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Bella Sophia

Started by RoadWarrior, Feb 17, 2015, 05:48 AM

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I dropped by the Ranch on Friday the 13th (it turned out to be lucky for me!) morning and walked over to the lovely and
charming Bella Sophia.

I joined her at her table and we talked for 20-30 minutes about gardening, cooking, the drinks that are served at the bar,
and she told me about a new coffee drink called Bulletproof Coffee, which I had never heard of.

I found Sophia to be very laid back and easy to talk with, although I admit that her hotness was a little distracting.

I asked her to show me her room, and he led me away.

What follows was beyond my hopes and expectations.   Bella Sophia made me feel completely comfortable, as though she
was a girlfriend.

I had am amazing time, and I look forward to visiting Bella Sophia again in the near future.

I recommend her highly!

- Road Warrior


We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed your time here at the Mustang Ranch with our lovely, witty, hilarious, smokin' HOT Bella Sophia!  Her laugh captivates you, am I right?!  I must agree that this Friday the 13th was one for the books... Everyone seemed to be having the best of luck!  We hope to see you again soon.  Take care!  xoxo Emma


You are so right, Emma! 

Bella Sophia is waaay hot, and she has an awesome sense of humor.

I look forward to my next visit to MR.