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Started by caveman, May 15, 2013, 10:51 PM

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Truck driver goes to the pharmasy & tells the Pharmasist he needs help. He said he has these three girls meeting him at the truck stop.He tell the pharmist he needs to give him something. Some spanish fly or something. the Pharmist says  no I cant do that. I'll get in trouble with the law & go to jail if I sell you that. He said I'll give you some & the truck driver took it right there before he even left the store. The next morning the truck drivers back to see the Pharmist. He asks the driver how  it went & the driver says just horrible. He open his pants & shows the Pharmist his peter. The Pharmists says my god that looks like a chewed up piece of hamburger meat. The driver says do you have any Bengay . The Pharmists says your not going to put Bengay on that. driver says no that's for my arms. the three girls never showed up.