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Spring has sprung!!!

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That makes to of us. It's been a year & almost a month. My junk is all swallon & once it lets go look out!!!

After the most brutal winter in Chicago history, I'm ready to party!   I haven't been to the ranch in almost 90 days.    I'm ready to explode!   ::) 

The weather where I'm at has been all over the place!!! I think it was Monday of last week we had snow. it didn't amount to anything put it did land & stay around for a couple hours. It's been hot one day & cold the next. Woke up today to the tempiture in the 30's. They aways said you don't like the weather just waite 5 minutes it will change.

Let's All get Sprung!!

 :-*Amen and happy rebirth day to ya Jesus


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