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Constructive Criticism / Re: Membership approval
« on: September 14, 2023, 11:47:50 PM »
Yes it seems to take 3-4 attempts...but then when I click on other items from the main web page, then I'm able to log on to the forum.
Also, despite excellent parties with various ladies, there are very few ladies participating in the forum...
Perhaps they are too busy providing excellent companionship and parties to have banter on the forum?
Just my thoughts...I do remember several years ago one of the ladies posted "How to be an appreciative/proper client/patron/etc" and was very specific (as to how NOT to be a jerk) and listed via #'s the qualities of a "good client/patron". I had copied/pasted the "checklist/itinerary list" and refer to it before visits to the MR.
I still consider myself an amateur when attempting to please such wonderful ladies...this year has especially been memorable.
Geyser Soze

"How's it Hangin" / Re: What Do You Like Most About The Ladies?
« on: June 18, 2023, 01:21:25 AM »
Of course the physical time with each of us doing our best to make the other "OMG O!".
The 'no pressure' time in the "consultation/negotiation/arbitration" room. Finding out what the lady really likes to please her...that's what I really like. What can I do for you, sweet thing? Of course we discuss what I like and what's safe and acceptable. Never been an issue with communication with the MR ladies I've been lucky to spend the time.
Time. With a fine lady. In their presence. Watching them move...either clothed, semi-clothed, or both of us not.
That's the focus of the visit, to have wonderful sex with a lovely and classy lady.
But as important:
The initial encounter. The mystery of the sly smile, turn of the head, taking a finger and twisting their hair as they consider the answer to an initial question...will we be compatible? Of course there are too many to mention... the deep lovely eyes. Curve of the neck, a lady's smile and laugh as she engages in the first conversation...and through the physical party...and how her scent stays with me.
Breathing deeply as we sit next to each other, having dinner locally or at Tahoe, again the conversation, smiles, the way she laughs. Priceless.
Afterglow and exchanging of running fingertips in a soothing manner. Creating goosebumps.
Pardon my redundancy.
Can't wait to get back in either Sept and/or Jan. Oh the pain of waiting!
Best Y'all,

Reviews / Re: 2023 Review for Vera Bliss
« on: May 17, 2023, 04:20:17 PM »
DM2 et al,
Yes, Ms. Vera Bliss is quite the cutie. Perfect "Greek Goddess" body and curves, all natural, plus such a positive and 'eager to please' persona. I've partied with her three times, not since last Jan 2022, and we have always mutually worked up a sweat then some very nice cuddling and conversation. Jacuzzi time also very special with her. Full package for sure.
Geyser Soze

Mustang Ranch Resort Experience Review / Re: What a nice problem!
« on: March 02, 2023, 04:08:46 AM »
"Forced"...omg PLEASE throw me in that briar patch...what a list of lovelies, and the great support for the rest of the MR crew. I would have happily traded places and suffered through it for you!!

"How's it Hangin" / Re: Huge Thank You!
« on: October 01, 2022, 12:17:35 AM »
Gosh gee shucks. I've been visiting the MR since 2017...first time ever in Jan '17.
Last January partied with four ladies, two of them twice. Amazing experience and no only issue ever was last May at one of the places outside Vegas and there was a huge attitude that "I'm so good and you're lucky to spend time with me"...really didn't set well and I went for it, but it was a less than optimal experience. The experiences at the MR have always been first-class (as well as one of the ladies at the location outside Vegas), so I'm really looking forward to being back in Reno this coming January.
I just follow the lady's lead and it's always been a 10-star experience in a 5-star world.
Thank you, MR. See all y'al in January.
Geyser Soze
PS-Thanks to Ms. Jennifer for managing and maintaining a quality and  safe experience.

Schedules / Some ladies are no longer listed...?
« on: September 23, 2022, 06:23:19 PM »
Hello to all,
I'm planning a re-visit to Reno in January, and some of the ladies that I partied with are no longer listed.
Drew Ryan?
I hope to find another memorable night, or two or three, this coming January. Will miss being able to party with the two ladies listed above. There IS still one on the "Ladies Listed", with whom we had a rocking/gasping good time, and she knows who as I've kept in touch...but variety keeps the fun going.
Hopefully someone can persuade them to return, or a like-minded lady...Leah or Piper or Jade Orchid whom I've not partied with or met, may be fun as their reviews are outstanding.
Geyser Soze

"How's it Hangin" / Re: Geyser soze
« on: April 16, 2022, 02:54:57 AM »
To SixT9er,
Got your dm. Thanks so much. Sent you a dm reply. All is good.
Geyser Soze

Lineup / Re: Mustang Ranch Weekly Lineup Lineup thru January 6th 2022
« on: January 11, 2022, 04:00:59 AM »
Any listing oh my of lineup this week through Saturday? Jus checking.

Schedules / Re: SCARLETíS Schedule 😘
« on: October 15, 2019, 12:53:46 AM »
Hello Miss Scarlet,
Iím going to be in Reno Jan 15-18 on business and am trying to decide whether to just show up or personally contact 2-3 ladies in advance. Iím just a ďSouthern GentlemanĒ and hope to make it by during daytime work hours as the convention had mostly evening activity. Iím still new at LPIN but more gray than black hair and fit. BTW, your photos are captivating. I had a nice evening two years ago with one of the ladies at MR.

General Discussion / Re: Photoshoots with Ada
« on: July 29, 2019, 12:51:27 PM »
Wow...absolutely beautiful...with mesmerizing eyes, hair, curves...breathless palpitations!

To Ironman, B-team, and CC,
Thanks so much for the replies and notes on prior experiences...I love the "poor ladies...they lost", hilarious, as the images of Charlotte, Rea, and Tori-and their reviews WOW-are titillating and gosh gee shucks I may have to step out of the convention midday so I can visit and chat, then still have the energy to not disappoint the ladies. Thanks again for the replies.

Ladies, and Forum/Gentlemen members,
When is the "appropriate" time to look ahead of time, as I will be in the Reno area for a convention Jan 15-18, 2020, to inquire about ladies' schedules? I'm a newbie, was at the MR over two years ago, and probably best to meet and chat in person. I loved the points Anika made in February about how to behave, be respectful, be specific...basically want to explore every inch of the lady's body and curves, and I give a good massage and am a generous Southern gentleman, etc. I'm probably old enough to be some of the ladies' "Daddy" but stay fit with hiking/cycling and any and all exercise...even the "negotiated" good cardio workout for me! Is there a "best time", day or night, for a "lineup"? Just looking to enjoy the beauty this country in the form of a fit, beautiful lady at the MR. No hurry as far as needing a reply. Thank y'all in advance...I'm trying not to blush, just thinking of the fun and intense exercise we might have come January...

This is going to be too detailed for some, but when its great its great! It was first night of convention in Reno, the 3rd week of January, 8) so I decided to drive over and check out the Mustang, having read multiple reviews and forums. I'd been to multiple "Strip Clubs" while attending conventions, and have had dozens of partners and also two girls/one guy-me!...whom I all respect and still adore...but had never "paid for it". And I could have afforded it, but "paying for it" was now on my bucket list-for the experience-so I chose the Mustang while at a recent convention in Reno.
Never paid, ever.
 Walked in, ordered a beer, and Latina sat down and we chatted while I offered her a drink. I knew what I wanted, even though this was my FIRST trip to a legal brothel. Latina was poured into her jeans, her lace top enhanced the view of her ample breasts. We talked business as to what "services" I and she might enjoy. She answered my "what about this, what about that" questions directly, clearly, and with deep dark eyes and a big smile, with no pressure at all. Strangely, I wasn't nervous, and I had my list of questions to get answered, direct yet respectful and polite. It was as though she just wanted to make sure I was informed of what MIGHT happen...
So we were into the negotiation room...having a drink and, again, no pressure and the price was agreeable to both of us. After a multitude of more questions by me, which she answered clearly, my " d__k check" passed her careful inspection. Soon into her room, we were both shed of clothes, and my God, her smooth skin, shaved landing strip, lack of tattoos (not into multiple-the female body good enough without...) long brown hair, slim waist, her tight buns and large breasts only added to her big brown eyes and huge smile. I was almost dizzy as I watched this naked angel-not just beautiful body but eyes and smile to match-lead me into a mutual hot shower as we explored each other's body with soapy hands.
Toweled off, then again as we stood by the bed, my "geyser" was harder than ever as we fell into bed. Before I could decide what "act" to start with, as we joked and talked, she simultaneously had me on my back, expertly unrolled a condom to cover me, and licked and sucked me while smiling and looking deep into my eyes. I was in heaven as her lips and tongue sucked my cock, while she lie first on my left, then between my legs...oh what oral was, yes safely with a condom, but oh what an indescribable sucking of my hardness. After 10 or so minutes of cocksucking, she asked if I wanted to make love to her, and in a second she was on HER back as I had my way driving in and out of her warm and wet vagina...taking the lead not to be too we constantly commented how much fun each of us were having...her legs first over my shoulders as I slid in/out of her wetness, then her legs wrapped around my waist...I couldn't believe how good she deep and tight she was...and I finally came as my dear sweet Latina kept on "Go ahead, deeper and faster". I was making sure not to be rough, as I wanted her to enjoy it at least half as much as I was enjoying it. As I started to explode inside of her, she expertly encircled the shaft of my cock, making sure the condom didn't slip off. What a talented professional!
Off with the condom, she cleaned me off, and we picked up our drinks for a few minutes and talked and "visited". The full deal-shower, primo fellatio, then perfect missionary as I sucked her nipples and we hungrily kissed. Too good for words.
After some chatting and mutual massage-I LOVE to massage a woman to show her how much I appreciate the experience-she was on her stomach and I gave her a back/butt/legs massage..visual and tactile stimulation for me...and she truly seemed to enjoy it...then I was back on my she lie next to sucking again those wonderful breasts...her with the lube manually stroking as I got rock hard again...then she asked if I was ready to enter her from behind..and off to the races again as she got on her knees and offered her perfect ass and vagina. Kneeling behind her with a fresh and expertly placed condom by my sweet Latina...the mirrored walls now became evident (I guess I didn't notice them before because I was distracted by this perfect body next to me!) I slid my hardness into her and we enjoyed more of the intense intercourse...but I was able to watch my reaction and her facial expressions as we "doggy-styled" for what seemed like forever, until I came again, spent and happily exhausted. Again, expert clasping at the point of explosion, being cleaned off, then another warm shower as I had fun sucking nipples and squeezing her buns! Back to bed for a little more talk and my massaging her, finishing our drinks, then we bid our goodbyes as she led me to the exit. I could barely believe an hour and twenty minutes had passed-in sexual heaven!
What more could I ask for? I got more than what I came for (no pun intended) from a gorgeous "courtesan", and I will truly and definitely be back to visit this talented lady who knows how to party and turn you every way but loose! Life is short, so speak directly and outline clearly what you want, and once agreed, surprise your "courtesan" with your performance; maybe a massage or two or three, between "acts", and shower her with well-deserved compliments. A bonafide sexual gym workout more than worth the time and money spent!
Til we meet again, my lovely Latina!
Your newest admirer  :)
"Geyser Soze" (Another pun-from the movie The Usual Suspects)

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