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Title: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Mr Stamina on July 30, 2016, 05:33:50 PM
Thank you Aubrey and Alexia, two beautiful and classy ladies who gave me the vacation of a lifetime!

My trip in May included an incredible four hour party with Aubrey.  Words are inadequate to describe how this exquisite goddess captivates me, and I knew that I wanted to spend the lion's share of my July trip with her.  I told Aubrey that I didn't know how we could top May, but that I wanted to go all out and give it a shot.  She replied "Challenge accepted" and had ideas to "really set off some fireworks" for July.  Did she ever!  We upped the ante to a multi-day outdate, and exchanged ideas for activities around Lake Tahoe.  Since we each loved every idea the other proposed, we resolved to do them all!

This trip exceeded everything that I thought possible.  Over five days, Aubrey and Alexia took me on repeated rides from exaltation to exhaustion and back again.

Day 1: Arrival and a Surprise Party

Six weeks of building excitement was tempered by anxiety over the negotiation.  Would I have enough funds to make this fantasy a reality?  Aubrey and I had planned meticulously, and I was prepared with agendas for anything from a 1 to 3 day outdate.  Aubrey kindly stayed past the end of her shift to greet me at 1:30am.  We struck pure gold in the negotiation room, agreeing on a full 3 days.  I could hardly believe my good fortune!

Immediately thereafter, things went hilariously and wonderfully awry.  Although there were no plans to party this day, we did a quick DC.  During the DC Aubrey brought me to, shall we say, full attention.  As she began to lead me out of the negotiation room, I protested: face bright red, I said that I was in no condition to leave the privacy of this room until my excitement had cooled.  We made small talk for a few minutes, but nothing would work.  Over a month's worth of anticipation, the successful negotiation of the outdate of a lifetime, and the presence of this exquisite silken goddess had every fiber of my being at peak excitement.

After ten minutes of this, Aubrey said, "I don't think this condition is going away.  Want to get it taken care of, right now?"  I was still in no condition to be seen by others, so Aubrey grinned, "Just walk behind me".  In the Spanish suite, the goddess of love administered two hours of much-needed GFE sexual healing as only she can give it: an unhurried, sensual, caring, journey to total bliss.  Aubrey is the cure for all that ails me!

Returning to the bar, I met up with Alexia to make plans for the next day.  I had missed partying with Alexia in May, and I was determined not to repeat this travesty of justice.  I had a plan.  In a forum thread, I mentioned that I had cleaned out the Mustang's stock of Magic Wand toys, and Alexia replied that they needed to restock them asap, because "no one can resist the magic that it does to us".  I can take a hint.  Purchasing a day ahead of time gave plenty of time for charging.

The plan was to sleep and return in the afternoon to party with Alexia and then begin the epic outdate with Aubrey.  I finally left the Mustang at 4:30 am.

Day 2: Alexia and the Outdate Commences

In the morning I slept, hit the Peppermill's gym, then went outdoor gear shopping for the outdate.  The concierge recommended Scheels in Sparks.  This store instantly became a favorite, a palatial selection of clothing and gear for every outdoor and sporting activity.  Half of the purchases didn't get used this trip (like the beach umbrella and beach chairs), but at least I geared up for hiking with Aubrey.

Arriving at the ranch about 4pm, Alexia was wearing a dazzling smile of contentment.  She "confessed" that she had given the magic wand a trial run in the morning.  This only turned me on even more.  It took us about three seconds to negotiate a two hour party in the cowboy suite.  The party consisted of jacuzzi foreplay and sex in a variety of positions with the Magic Wand.  Alexia had posted to the forum before her tour that she was extremely ready for action, and let me tell you gentlemen, she was not kidding.  Alexia's climaxes nearly tore the roof off of the suite - I was proud enough just to be able to hang on for the ride!  Afterwards, we cuddled and caressed for a perfect ending.  What a sweetheart.

Recovering in the bar, I chatted with Alexia and Ayana as my excitement built for Aubrey.  She walked through the green door, dressed casually and looking as gorgeous as when she's in lingerie.  As ever, my heart skipped a beat as we embraced.  Aubrey presented me with a wonderful set of gifts from herself and Tara.  Of course the best gift of all was the company of a beautiful, intelligent, classy lady for the outdate of a lifetime.

We began with a casual meal at BJ's in Sparks.  The effect Aubrey has on me sometimes cannot be controlled, and the moment we got out of the car, the pda started.  An unseen bystander surprised us with "hey you two: caught you!"  Blushing and laughing like teenagers, we changed to hand holding and entered the restaurant.

After dinner we drove to the Peppermill.  Party time came with a stunning visual surprise, as Aubrey modeled lingerie purchased with the Victoria's Secret gift card from my last trip.  Once again Aubrey took me to a place beyond human, another time and dimension entirely, and I began involuntarily purring under her exquisite, flawless, silken touch.  (I still don't know how she does that!)

Completely contented and in utter bliss, we cuddled and caressed until we fell asleep in each others arms.  Magical.

Day 3: Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, and Shakespeare Festival

Awakening with a beautiful angel in my arms commenced two of the greatest days in my life.  Aubrey and I were about to partake in a whirlwind grand tour of Lake Tahoe.  Mother Nature blessed us with perfect weather: total sunshine, a gentle breeze, and mild temps throughout.

After breakfast, we worked out in the Peppermill gym.  Aubrey has perfected a move that I can barely describe much less duplicate: forward weighted lunge to a reverse stepback curtsy lunge to a side lateral leg lift.  She's a motivator!

The main event this day was the sunset Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor.  With the impossibility of summer weekend parking at Sand Harbor before 4pm (even the park's official web page flatly states this as fact), we spent extra time at the Peppermill's outdoor pool, soaking up rays and people watching.  Thinking back, this was the only downtime of an outdate that had us almost constantly on the move.

Hungry for a late lunch, we drove to Lake Tahoe over beautiful Mount Rose Pass.  Arriving at Incline Village around 3pm, we parked at the Hyatt for an intended lunch at the lakefront Lone Eagle Grille, only to find it closed at this hour.  Fortunately, the Hyatt's more causal restaurant, the Sierra Cafe, was open, and it exceeded every expectation.  Instead of a lake view, this restaurant faces the Hyatt's pool with a beautiful mountain backdrop.  We were the only ones eating outdoors, and enjoyed total serenity.

Now 4pm, we drove to Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe's best beach.  If we had arrived earlier, we would have broken out the beach umbrella and chairs, and spent the day soaking up rays at 6200 feet.  Maybe next time we will do just that.  Instead, we combed the picturesque beach.  There's something otherworldly about Tahoe: the water is so clean that you can see clear to the bottom, and the lake is entirely ringed with 3000 foot high mountains.  Sand Harbor provides a perfect view of it all.

Walking north to the less-crowded boat launch area, Aubrey noticed that the late afternoon sun was playing a beautiful optical dance with the lake.  The sun's rays extended about halfway to the lake, exactly the height at which Aubrey could touch it.  Racing to the waterfront in giddiness, Aubrey gave me her camera and I took dozens of pictures of her touching the sunray and "creating" a lightbeam that reflected off the center of the lake and then traveled the length of Lake Tahoe's crystalline shimmering waters until it ended at her feet.  If this wasn't the picture of a lifetime, it was something very close.  I've always said that Aubrey is an angel from heaven, and now there's proof!

We slowly made our way back to the center of the park for the night's main attraction: the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.  Outdoor Shakespeare dinner theater, with a beautiful goddess, on the shores of Lake Tahoe, as the sun sets, in perfect weather?  Yes, please!  The night's performance was A Comedy of Errors, probably The Bard's most lighthearted play.  We were completely charmed from beginning to end.  The actors were stellar, every line delivered with perfect timing and inflection; they really seemed to enjoy themselves.  In an interesting production twist, while every spoken word was 16th-century Shakespearean original, the costumes were pure Rio De Janeiro Carnival.  Everything about the setting was perfect - great comfortable seats right up front (oversized lounge chairs), good catered food and wine brought right to our seats (main course delivered before the play started, dessert delivered during intermission), a romantic setting sun, and a mutually beaming Aubrey next to me.  Every few minutes during the play we'd look over at each other and communicate with our eyes, "This is the life".  Starting in warm weather and sunglasses in the first act, we donned pullovers and cuddled up in blankets after intermission as the sun set.  I didn't want it to ever end.  What a joyous two hours!

The performance complete, it was now 9:30pm.  As it was too late to enjoy a lakefront sunset (something we would make up for the next night in a big way), we headed to the car for a drive back over the mountains to the Peppermill.  There was quite a bit of driving during this trip, and I wondered aloud if next time it might be better to stay lakefront rather than in Reno.  Aubrey replied that a romantic nighttime drive under the stars (cue open sunroof) could actually be quite comfortable, and then things quickly got very interesting.  Aubrey made me fidget in my seat all the way from the mountains to the hotel.  I'm not going to give the details; I'll just say that strictly speaking, we (probably) didn't violate any driving laws of the great State of Nevada.  Presently arriving back at the Peppermill, I composed myself as best I could, tried to tame my grin, and eventually felt comfortable enough to exit the car.

Aubrey was not done with me this night.  In our room, we commenced a shattering end-of-the-night party that almost separated me from my senses permanently.  After four climaxes between us, we switched to wonderfully relaxing and sexy jacuzzi time, spiced up with a fizzy 'bath bomb' provided by Aubrey.  By this time my heart was about to explode from sheer joy and the day's sensory overload, and we collapsed asleep with mutual sighs of sheer bliss.

Absolutely one of the greatest days of my life, and Aubrey and I were just getting started.

Day 4: Lake Tahoe by Hiking, Gondola, Zipline, and Helicopter

Mark Twain wrote, "To obtain the air that angels breathe, one must go to Tahoe".  The theme for today was to experience that air from a variety of altitudes: lake level, mountaintop, and the grand finale: by helicopter.

After breakfast, we drove to South Lake Tahoe.  Sand Harbor was en route, so we stopped for an encore.  One does not simply drive by one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!  Now a weekday, the crowds were significantly thinned (though we didn't have the park to ourselves, as I had fantasized).  We enjoyed the boardwalk hike with its scenic overlook.  Next, we headed to one of the many clusters of boulders on the north side of the park that are naturally occurring formations around Tahoe.  The boulders varied in height up to perhaps 25 feet.  Aubrey had no trouble climbing and hopping from boulder to boulder, beaming the entire time.  Our reward for this exertion was a better vantage point and total privacy: just us and shimmering Lake Tahoe.

A little before noon, we reached South Lake Tahoe and the Heavenly ski resort.  We purchased gondola tickets and had lunch at Basecamp Pizza.  Aubrey was basking in the sunlight of our outdoor table that gave her a perfect vantage for people watching, sifting out the Tahoe locals from the vacationers. 

After lunch, the gondola took us from 6200 feet to 9000 feet.  The 15 minute ascent provides some of the most famous views of Tahoe.  Even as the gondola gains elevation, the lake's expanse keeps it and its surrounding mountains spanning your entire field of view.

The gondola dropped us off at the Tamarack Lodge where summer activities are based.  We started at the roller coaster, which the backseat passenger (me) controls with a throttle that I kept at max the entire ride.  There were plenty of steep and sharp turns that kept Aubrey and I hooting and hollering like hyperactive kids.  Aubrey overheard someone getting off the ride saying, "Yeah that was legit".

After a drink in the lodge, we took the Tamarack chairlift to 9700 feet.  The summit view at Heavenly is surreal: to your right, you see stark brown Nevada desert at 4000 feet; to your left, you see the Lake Tahoe basin and a green California side.  The lake almost looks artificially held up by a giant invisible hand, an oasis that should otherwise tumble down to the Nevada desert.  We did some hiking and picture-taking, and then it was time for our reservation at the 'Blue Streak zipline'.  This craziness lasts about 60 seconds, at 50 miles per hour, 150 feet above ground, held up by a harness that you pray was correctly fitted by the operators.  Having never done a zipline, I was hanging on for dear life, while Aubrey fearlessly cheered and waved to every hiker that we flew over.  Regaining my wits, we took one more ride up the chairlift for more high-elevation hiking and sightseeing before downloading to lake level.

Next we did some shopping.  Aubrey was looking for cool-weather functional outdoor clothes that would make her pass for a Tahoe local, and keep her warm during the helicopter ride.  Between The North Face and Patagonia, she put together the perfect activewear ensemble.  An unforgettable moment occurred in the Patagonia store: a female employee approached Aubrey and said, "Excuse me, but I just wanted to say that you look amazing.  Are you a professional athlete?"  Aubrey wore a beaming smile for the rest of the trip.

Now fully geared, the newly minted professional athlete and Tahoe local accompanied me to a memorable dinner at Fire and Ice.  Afterwards, it was off to the local airport for the sunset helicopter tour.  We chatted with the pilot while waiting for the perfect takeoff time.  He asked where I was from, and was about to ask Aubrey likewise, when he noticed her just-purchased ensemble of outdoor gear and said "well obviously you are a Tahoe local".  Aubrey winked at me.

The combination of a Lake Tahoe sunset in perfect weather, the surrounding mountains in perfect evening alpenglow, the excitement factor of the helicopter, and a beaming goddess snuggling up to me and whispering "thank you!" lit up every happiness nerve center in my mind.  It was really about to happen: the best hour of the date of my dreams.  And then, liftoff...

Our pilot had a bit of daredevil mixed with "Tahoe bro" coolness.  But he was very technically competent, and definitely knew his stuff.  Our first destination was the mountains of the Desolation Wilderness.  This is an area kept wild, with no roads or development, reachable only by helicopter or hiking.  From Echo Lake north to Mount Tallac, Cascade Lake, Fallen Leaf Lake, we had a daring tour of the rugged High Sierra backcountry, whose mountaintops were still snow-capped.  At or near Mount Tallac, the pilot asked if it was OK if we buzzed "that peak right there".  Aubrey answered "Yes! Buzz it! Faster! Closer!"

The pilot had a knack for finding hikers in the middle of nowhere, like a hawk circling high above for its prey.  "Party of five on the cliff overlooking that lake".  These were hardy hikers - this far away from any town or road at sunset meant that they were making a multi-day camping trip into the Sierra.

Returning to the Lake, the helicopter began a clockwise circuit starting from Emerald Bay.  Every moment was pure magic.  As we swung northeast, we spent extra time in Incline Village.  From the air, you get the real view of its opulent lakefront mansions.  At Zephyr Cove, the helicopter veered left and we ascended the mountains of the Kingsbury grade.  A gut-churning sudden dive soon followed.  "Did you see that?  That was my house we just buzzed!" he proclaimed triumphantly.  I didn't have the heart to tell him, but we saw nothing of the sort, because Aubrey and I were otherwise occupied.  With each other.

We next skirted South Lake's casinos, then veered and ascended up and up, over the Heavenly ski trails that we had hiked not four hours prior.  As all good things must come to an end, we headed back to the airport, and a return to reality.

Holding hands during the final descent, Aubrey and I again went into wordless communication with our eyes, each nodding to reassure the other: yes, that really just happened.

Now well after 9pm, we made the long drive back to the Peppermill, had a tender and romantic bedtime party, and collapsed asleep in each other's arms.  What a day!

Day 5: Spa and Farewell Sweet Angel

The final day was mostly a fog.  Combine the crazy first day party until 4:30am with limited sleep since, and I was completely out of "stanima" and running on empty.

Thankfully, Aubrey took charge this day.  She had planned a couples deep tissue massage at the Atlantis Spa.  Anyone who has gotten a professional deep tissue massage knows that it's half massage, half torture session.  With my fatigue level several shades beyond full-on zombie, I actually fell asleep.

After the massage, we enjoyed more of the spa including the inhalation room and the pools, followed by a wonderful lunch at the Sky Terrace Oyster Bar.  Aubrey, bless her heart, volunteered to drive us back to the ranch.  Exiting the Atlantis parking lot, Aubrey turned into the Convention Center with a sly grin.  I assumed she just wanted a bit more practice learning my car, but she had a surprise for me.  The lot was completely empty, not a car or person in sight.  With a fiery scream of triumph...let's just say that we had quite a rush, and we have the tire tracks to prove it.  Aubrey always finds ways of making me feel 17 again!

Back at the ranch, we had a farewell party.  I was completely spent, but Aubrey wore a look of ferocious sexy determination.  No matter what, she wasn't going to let me leave the suite without a happy ending!  I surrendered to her completely.  My climax used up every last ounce of reserve energy, leaving me shaking for several minutes.  My fifth Mustang trip, my vacation of a lifetime, had ended.  I had "left it all on the field", and couldn't have been happier.

With a goodbye embrace, I stumbled out of the bar around 4pm, a quivering and exhausted (but still salivating) mess.  I thought, how many times had Aubrey and Alexia taken me from exaltation to exhaustion and back again...

Arriving home, I checked messages and found a picture of Aubrey and myself at the helicopter, arms raised in triumph.  I perked up and smiled ear to ear.  Aubrey, there are no words adequate to thank you for memories we made, which I'll cherish forever.  You promised fireworks, and you delivered a supernova!

Gentlemen, if anyone is on the fence about outdates, cast those doubts aside.  Plan well, save up a little extra, and go for it.  Make the outdate of your dreams a reality, and set off some fireworks of your own!
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Navyguy on July 30, 2016, 07:42:17 PM
Wow....just like, Wow....

Five days with Aubrey and I can die happy.  I am glad you had a blast, it sure seemed you both kept yourselves busy.

Good report.
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Mr Stamina on July 30, 2016, 10:49:19 PM
Thank you Navyguy!
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Navyguy on July 31, 2016, 02:15:23 AM
Ill be heading out there mid August to spend some time with Aubrey.  I am sure mine wont be as memorable, but to me it will be :D
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Morgan on July 31, 2016, 02:24:29 AM
I'm so glad you had such a great time with my girlfriends mr stamina. 2 thumbs up :-)
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Aubree on July 31, 2016, 06:46:13 AM
Again, how can I follow up with anything other than just thank you so so much. Truly amazing. 😘
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Mr Stamina on July 31, 2016, 09:50:51 PM
Navyguy, I hear you.  You will have an amazing time :)  I think I did die happy, every night: Aubrey used her angelic powers to resurrect me each morning.

Morgan, thank you!

Aubrey, what else can be said but: encore, encore please!  What shall we do next?  SpaceX will be sending tourists to Mars some day; maybe we can reserve seats?  ;)
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Aubree on August 01, 2016, 01:29:44 AM
Who's to say I'm out of ideas??? 😉😊😘😇

Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Just Tom on August 01, 2016, 02:24:32 AM
Who's to say I'm out of ideas??? 😉😊😘😇

doll, i am sure you are never out of ideas
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Mr Stamina on August 01, 2016, 02:44:21 AM
Aubrey, I was so hoping you'd say that!  I may have one or two ideas as well ;)
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: RENO911 on August 02, 2016, 01:34:26 AM
Wow!!!  What a trip!  The stuff that dreams are made of!
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Aubree on August 02, 2016, 08:00:39 PM
JustTom ... exactly 😉

Reno911 it really was like a dream

Mrstamina... well, well, well we have some planning to do then it sounds like. Let's just say one of my ideas involves a bit of a scavenger hunt with a prize at the end 😇
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Alexia on August 02, 2016, 10:17:37 PM
I'm so glad you had an incredible trip. Definitely sounds like the ultimate outdate/fantasy. Thank you for letting me be apart of it and sharing some time together. I have gotten some good use out of your gift. It most definitely helps when you are not around  ;D ;)

Can't wait to see what's in store for your next sexual adventures here. The ideas for an amazing time together are always flowing.
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Mr Stamina on August 03, 2016, 05:40:10 AM
Aubrey you've got me fidgeting already!  I just know that I'm going to adore your ideas :)

Alexia thank you!  Can't wait to see you again too, and glad you liked the gift ;)
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Aubree on August 10, 2016, 09:03:05 PM
Right back at ya Claw 😂😘

Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Mr Stamina on August 10, 2016, 11:55:36 PM
lol Aubrey your inside jokes are the best :)  I can't stop smiling; you made my day and you know exactly why  ;) 😊😇🎢
Title: Re: July 2016: Aubrey & Alexia - Five Epic Days of Tahoe Outdate and Indate Heaven!
Post by: Aubree on August 11, 2016, 07:50:59 PM
Thank you for letting me in on the joke & pushing your adventure boundaries. 💋💋
Miss you