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pleasure menu

Started by caveman, Jul 03, 2013, 10:26 PM

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Jenifer can you blow up the pleasure menu bigger so it can be read  easier Please. Can we print it out & blow it up ourselfs along with the food menu.

Thank You!!!!!

Happy 4th of July

Michael j.

The ranch should print out paper copies of the pleasure menu and hand them out to parties as a souvenir. The store could offer a version bound in leather, like the menu of a high-class restaurant.
Michael J.


good thinking I do that quite often with the real Pleasure muenues yet I would like to try your suggestion also  ;)  :D

World Famous Mustang Ranch


Sorry for the long delay but I will work on this.

Thank you


 ;D huh Jen  ??? ....not sure wut you are sorry about sistergirl but i was thinking of a hands on pleasure menu actually you know kinda like a wine tasting or entree sampling.. :o  ;D