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LPIN Awards Banquet MMXXII Reservations


Three Crystal Awards have been ordered for Courtesan of the Year, Brothel of the Year & Rural Brothel of the Year Winners!

The Finalists and Winners certificates have been printed and framed.

A banquet venue has been reserved, and the awards presentations banquet programs have been printed.

Therefore, we're ready to recognize and honor our elected finalists and winners at the awards presentations banquet.

Please email for awards presentations banquet reservations and admission payment details.

The banquet venue requires advance final count notice, so the awards banquet hosts must confirm the paid number of attendees by June 15, 2022. 

Thank you,
Awards Presentations Banquet Hosts Little Richard, MrTShirt & firefighter

LPIN 2021 Awards Banquet MMXXII

Hosted 5 pm to 8 pm Friday July 15, 2022 in Reno Nevada

LPIN Awards Banquet Announcement

LPIN 2021 Awards Finalists & Winners will be recognized & honored,
and framed certificates & Crystal Art Triad Flame Awards will be presented
at Awards Banquet MMXXII hosted on Friday July 15, 2022. 

Please purchase your banquet reservations now.

Thank you,
Awards Banquet Hosts
Little Richard, MrTShirt & firefighter


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