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Daisy Allison Review
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2017, 09:00:58 AM »
Back in Reno again for some fun.

Spent a lot of time at the Mustang Ranch and essentially was a fly on the wall. :-).  I'm sure a lot of the ladies said.. oh no..  "him" again.  he never parties...   hahaha....

The managers at Mustang (Jennifer and Tara?) are doing a great job there.  Seems to be a lot of newer ladies as well as the seasoned veterans there.  As I mentioned in my previous posts,
Da'ce was/is always looking VERY hot.  Saw Rea, Kelli Brinkx, and was able to talk to the beautiful Leah.  Sweety was really beautiful too but didn't get a chance to talk with her since she looked extremely busy.

I also got a chance to meet and talk with the beautiful Rachel Varga and Kitty Minx.  Both Rachel and Kitty are MUCH prettier in person compared to their pictures and of course their personalities match their beauty.

I was ready to party with Da'ce but she ended up heading back with another client so of course "you snooze you lose".  :-)  I was sad that I didn't get to party with Da'ce but as the terminator said "I'll be back".

While speaking with Kitty Daisy came out from another party and she sat down with Kitty and I.  I learned a little about what she wanted to do in the future with her studies and her goals.  Both Daisy and I were fully engaged listening to Kitty Minx.  Kitty has SO MANY things she's "working on and still working on" it's a wonder how she is able to keep everything straight.  Kitty is just one of those ladies that can do it all.  Thanks Kitty for just being you.

Eventually I wanted Daisy to myself so I asked Kitty if we could excuse ourselves and so off to the booking room we went.  Talked a bit and found some of the activities that we mutually liked and so off to room.  Mustang requires a shower before the party... when I came out of the shower, there was this beautiful thing kneeling on the bed.  I believe she was wearing matching blue bra and panty set.  Sorry my memory is a little fuzzy but I do remember the feeling ... "wow". :-)   We started the party and this lady is very passionate and sensual.  The party was fantastic.  At the end we had some additional time so was able to massage her and enjoy her WHOLE body.  This lady is VERY well proportioned...  can I say perfect?.  Long, strong, and curvy in all the right places.
As an added bonus...   I was able to shower with her.  Slippery and fun and walked away with a wonderful smile. 

Daisy is a fantastic party and I hoped she enjoyed herself as much as I did.

Until next time ladies.