’t go into detail describing her bikini-bits, I’ll just quote the Sidra character (Teri Hatcher) from the ‘Implants’ episode of Seinfeld, where, after Jerry (inevitably) blows the chance of a relationship, Sidra turns at the door and archly informs him that “They’re real. And they are Spectacular!” Yes indeed and yes indeed! In addition to being so beautiful, Morgan’s oral skills are something else. After performing a circus trick to get my condom on – she was on a one woman campaign to wipe ED off the face of the earth! Another wow. So I’ll pull the curtain for a while – but after a bit, Morgan suggested a rest in either the indoor or outdoor Jacuzzi. I’m an outdoor hottub lover, so we grabbed some robes and headed out to the pool area and hit the warm water. It was beautiful day, with a beautiful woman, I was feeling great, thinking to myself – sometimes life is just freaking good. Like now. After some relaxation and chit-chat, we headed back to her room for some more (behind the curtain) naked fun. And, again – all too soon, it was time to get dressed and for me to head out. Morgan escorted me to the door and bid me farewell with a big hug and a kiss. I drove back to Reno with a BIG smile on my face. Morgan does not seem to have a lot of reviews on the SIN board, and I don’t know why. She is an extremely beautiful lady who is very easy to talk to and is a ton of fun to be with. Morgan – thank you for such an incredible time! I don’t think you have seen the last of me!     
So – three parties, two incredible women. Superficially, they were very different ladies, one blonde – one redhead, one slender – one voluptuous. But both are beautiful, very friendly, smart, great conversationalists, and both were laser-focused on providing the best experience that this old man could ever ask for. I think I’m going to like this hobby….
Let me end by saying a few words about the Mustang Ranch itself. First, I experienced it as a very relaxing atmosphere – more like a high end spa than anything else. The parlor area is amazing – with a hunting lodge decor. Vegans may find all the mounted cervid heads on the wall disturbing, but I thought it was seriously cool. The artwork on the walls is amazing. The operational aspects, financials, etc. were all very professional and respectful. Also, the place in immaculately clean – from the landscaping to the bar, parlor, hallways, pool area, and rooms. It is easy to tell that the management takes some real pride in their establisment.