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Started by shooter, Apr 25, 2015, 09:52 PM

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Some where in this forum program there is a way to lock threads that have not been posted to in a long time ( I say three months). You should enable it, that way old out of date posts are not dragged to the top of the list.
The family jewels should be handled by professionals not drunken amateurs.


I agree w/  Shooter.    3 months. 
A thread with no reply-back activity ((and is related to a particular lady that no longer works @ the Mustang )) should B  locked after 90days.

People get confuse when   a thread is  dug up from a long time ago.  Especially  a thread from over 1 YR and 4 months ago.   .
     Shooter replied to  one of them.   Plus. It has happen in the past  to others.
  It is not fair   2   to bring up a thread when there is always a variation in a normal routine in the brothel business. 
Ladies can be there 7 months and gone for 2 yrs before showing up again.  If they come back at all.

    Yeah.  Yeah.   I know  some ladies  do return & comeback  such as Kassie &  JayLynn  (( if they come back... then re-activate thier account))
But most of the time there  is only a very ladies that return ((that were even members on the board))

But  old threads should remained buried in history  instead of being  resurrected and bought back to life.
       That  trick was done  over 2000 years ago  &  it became a speciial holiday called  Easter;

New people dont know what ladies have been gone awhile (( or  exiled))..   Most of them want 2  get their names on the board &&
make a name for themselves w/  numerous post counts. 
Instead of making up their own Post ... they go back to pages of threads & bring up the past((which is not a bad thing)) . 
It is ususally a hinder and NOT being helpful to current affairs.

If people  want  2 bring up something from 2 yrs ago.  Then  they should start   ""A NEw  Thread"" instead of searching for an old thread in history on page 17. 
That is why the board has a "New Thread"  button.  And if it was really that  inportant, then they can link the old thread into their new post.


Great idea Jagged. From now on old threads brought back from the dead will be referred to as "Easter Eggs". To be pointed out, ridiculed, and the re-poster   laughed at.  ;D
The family jewels should be handled by professionals not drunken amateurs.


Speaking of old threads. 6 months would be better. The Mustang doesn't have a turnover rate like the ones in Moundhouse. IMO.
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