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I had the most amazing time with Chelsea London this weekend and had the great opportunity to party with her on her first tour at MR!

I arrived at the Wild Horse Saloon on what appeared to be a fairly slow weekend afternoon. I made my usual entrance - a quick glance around the room as my eyes adjusted to the dim light - and proceeded to the bar for a drink. As the bartender mixed the drink, I took a better look around the Saloon.

There were quite a few ladies present... Some old friends and a few new ladies. I made some friendly, light chit chat with a lady that I'd previously partied with when my eyes met with Chelsea London sitting alone at a table. We made eye contact & I was mesmerized! I immediately walked to her table & asked to join her for a drink.

There aren't enough words in the English language to properly explain how beautiful & sexy Chelsea is. She is a ravishing platinum blonde bombshell. She has gorgeous, super long hair. She has an angelic face with eyes that can be both very cute and extremely seductive. While she bears a strong resemblance to Holly Madison (of Playboy fame), she is far more beautiful. Her fair skin is flawless and perfectly soft. Her petite frame is perfectly proportioned with sexy legs, a perky hourglass waist/butt, and truly incredible enhanced breasts (36DDD)!!!!

Not only is she one of the hottest women I've ever seen, she is extremely friendly, easy to talk to, and super cool!

I was nervous as I introduced myself, but I was quickly put at ease with Chelsea's personality. We chatted about Nevada brothels (she's new to MR but previously worked at a different house), about how she chose her name, and - of course - about sex. While I could've talk to her for hours, I was hoping to have some fun behind the green door.

We got a negotiating room and were out in about 2 minutes. Negotiations were fair and quick and we both were happy. A DC followed and we were on our way!

In her room, I took a quick shower. Upon drying off, I re-entered the room and saw her just about ready to disrobe. She was wearing a very sexy blue lingerie dress with heels. As she slipped it off, I got hard immediately. She's perfection!

I had requested a GFE half/half for the hour. We gently caressed each other and she seamlessly followed the vibe that I was seeking: a sensual hour of GFE sex. As we stood, we hugged and caressed. She ran her finger nails along my back, shoulders, and chest which sent tingles throughout my body. She playfully pushed me back onto the corner of the bed and rubbed her breasts on my cock. A little bit of glorious titfucking and she transitioned to rubbing her body on mine.

I picked her up - she's perfectly petite - and lay her on the bed. I gently sucked her nipples and massaged her breasts. She was very responsive and rubbed my body like we were long time lovers. After a bit, she grabbed a condom, stroked me, and applied it. She then took me in her mouth.

Her oral technique is amazing. She followed the vibe of sensuality and slowly & softly sucked on me. I could have spent the rest of the hour with the blowjob, but I wanted to be inside of her.

I laid her on her back and we started in missionary. Her legs wrapped around me, one hand on the back of my neck and one hand locked with mine, and her eyes transfixed with mine made this a very intimate sexual encounter. Her moans are encouraging and not overdone. The feeling of her body pressed against mine is a memory that I'll have forever.

We moved from missionary to spoon to doggy style... Each position more incredible than the previous. I climaxed in doggy style as I watched in the mirror and she encouraged me with some of the best dirty talk I've ever heard. The climax that she brought me to with her beauty, her sex appeal, and with her terrific personality made my entire body shake & tingle.

She cleaned me up and we spent the remainder of the hour cuddling and caressing. A quick post-sex shower and I was on my way.

Chelsea London is a tremendous beauty, an incredibly sexy woman, and a genuinely fun, nice person. She mentioned that she also offers 2-girl parties and BDSM (Domme) sessions, but you should talk to her about specifics.

I'm grateful that I had the chance to spend an amazing hour with Chelsea & I can't wait to repeat with her on a future visit to Exit 28!

Trip Summaries / Amazing Weekend at Exit 28
« on: July 30, 2019, 02:40:47 AM »
What an incredible weekend at the Wild Horse Saloon/Mustang Ranch!

I managed to make my way to Exit 28 on both Friday & Saturday nights. Had the chance to meet some sexy new ladies, mingle with some past lovers, and party with two exceptional women.

On both nights, I did my usual: I strolled into the Wild Horse Saloon, had a drink or two, took my time, did my rounds to meet/greet the ladies, and then went behind the Green Door for some real fun.

I met, for the first time, Paige, Caleesi, Luna, and Jasmine. Paige is very new to MR (was on Day 5 of her first tour). She's an exceptionally hot blonde and manages to perfectly blend sex appeal with cuteness in her look. She's also very sweet & fun. I sure hope to see her on a later tour. Caleesi was also hot and fun to talk to. Caleesi & I didn't get the chance to talk very much - the bar started getting busy - so I'll have to make sure I make time to chat her up next time we're both in town. And then there's Luna & Jasmine... OMFG, they are both amazing! I partied with Luna on Friday & Jasmine on Saturday. Read the reviews... Trust me, they're soooooooooooooo worth getting to know!

Luna Review:

Jasmine Review:

I also got the chance to talk with Holly again. This was actually my second time having great conversation with Holly at the bar... But I haven't partied with her yet. This must change immediately! Holly is drop-dead gorgeous, has the most amazing, tall, slender (with big natural breasts), sexy body, and is also one of the coolest chicks I've ever talked with. I need to make a "mid-year resolution" (is that a thing?) to party with her.

I met up with past lovers Latina and Madison. Latina looks better than ever with her exotic sexiness and is also a truly sweet person... Not to mention a sex kitten in bed! And Madison is one of my favorite courtesans ever! I partied with her back in the summer of 2017 - she gives INCREDIBLE blowjobs - but our schedules haven't aligned since then. It was great catching up with her... I'll have to watch her schedule closely to party with her again.

It was a long, tiring drive back home... But 100% worth it! And, the best part is that I'll be making the trip next Saturday as well!

I hope to meet more ladies, reconnect with past lovers, hang out with some fellow mongers (who will be in town?), and - of course - have some amazing parties next week!

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Seduced by Jasmine Samara
« on: July 28, 2019, 07:15:35 PM »
I strolled into the Wild Horse Saloon on night 2 of 2 of my "Weekend of Bliss" this July. As I always do, I made my way to the bar, ordered a drink, and started chatting up some of the always exquisite ladies of the Mustang Ranch. Enjoyed some lively conversation and the great live music, but I became immediately distracted the second I saw Jasmine walk through the Green Door and sit at a table near the wall.

I had met Jasmine the previous night. She's an incredibly gorgeous woman with a sophisticated and sensual personality. While I didn't party with her the night that I met her, I knew I had to party with her this night!

So I sauntered - um, OK, I clumsily walked - over to her and asked to join her at her table. We talked for quite a while about nearly everything under the sun. Jasmine is a true conversationalist and is a fascinating person to learn about. Our conversation was interrupted by a lineup called by another guy. While she was out at the lineup, I was a bit worried that I talked so long that I was going to miss my chance to party with Jasmine. Fortunately for me, Jasmine returned 5 minutes later and I leapt at the opportunity to ask her to talk about a party behind the Green Door.

The negotiation was quick and fair. A brief - but thorough - DC later and we were on our way to her room. We had agreed to a 1-hour, GFE, half-and-half. On the walk to her room, she suggested we go to the jacuzzi room first. While I had seen the jacuzzi room on a few tours of the Ranch, I had actually never enjoyed this luxury. I immediately agreed.

We got to the jacuzzi room and began to disrobe before the obligatory quick, pre-jacuzzi shower. This was my first chance to see Jasmine in all her glory. She was a sight to behold!

Jasmine is one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever seen. The pics on the website & on her Twitter/Instagram are 100% accurate but do not do her justice IRL. Her hair is thick & soft with a complex, natural dark brown color. Her skin is super soft, flawless, and a magically uniform light olive. Her eyes are a combination of innocent & sultry and her smile is contagious & sweet. Jasmine is a heavenly proportioned 5'5". Her figure is magnificent with a glorious waist, perfect hips, and perky/youthful breasts. If I was an artist, she would be the woman that I'd want to paint.

We slipped into the hot tub and enjoyed the jets & the water. We caressed each other's bodies and kissed sensually. My party with Jasmine began as though we were new lovers, softly exploring each other and communicating through kiss, touch, and smiles. And that true Girlfriend Experience continued throughout the party.

In the hot tub, we kissed each other's bodies sensually. I rubbed her breasts and sucked her nipples as she softly moaned. My hands explored the small of her back to press her body against mine. My fingers wandered over her thighs to her clit. As I rubbed her gently, she caressed my cock.

My only concern was that I was losing track of time. It was bliss but, as we all know, there's no sex allowed in the hot tub. I suggested we make our way back to her room.

Another quick shower in her room & then we were on her bed. We kissed and caressed more. Jasmine kisses softly & magically. Her tongue ring brings a spark of the erotic into an otherwise pure-GFE party. I could have kissed her for the entire hour but, alas, I wanted her mouth on another part of my body.

She grabbed a condom and applied it. She took my cock and slowly & softly began a gentle blowjob. The sight of her on all fours with my cock in her mouth is one I hope I get to keep for the rest of my life! The blowjob began slowly and she picked up the pace over time. She has the amazing ability to bob her head on a cock faster than most people can stroke. I held her hair as she bobbed faster and faster and took me deep numerous times.

On to the main event, I rolled her onto her back. She spread her legs wide and I slid inside of her. She moans in ecstasy and makes the most glorious eye contact. We both looked down to watch the view of my cock sliding in and out of her bare, wet pussy. I wish I had three sets of eyes: one set to watch the penetration, one set to watch us in the mirror, and one set to look Jasmine in the eyes. God only gave me one set, so I spent most of the time gazing into Jasmine's beautiful eyes as we had sex.

I put her ankles on my shoulders for a bit to go deep and then rolled her over for doggystyle. She lifted her ass into the air, lowered her chest to the bed, and looked back at me as I took her from behind. I managed to slip a hand under her chest to rub her breast. I came hard as Jasmine looked back at me, moaning.

My orgasm lasted quite a while as I continued to hold Jasmine. I slowly pulled out & Jasmine then cleaned me up. She later cuddled me and we rubbed each other's bodies like lovers.

When the call came to end our session, we both slowly redressed. Jasmine walked me to the Green Door, gave me one last big hug, and I was on my way.

Jasmine is a truly wonderful lover who provided me with a spectacular, sensual, Girlfriend Experience. I am thankful that I got to spend one hour of my life with this goddess!

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Over the Moon for Luna!
« on: July 27, 2019, 05:50:38 PM »
OMFG! I just had the single greatest LPIN party of my life with Luna!

I stopped by Exit 28 on Friday night to see what kind of mischief I could get myself into. Had a drink at the bar & chatted with a few wonderful ladies. After a bit, I saw Luna and Jasmine sitting at a table near the wall. I recognized them both from the website and proceeded to make my way to them for an introduction.

We hung out in the bar for quite a bit talking about nearly everything under the sun. Had a really fun discussion about breasts & stripper heels... Two of my favorite things!

*Note: I don't want to gloss over how much fun it was to talk with Luna and Jasmine in the saloon. This review is focused on the (obvious) main reason I visited the Ranch - the party. But, hanging out with these two gorgeous, kind, sweet, intelligent, and funny women was tremendous fun and I must mention it. The party was the best part of the night, but these are two awesome women outside the bedroom as well!*

After a bit, I asked Luna if she'd like to discuss a party. Following a quick "top off" at the bar, we made our way behind the green door and got a negotiating room. The negotiation was quick & fair and actually a lot of fun... the sight and feel of Luna straddling me during the negotiation made be feel even better about the party to come!

Once we got to her room, she set up the bed and prepped a shower. Since we had previously discussed her 9" heels, she changed out of her cowboy boots & into them. We caressed & kissed and I had the pleasure of helping Luna out of her tight red dress. That's when I got my first view of the most perfectly beautiful woman my eyes had ever seen!

Luna is a very petite woman (5'2") with PERFECT proportions. Her legs, ass, and tummy are strong & toned but very natural & feminine. Her enhanced breasts are works of art. They're perky and firm and also soft to the touch. Her nipples are very responsive and a joy to play with. Luna has a beautiful, sweet, and innocent-looking face. A sweet & sexy smile with soul-seeing eyes. Her hair is super long (down to her waist) and was great to feel on my body during the blowjob & sex!

We both hopped in the shower for a quick rinse. Luna soaped up my cock as we kissed. A nice combo of getting clean and a gentle handjob. Our hands roamed freely on each other's bodies and Luna teased me with a brief soapy tituck. The sight of my dick between her glorious tits was awesome... The feeling was even better!

She took the lead after the shower and dried me off with a towel. It was one of the best showers of my life.

The party I had with Luna was the most dynamic I've had in LPIN. Many parties in LPIN are fairly formulaic. (That's not necessarily a bad thing; just an observation). They begin a standard way then onto the next event in an expected order. This was not how my party with Luna went... And it was great!

Luna's personality is bubbly, fun, VERY energetic, sexy, and quite kinky. She's very comfortable being the dominant person in the room and equally comfortable submitting to her partner's desires (within her very open-minded limits, of course).

Luna took the lead initially. We stood naked in her room and she gave me what I can only describe as a "standing lap dance". We kissed and played and she rubbed her body on mine. We made our way to the bed and she continued this erotic lap dance/bed dance, erotic foreplay. She seamlessly transitioned between naughty dirty talk, bubbly giggles, and - interestingly enough - good sexual instruction. She showed me an erogenous zone that I didn't know existed. She taught me how to properly motorboat (I didn't realize I'd been doing it wrong my whole life). And we practiced quite a bit of breast worship & nipple play. She had some toys available for the party too, but I was more interested in just experiencing her.

She prepped a condom and used her mouth to apply it. Luna gives truly incredible blow jobs. She sucks at just the right level, uses her hands on the balls & shaft, and can take a cock completely into her mouth. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head when she deepthroated me. I had to keep my focus because I wanted to watch - in the mirror - the view of my entire cock disappearing in her mouth as her nose touched my lower abs. Amazing!!!

After more than a few deepthroat strokes, I rolled Luna onto her bed to fuck. She was very ready to go and she glided me into her soft, wet pussy. Her moans are exquisite and she takes dirty talk to the level of an art form. She was very explicit and complimentary in her dirty talk without overdoing it.

We began in normal missionary. I then put her ankles on shoulders for deep penetration. We exchanged power, back-and-forth a few times. With her permsission, I gently pinned her wrists above her head as I pumped. A few minutes later, she took the lead and we transitioned to a bit of a combo missionary/cowgirl (a variation of the cradle sex position). She energetically fucked me and grinded on my cock. She was in charge and I was just hanging on, enjoying the ride! She had an orgasm and we had to slow down for just a bit. (Good thing too... I wanted to save my O for a little while longer).

I took some slow, long pumps as we talked dirty some more in a fun, familiar way. Then, I turned her over for  doggystyle. The culmination of her sexual intensity, the feeling of her wet pussy enveloping my cock, the feeling of her ass on my body & her breasts in my hands, and the sight of watching us fuck in the mirror culminated in one of the most intense cums of my life!

She was very encouraging and supportive as she cleaned me up. After the main act, Luna went back to more foreplay. (Thought: What do you call foreplay that happens after sex?). She was bubbly & energetic as she rubbed her body on mine. We kissed more, I rubbed her amazing body, and we talked about kinks, LPIN, and parties. It sounds like she offers a very wide array of parties; from GFE and PSE to BDSM and 2-girl parties. I'm curious to explore more of what she has to offer.

I have had dozens of great parties at the Mustang Ranch. This one, however, is the best one I've had so far. Luna is a truly exceptional person & lover. She's approachable, sweet & sexy, very open-minded, and really loves sex. She creates a connection with her clients that allows the party to flow naturally and achieve all of the desires of both people.

Thank you, Luna, for the greatest LPIN experience of my life!

General Discussion / Ready for the Weekend!
« on: July 25, 2019, 01:59:47 PM »
Is it Friday yet?!

Looking forward to this weekend... And next weekend too! It's been absolutely crazy at work lately and I'm going to burn off a little steam, take some "personal time", and enjoy some stress-relieving parties both this weekend & next. Should be around in the evening Friday/Saturday... Times two!

Looking forward to meeting some of the new ladies and catching up with some past lovers.

Who else is partying this weekend?

Trip Summaries / Friday in May at Exit 28
« on: June 18, 2019, 01:40:16 AM »
Had the chance to skip work on a Friday last month & play at Exit 28.

Strolled into the bar early in the morning. As expected it was super quiet but some ladies were around. I had the chance to meet and have great conversations with Holly & Asia. Both are super sexy women and great conversationalists. I'll have to party with them in the future!

After a big breakfast, I had the chance to party with the famous Rachel Varga. What an amazing experience!! (Review posted in Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review section).

On the way out, still reeling from a mind-blowing hour with Rachel, I met Vanessa. Vanessa is an insanely hot Latina with a flawless body, sexy smile, and approachable personality. I was totally exhausted (in a great way) after my party with Rachel so I couldn't party that day with Vanessa. But, I definitely want to see her on my next trip to the Ranch.

A quick - but very successful - stop at Exit 28. Can't wait to party there next month!

I strolled into the Wild Horse Saloon early on a Friday morning while I played hooky from work. Had the chance to meet some very lovely ladies, ate breakfast, and had a drink (or two). After being there for a while, the amazingly gorgeous Rachel Varga came through the Green Door and had a seat at the bar.

I'd previously seen Rachel in the bar on past visits, but never had the chance to talk to her. I must admit, I was a bit starstruck when I saw her. I mean, it was THE Rachel Varga: Courtesan of the Year, 100% great reviews, all-around hero of LPIN and MR Legend. I was a little nervous approaching her. My nerves were totally unnecessary.

Rachel Varga is the most approachable courtesan I've ever met. She was sweet & warm, welcoming and down-to-Earth. As every review of her indicates: a beautiful woman (inside & out).

We chatted for a bit and then I asked if she'd like to discuss a party. Through the Green Door we went & into a negotiating room. The negotiation was quick & straightforward. No games.

We got to her room and I took a shower. As I emerged from the bathroom, wearing only my towel, she presented herself totally nude. Her body is pure perfection. She is toned and feminine from head to toe. Perky and soft breasts, tight tummy, & soft skin.

As we had previously agreed to a GFE party, she embraced me like a longtime lover. We kissed passionately as my hands roamed her body. I could kiss her all day. The level of her sensuality & passion is unmatched in LPIN!

We moved onto the bed and made out more. She stroked my cock and slid the condom on me with her lips. She sensually sucked me and allowed free roaming of my hands. We transitioned to the main event. Missionary with her was bliss. We kissed and both of our hands slid all over eachother's bodies. I leaned back and had the amazing view of going in & out of her... A sight I'll never forget!

We then transitioned to doggy style. I must admit, I didn't last long in this position. Watching her, looking in the mirror, and listening to her pleasure brought me to the edge in no time.

We finished our time cuddling and rubbing eachother's bodies. Sensual kissing & playful jokes like old lovers.

Rachel brought me to a level of bliss that I haven't achieved in years. Every review of her is absolutely spot on. She's a master in the art of sex & passion. I can't wait to see her on a future visit to MR!

I came across this article on an escort's Twitter recently.

IMHO, truer words have never before been written! She's spot on!

General Discussion / Julianna
« on: April 21, 2019, 11:00:06 PM »
Has anyone partied with Julianna (and want to share in the forum)?

I met her back in February, but just missed the chance to party with her. (We were talking in the bar when a lineup was called. She was chosen and I missed my chance... That day.) She's absolutely beautiful & sexy... And also a very sweet woman.

I see that she's back in the lineup and was hoping one of my fellow mongers had the pleasure of partying with her!

I stopped by Exit 28 on a relatively quiet weekday evening. I did my usual routine: ordered a drink at the bar and then mingled with the various ladies in the bar area. I always like to meet all the ladies to see which ones I "click" with and to keep others in mind for parties on future trips. I had previously met Bella the weekend prior and was very drawn to her (both physically & personally). On this particular night, however, I began chatting with another lady & went to negotiate a party.

The negotiation with the other lady became protracted and overly complicated so we politely agreed to call it quits. I emerged from the green door, and feeling a bit disappointed, began to walk to the exit. As I reached for the exit, Bella called to me, "Hey (B-team010's name), where are you going?" I turned and saw Bella with a sexy, seductive smile on her face.

I walked over to her, she hugged me close, and said, "You can't leave. I really want to fuck you." I'm sure my cheeks turned red & I know little b-team began to gain energy upon hearing this. I told her that I would love to party with her but I was a little bummed about my previous negotiation (with the other lady). She said, "Well, let's talk and see what we can do!" Getting my second wind, I agreed and we went to the negotiating room.

The negotiating was easy, fast, and made both of us happy. She completed the DC & paperwork and we were on our way to her room. A quick shower for both of us and then the fun began.

We were both standing naked in her room. The sight of her gorgeous body took my breath away. She is perfectly proportioned with perky, full, natural breasts, responsive nipples, tight tummy, perky & tight ass, toned legs, and soft, flawless skin. Her face is angelic with a remarkable smile, sultry eyes, and beautiful & fun curly hair.

Her ability to connect with her clients is second-to-none. She provide the most perfect GFE I've ever had! We began gently caressing each others' bodies and kissing passionately. Kissing Bella - by itself - was an incredible experience. She knows exactly when to kiss softly and when to be a little more assertive with her tongue. She's an artist!

Still kissing, we moved to the bed. More caressing & rubbing and she began to stroke my cock. She worked her way down my body, allowed a little titfucking, and then put the cover on for an energetic BJ. After a bit of BJ, I laid her on her back and the main event began. We did multiple positions & they were all amazing. As our liaison continued, the party slowly transitioned from soft & sensual to hot & heavy... Just like having great sex with an amazing girlfriend.

Bella seems to know just what to do at exactly the right moment. She dirty talked the right amount at the right time. She didn't overdo the moaning and seemed to really be enjoying herself. The best indicator of a true courtesan is when the client can't tell the difference between "the theatrics" and "the genuine"... Bella has definitely mastered this!

We slowed down from time to time to prolong the party. When I finally came, it was one of the intense O's I've ever had!

She cleaned me up and then offered a massage to finish out our time. (She did offer a Round 2, but little b-team was exhausted from Round 1!)

I've been going to Exit 28 for over 5 years now. The one hour I spent with Bella was the single best hour I've ever spent there! Bella is a beautiful woman, inside & out. She's the true definition of GFE and I can't wait to party with her again!

I decided to take a relatively short notice trip to Exit 28 on Sunday night. I strolled in to the Wild Horse a little after 8pm and ordered my usual drink at the bar. Immediately upon arrival, I noticed the gorgeous Latina sitting alone at a table. After making some polite conversation with the fellow patrons and some lovely ladies at the bar, I decided to approach Latina.

Latina was very welcoming as I introduced myself. While I had seen her before at the Ranch, this was my first opportunity to talk with her. Latina is an incredibly gorgeous woman. The pictures of her on the website are 100% accurate. She has big, expressive, beautiful eyes, a welcoming smile, perfect hair and skin, and a body that is absolutely to die for! Her body is tightly toned combined with appropriate feminine softness. Her legs go on forever up to a perfect booty. A tiny waist leads up to the most perfect breasts I have ever seen/touched. They are perfectly enhanced and have maintained an amazing level of softness. As a "breast man", I was overwhelmed... And in heaven!

We spoke for a while over a drink. Her accent is sexy & seductive. She is also wickedly smart & playful. After a bit, we made our way to a negotiating room. The negotiation was straightforward and fair and soon we were off to her room.

Her talents in the bedroom - much like her body & face - were flawless. She gives amazing oral, is energetic and connected during sex, speaks incredible dirty talk with sexy moans, and knows exactly how to pleasure a man. We had two rounds of fun with a gentle, cuddle session in between.

I truly enjoyed my time with Latina. She is a tremendous lover, a playful friend, and a kind soul. I can't wait to see her again on a future trip to Exit 28!

Schedules / Mackenzie return dates?
« on: July 31, 2018, 11:01:55 PM »
I had on awesome party on Mackenzie's first tour at MR. Does anyone know when she's scheduled to return?


I decided to play hooky from work earlier this week and popped into the bar at MR a little after lunch. There were quite a few ladies in the bar and I was fortunate enough to get the chance to chat with most. As per usual, all the ladies were extremely friendly & nice. After I had been there a while, Mackenzie introduced herself to me.

I was immediately struck by her gorgeous, infectious smile. Of course, the rest of her was beautiful too! She's tall, fit, with terrific breasts and a toned body. Beautiful face that is accentuated by that smile... Seriously, if she smiles at you, it'll be impossible not to be smiling too.

During our brief conversation over a drink, I continued to be drawn to her. She has a very open personality that immediately puts you at ease. Her vibe is genuine and she exudes friendliness and sexiness. After only a few minutes we were heading back to discuss a party.

After the party, we chatted some more. I had an absolutely amazing time with this truly magnificent woman! She's new to MR and I hope she sticks around because I'll definitely be repeating!

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Great Time with Saige
« on: March 23, 2018, 12:44:37 PM »
I stopped by MR this week for a little midweek fun. Since I arrived in the bar in the morning (on a weekday), it was understandably really quiet with only about three ladies hanging out. One of these ladies immediately caught my eye: Saige.

Since she's new & her pix are not yet on the MR website, I'll provide a brief description. Saige is an incredibly sexy blonde Texas bombshell! She's about 5'6" (but much taller in her hot 8" heels) with gorgeous long blonde hair. She has a voluptuous hourglass figure with large breasts, a tiny little waist, and a perfect booty. (I'm not usually much of an "ass man", but WOW is hers incredible)! Her porcelain skin is complimented by numerous, well-placed tattoos.

I ordered a drink at the bar and then joined her at her table for a bit. After some light conversation, we adjourned to discuss a party. Negotiations were reasonable & after the standard DC, we were on our way to her room.

In her room, we had an amazing time. Saige is incredibly attentive with terrific bedroom skills. Normally, the CBJ doesn't get me close, but her technique got me really close, really fast. We took a quick pause before the main event. Her soft skin, perfect body, and ability to connect made the multiple positions a wonderful experience.

Hopefully, she sticks around and then returns in the future. She's a terrific & sexy lady.

That caps yet another great visit to the Mustang Ranch!

I had the time to stop by Exit 28 recently and had an amazing time! I arranged - ahead of time - to stay in one of the rooms in the lodge. Jennifer coordinated everything and Tara helped me get checked into the room. I can't say enough about how helpful, professional, and kind Jennifer & Tara were to me. They are truly class acts and great women.

When I actually got to MR, I was surprised at how busy it was. Having been there multiple times, I can say that I'd never seen the bar so full of both patrons and ladies. I quickly learned that there was a car crash on I-80 that stopped traffic in one direction so many of the local workers stopped in to the Mustang Ranch to wait it out.

After about an hour or so, the crowd began to thin out a bit and it provided more of an opportunity to meet some of the ladies. Early on in the evening, I met Madison.

She's a beautiful, petite brunette with a fantastic body and a great personality. We sat together for a drink... Which turned into a few more.  She was absolutely a delight to converse with and very sweet and funny. While I definitely enjoyed the conversation & witty banter, I did come to party.

We went to a negotiation room & the negotiation was a breeze. After the DC, we escaped to her room and had a fantastic party. I won't go into too many details, but I will say that I wisely requested a lap dance from her (after hearing her talk about her experience as an exotic dancer). It was the best lap dance of my life and it ended in the happiest of endings! I very highly recommend meeting Madison the next time you're at MR.

The following day, I checked out of the room. It was an easy process and I had the chance to also briefly talk with Bailey and Jai early in the morning. They were both really friendly and easy to talk to. I wish I had more time, because I definitely would have partied with them. But, alas, I had to be on my way.

Overall, it was an amazing experience with an incredible courtesan, made possible by the super friendly & kind staff at Mustang Ranch. I'm counting the days until I can return!!!

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