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This is overdue

Started by Shay, May 26, 2018, 08:46 PM

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What great dates are made of!

He took his time chatting with the ladies, smart man, connection is everything! When he finally made his way over to me, we talked for awhile and really hit it off. We headed thru the green door to talk in private and decided to book a party in one of our bungalows for the next day.

He arrived the next day and surprised me with a pre-party gift of a book series that we're both into (Game of Thrones) So thoughtful, I'll be enjoying these books all Summer and will be reminded of what fun that night turned out to be.

Once we made our way to the suite, we spent a little time in the jacuzzi getting to know each other better. I'll keep the intimate details private, but I will say, a few hours turned out to not be nearly enough, so we booked the rest of the night together!

What a night we had. We decided to check out downtown Reno, do a little gambling, but before long we realized that we were having better luck in the bedroom than the casino. i think we we're both a little eager to get back to the suite. After working up an appetite, our bartender brought over a charcuterie board and cocktails (they don't miss a beat!) and we sipped and snacked in front of the fireplace before getting drowsy and grabbing a few hours of rest.

The next morning I was woken in the best possible way. Why yes, we can do this one more time! I was not ready for this party to end. When it was time to go, we gathered our things and walked back to the main house for breakfast by the pool. A perfect way to end our date.

Thanks for letting me rev your hemi one last time...