Madison Review - 5/30/18

Started by jakesterjjj, Jun 08, 2018, 02:05 AM

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My normal periodic visit to the Reno area.  This time was a quick trip and I didn't want to make the trip to the other 4 houses in Mound House so decided to just stick by the Mustang.  Doesn't hurt in that I was staying at the Nugget which is probably only a 10 minute drive.  This was a short trip since I had a rental car due to an accident in the City.  (San Francisco)

Went to the Mustang and hung out in the early afternoon just to do a little bit of recon.  Met Aubrey and talked with her a little bit.  What a beautiful lady.  Hung around a bit longer and then decided to head back for dinner and/or a little gambling... (loss of course as always)

Came back a little later in the later evening and did my normal "fly" on the wall and sat near the back just watching/lurking.  (sounds so seedy.. :-) )   Then this beautiful lady walked in and was talking a bit to Aubrey.  I'm shy generally and don't usually approach ladies and I lucked out.   SHE approached me and said how are you and the journey begins..  Her name was Madison.  She was a person that I wanted to meet but believe me..  her pictures on the website do NOT do her justice. 

Madison is just beautiful.  I noticed her lovely toned body and her beautiful face and beautiful eyes.  It was very hard to talk with her but she made it so easy.  She mentioned that she had been around for about a year.  I was like "really?"..   I would have noticed before so I just must have not been around when she was working.  What a sweetheart she is and never rushed me.  She was just such a nice lady I kind of figured she would be fun behind the green door.  I finally said wanna go back and talk.  Negotiations were pretty straightforward and I kind of took a chance with this lady.  For me it's all about the total experience.  To the booking window and off to the room we went.

Details as always will be between the two of us but I had a wonderful time with her.  I just kept commenting to her how beautiful she is.  I'm a sucker for a beautiful face, those beautiful eyes, her nice toned body and of course legs for days..

Madison - Thank you for a wonderful time.  So glad we met and hope for many more future parties.  Now you know my style and hope you enjoyed yourself also.



Jake, thank you so much for your special comments regarding our first experience together! I can't wait for the next time we get to be together again...I hope it is soon! I'm in the house until Friday, but will most likely return again the end of July.  :-*

Until next time, XOXO