Beautiful Bella: The Definition of GFE

Started by B-team010, Feb 14, 2019, 12:50 AM

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I stopped by Exit 28 on a relatively quiet weekday evening. I did my usual routine: ordered a drink at the bar and then mingled with the various ladies in the bar area. I always like to meet all the ladies to see which ones I "click" with and to keep others in mind for parties on future trips. I had previously met Bella the weekend prior and was very drawn to her (both physically & personally). On this particular night, however, I began chatting with another lady & went to negotiate a party.

The negotiation with the other lady became protracted and overly complicated so we politely agreed to call it quits. I emerged from the green door, and feeling a bit disappointed, began to walk to the exit. As I reached for the exit, Bella called to me, "Hey (B-team010's name), where are you going?" I turned and saw Bella with a sexy, seductive smile on her face.

I walked over to her, she hugged me close, and said, "You can't leave. I really want to fuck you." I'm sure my cheeks turned red & I know little b-team began to gain energy upon hearing this. I told her that I would love to party with her but I was a little bummed about my previous negotiation (with the other lady). She said, "Well, let's talk and see what we can do!" Getting my second wind, I agreed and we went to the negotiating room.

The negotiating was easy, fast, and made both of us happy. She completed the DC & paperwork and we were on our way to her room. A quick shower for both of us and then the fun began.

We were both standing naked in her room. The sight of her gorgeous body took my breath away. She is perfectly proportioned with perky, full, natural breasts, responsive nipples, tight tummy, perky & tight ass, toned legs, and soft, flawless skin. Her face is angelic with a remarkable smile, sultry eyes, and beautiful & fun curly hair.

Her ability to connect with her clients is second-to-none. She provide the most perfect GFE I've ever had! We began gently caressing each others' bodies and kissing passionately. Kissing Bella - by itself - was an incredible experience. She knows exactly when to kiss softly and when to be a little more assertive with her tongue. She's an artist!

Still kissing, we moved to the bed. More caressing & rubbing and she began to stroke my cock. She worked her way down my body, allowed a little titfucking, and then put the cover on for an energetic BJ. After a bit of BJ, I laid her on her back and the main event began. We did multiple positions & they were all amazing. As our liaison continued, the party slowly transitioned from soft & sensual to hot & heavy... Just like having great sex with an amazing girlfriend.

Bella seems to know just what to do at exactly the right moment. She dirty talked the right amount at the right time. She didn't overdo the moaning and seemed to really be enjoying herself. The best indicator of a true courtesan is when the client can't tell the difference between "the theatrics" and "the genuine"... Bella has definitely mastered this!

We slowed down from time to time to prolong the party. When I finally came, it was one of the intense O's I've ever had!

She cleaned me up and then offered a massage to finish out our time. (She did offer a Round 2, but little b-team was exhausted from Round 1!)

I've been going to Exit 28 for over 5 years now. The one hour I spent with Bella was the single best hour I've ever spent there! Bella is a beautiful woman, inside & out. She's the true definition of GFE and I can't wait to party with her again!


Great trip report.   "You can't leave. I really want to fuck you."  would be an impossible offer to pass up.


Great Review!

Sounds like you found a Great Lady! an independent message board dedicated to LPIN where clients and Courtesans can interact

Just Tom

she is a jewel, a great lady to hang out with and great friend to have, now i will have to go back and see what i missed out on
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To B-team010
Thank you so much for a great review. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself as much as I did and look forward to seeing you again 😘