Voter Registration for the 2022 LPIN Awards

Started by ChicagoBob, Nov 30, 2022, 04:29 PM

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With the busy holiday season fast approaching, sometimes we tend to forget about the little things.  Just a quick reminder that voter registration closes midnight February 28, 2023 PT. for the 2022 LPIN Awards held in July 2023.  We currently have 86 people registered.

This year, I am really excited to announce another new category: The Hall of Fame Award for ANY lady who is currently working or has worked in LPIN in the past.  This applies to those ladies that have also retired.

Here's the official rules.

a) Hall of Fame (HF) - A nominee must have been a LPIN Courtesan in the past or present to be eligible.  The top three finalists at the end of the Final Voting Round will be inducted into the LPIN Awards Hall of Fame.

b) The Nominating Round begins March 31, 2023 and ends midnight April 14, 2023 PT.
The previous contest's Courtesan of the Year Finalists who are eligible for the current contest will automatically be nominees.

c) The Preliminary Voting Round begins April 16, 2023 and ends midnight April 30, 2023 PT.

d) The FINAL Voting Round begins May 2, 2023 and ends midnight May 16, 2023 PT

Categories include:
Courtesan of the Year Award
Brothel of the Year Award
Rural Brothel of the Year Award
Hall Of Fame Award

The awards ceremony/banquet are still being planned with announcements to follow soon.  We hope to have a record turnout this year!  Please support your favorite ladies & brothels by voting and attending the awards/banquet in July.

All newbies are welcome to register and vote if you have a current LPIN reference (see official rules).
To vote, you first need to register at

If you have any questions, please post them here or on the LPIN Awards board.