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Ford, Chevrolet, or Dodge

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I've always gone with Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge


" Who needs a pickup " ?  I have only owned 1 car in my life and that was a gift from my grandma. 

Always had  trucks and still have 2 ( F-15 and  a F-25 )

Come now.  Who needs a pickup?

My 06 Mustang GT dark red and black top convertible goes everywhere important:  A brothel with room for a sexy lady for an outdate.

You guys disappoint me. Don't be so serious. The idea was to have fun with memes like this.

Iíve owned, own Ford Mustangs & Old Galaxies, Chevy Camaroís & Trucks, Dodge Challenger & Chrysler 300 Cís. As you can see Iím not one brand loyal but do prefer American. I buy what I want at the time

I have also owned Nissan (not a fan) Hondaís (overated but reliable) Toyota cars & trucks (loved my orig 4Runner but way under powered) Kia Optima, drove the shit out of that with no problems

When this crap ends getting another American made 18-20 yr old full sized truck for toy carrying & dump runs.
If I fall into a bundle of cash Iíll buy another Challenger
Note all All American vehicles must have V8 or I pass.


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