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Hi Bob

I love all your ideas. The new email system for the ladies taken a bit

Longer to set up than I originally thought.  I'm working on it.   ;)

I will get a calendar set up for the ladies arrival and departure dates.

Great ideas, thank you.



--- Quote from: Phoenix on April 15, 2013, 10:19:39 PM ---thanks for the encouragement Bob i will do my best to spread the word

--- End quote ---

             Phoenix,good idea to get a computer for the bar that the girls could use to go on the forum
      during down time.

          Imho guys on this forum would like 3 things:

                       1- When are the girls working,the girls can post their monthly dates they will be there.

                       2-Pictures of the girls,nothing like hot photos to bring in the customers.

                       3-A way to communicate with the girls,private mail or house-e-mail that are checked.
                          I have sent private mails,the girls have not logged in,so no response.

thanks for the encouragement Bob i will do my best to spread the word

They mentioned it on loadedtv show. The website & all. I hope this isn't a bad thing to say but How could anyone keep you off the website. If I was a lady I would be running to get on the website. Every free minute . This tells you what people think, what your doing wrong , what your doing right,& how you can inprove. This is a tool a tool you all need. It's all so another line of comunication which can be better than a phone. We can tell you what we are thinking& & you can see it now or a hour from now or two days from now. You can respond any time any place & what we actualy said is there in writing for you to see no messed up message unless it's on our part. It also helps us stay secretive. It's easer to type things in in private than talking on a phone in private,Plus it is cheeper than a telephone. I'm not in your state. I'm on the other side of world or at least it feels like it. The internet cost the same for me weather I write you or not  Phone dosen't. You have a custimore that is scared & he gets on here & starts talking to you & loosens up. Than he or she will probably come see you. Yes we understand you ladies can't just be on here because your busy which is understandable. There is my two cents.


--- Quote from: Phoenix on April 11, 2013, 09:06:07 PM --- ??? hmmm wuts going on? whelp hopefully when i return and we get an iPad @ the bar there will be more sexy females to talk too...any helpful hint?   maybe we can come up with a way of naughtily convincing them to reach out and flirt with the world ;)

--- End quote ---

Uh, how about additional business which equals additional income?...just saying...


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