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Started by Ironman, Dec 05, 2023, 05:21 PM

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Around 9pm on Saturday night after a 4 hour or so nap after my bowling thing that didn't go well.😔 I said screw it! I decided to put one foot in front of the other, and decided despite it being dark out, and a little cold out.

I started the long walk from downtown Reno to the Mustang Ranch. Finally showing up at Mustang around 3 30 am.

V. Falls was so impressed I would walk all that way just to stop in and say hi.  That she made me the deal of the century.  If I booked with her She would  Throw in Chelsea London & Brooke Amber at no extra Charge!!😉😁😃

OK yes unfortunately except for the part about not bowling nearly as well as I wanted too the rest of that first paragraph is totally fictional Bull Kaka!!!💩💩

If I were ever to for you old timers that Remember the Monkey Monger Chronicles.  If I were ever to bring him out of witness protection for another adventure that is how I would write the script. 

Now for what really happened!  Like I said the bowling tournament.🎳 didn't go as well as I would have hoped. I have had worse showings on the lanes.

Anyway as I made clear on the most recent posted line up topic.

I was not going to take any kind of Uber, lyft or Taxi to get to the ranch. I also made very clear I was not going to call the ranch to get in building.  None of those options are going to work for me for several reasons.  I will just leave it at that, and will not discuss it any further so don't even ask!

Bottom if some other option didn't  present it self before leaving the area. Mustang would be crossed off the agenda.  I'm just at a point in my life where I need to realize I can't go on for forever, and the end of the journey is closer then the beginning or the middle of it.

Anyway the chance to catch a ride over to Mustang bef GH before it was going to be time crossed it off the agenda for this past weekend.  A opportunity presented itself.

Given in the big picture of my so called life.  I honestly don't know how many more trips I have in future.  Maybe next year maybe never yesterday/ very early Sunday morning  might be the end of the story, or maybe just the end of another chapter.

I really don't know.  I can see the end.  I Don't know exactly yet when I will reach it, or did I already miss the exit?

So anyway I arrived at Mustang around 3 30 am. There were I think 7 girls in the Bar, but V. was the only one that actually knew me on site. So she made a point to say hello right away.

Eventually Brooke who hasn't been at Mustang very long also made a point to come over and talk for a while. 

I also had two shorter conversations with Chelsea one of which was just before leaving around 7 am.  I actually probably would have probably given her closer consideration for a party if I had actually made it in the building earlier. At the point at which I actually made it in the building again it was around 3:30  am I was already on a bit of a time schedule. 

Chelsea reminds me of my early years of going to the various brohels of nevada.  It didn't matter which one.  The bigger brothels are all more alike then they are different.  At least for me.   Basically for me the house didn't matter if I found a girl I liked enough to get naked with, and she agreed to honor my request at a price we could  both live with.  I was good.  The brothel itself for me was just a warm building with walls and roof.  The brothel provided me a place to dance the horizontal mambo with the girl in front of me nothing more nothing less. Which is why when it comes time to mark my awards ballot,  I only  vote for the girls I always leave the brothel category blank.

Anyway those of you that have followed my ramblings, or watched the Monkey Monger Chronicles know every lady I ever booked over the years.  Rather it was multiple times, or only one time.  They all had one thing in common no Matter what their body type and overall physical appearance they all have had a nice looking butt! Hell my now long retired ATF girl  got me in her well er um office at the time of our first meeting back in 2008, simply because I really liked the way her butt wiggeled when she walked!😍 For those of you reading this who don't know who she was/is.  I want to make it clear she did not earn the ATF title in my little personal  micro universe.  That was just how she caught me back in 08. When she decided it was time for her too walk away, and do something else with her life. We were close enough she made a special point to tell me in person she was done! As sad as that made me feel in that moment even though My gut told me that was what she was going to tell me that night back in 2013.😥  How does that old saying go every dark cloud has a silver lining? Something like that as much as it wounded me at time. She cared enough about me to tell me in person.  Which provided the silver lining i got to watch her wiggle (walk away) one last time!😍

Anyway I got a little side traked like Said rather I booked with a girl several times, or only one time. If I liked the way her butt looked she was a possibility for at least one party.  My main point here though in the early days of going to various nevada brothels.  Back when I basically went out every night I was in the area rather only booked 1 party each night, or i think my personal best was 4 In one visit.  During my early years 02-08 basically every trip except 03.  One party every trip would include a blonde with big tits. Yes there is some irony there since I'm a butt guy, or maybe not so much considering my Very first time ever in a brothel. Was a actually a two girl party. Both girls although not probably naturally blonde they both had blonde hair,  and one of them had big tits.

So my main point here Chelsea on some level would hold some appeal for me because yes she has the mandatory  nice looking butt!😍She also because of her overall appearance she reminds me of my earlier years of going to the brothels where every trip would included time on a mattress naked with a girl that was put together for lack of a better term, like Chelsea.

I want to make it very clear though although I am talking about her physical appearance.  I am older now if after speaking with her if I didn't think there was actually more to her. I would not have considered her.  This is not 02-08 anymore those days gone.  Don't worry though guys I will be a butt guy till the day I die!😉

OK moving on I also spoke actually for quite a while actually.  Brooke also holds some appeal  for me for a different reason reminds me of another girl back in that 02-08 time frame.  Ironman the younger years.  I was not truly young when I first walked in to a brothel for the first time in 02.  So I was significantly younger.

Anyway Brooke made a good first impression. If you happen to read this Brooke because you are like bored, and have nothing better to do.  Thanks for hanging out at the table in the Bar.  Like with Chelsea on a different night, and my mood was in a little different place maybe you would have been walking me behind the Green door.  If V. Had not actually been available.

I would have had too make a difficult choice.

It would have had to make a very difficult choice.  I would have come down to you or Chelsea.  I would have had to decide which earlier brothel adventure I wanted to reboot the most at this point two days.  I actually started writing this on Monday morning, but I had to get some sleep.  So stopped typing, and went to bed,  and started typing again on now Tuesday morning.  The goal is to have it done by Wednesday morning.😉

Yes ideally in the perfect world I would not actually have to worry about price. I could have just did a full fleged reboot of my first ever experience in a brothel December 7th 02 at a now long closed brothel.  Basically I could just reboot that experience with a new cast of ladies. In order to do that though I would have needed both Chelsea and Brooke in order to make a reboot of that experience work.  It would not be exactly the same of course.  A truly good reboot though pays tribute to the original, but spins off in its own unique direction.

For the record guys I would strongly advise if any of you want a two girl party. You choose 1 girl.  You let her choose her tag team partner since the girls need to work as a team.  So to be crystal clear I'm talking a hypothetical two girl party here that will never actually happen at least not with me in the room because in 2023, and going forward I honestly can't afford that kind of reboot project.  I'm just saying Chelsea fits the overall basic look of one of the two girls in my very first ever brothel party. Brooke while different would be close enough to play the part of the other girl in my little hypothercal reboot.

Although if money truly was no object. I could  have just done one of the few things I would be willing to try, but never have 3 girls at once.😃 So V.! Young lady😁 if we are ever in the building at the same time again even if it is a long shot at best given the way my life  is trending in the here and now.  Hypothetically speaking only  if you and two ladies of your choosing want to,l offer me the deal of the century at a price too good for even me to pass up!  Let me know.😉

Which now brings me too who I actually booked with, and, why.  I went with V. Falls for a 3rd time.  In aproximately a 365 day period.  V.  Is a real sweetheart,  and  she listens to all my old stories.  She understands that I don't so exclusives. That is fine in the real world, but in my opinion not a good idea in the brothel world even when my ATF girl was still active we basically had an understanding although she was and always be even in her now decade long retirement my ATF girl there was going to be others. I would go. 

My point here no exclusives. However I have always had a current go to girl, and maybe a back up girl for the times.  I would show up, at brothel X, Y or Z, and just wasn't in the mood to do the horizontal mambo with a girl I haven't before.  V.  I guess is the current Go too girl.  Rea is there too.  If you guys are wondering how I would choose between Rea and V if they are both available, and I just don't want to make like Star Trek and try a new girl at least for me.

Well that is easy it happened back in March Rea was the one on the floor when I decided I was finally good to go.  I also on that night
I kinda felt I owed Rea another party because of 2016.

If a lady becomes one of my go to girls.  Although they are all individuals with different personalities.  They all have to be willing to do what my long retired ATF girl always did.  Take whatever I am able to give at that moment in time.   I  am never able to pay the same Exact rate from one party too the next. 

I don't do this on purpose.  It just always works out that way I give a girl whatever one time. Next time I see her I'm 200-300 light.😔

The upside though for the girls that are willing to play Ironman's mystery pay day game.  I will always feel the need to do better for them down the road. 

There was only one time I actually thought I was finally going to pay my current go to girl the same Exact rate two parties in row.  Unfortunately after Charlotte the Charlotte from before the Pandemic Not the most recent girl to go by that name.  Anyway Charlotte counted the money it was 20 dollars light. I was disappointed I really thought I had matched the previous time with her.😔  Part of me hopes i will run into that girl somewhere  some day.  We ain't got to do anything. I just want to hand  her a couple of 20 dollar bills.  I can say hi! So happy I ran into you.  I could play it off with something like Do you remember December 2019? You lent me 20? Here is 20 and another 20 because it took so long.👍🏻

I know some of you guys had hoped to book with that petty lady before she moved on.  If you missed out on her.  Feel free to blame me guys.  I only shorted her 20,  if I had come in 200-300 light she would have maybe stuck around till I made it up to her.  So blame me guys its OK!😎So side tracked again.  On a side rant. 

So anyway What it really came down too.

This last visit although I was one of those rare visits, that i had enough cash on me that even though I didn't know Chelsea, or Brooke from Atom before, My last vist. I my gut tells me.  If had tried to book either one of them Solo they would have worked within my budget.  I went with V. For a 3rd time simply because of past history. You don't, want to be breaking in a new dance partner for the horizontal Mambo when you are on a time schedule. Just too be clear guys. I'm not talking about the length of the party.  Every girl I have ever paid for her time regardless of rather it was our first and only time on a mattress together, or a 5th or 6th go around together made sure it was long enough.

In this case I'm talking about my schedule.  I was leaving the area between 11 AM and noon.  It was already like Just before 5 AM when I went behind the green door.  I realistically needed to be back to my hotel no later then like 7:30 am and that was pushing it! Yes I got back to my hotel by that time, but you are talking photo finish.  I went behind the green door just before 5 AM.  Left mustang about 5 minutes after 7 AM.

V. already knew what I expected from her.

That is important when you manged to put yourself on a exit deadline.

The other factor that is just as important at least in my own mind.  V. Agreed to play Ironman's mystery payday game with me in our second time together back in December of 22.  The cold hard truth. I'm  already running on borrowed time. No I'm not terminally ill, and dying at least not to my knowledge.  I'm however running on borrowed time as it relates to the brothels.  I don't know how many times. I will be able to venture out. I hope there will be at least one or two more stories to tell before I become just a memory. 

Basically nothing was guaranteed beyond this last trip.  I'm running out of chances to make it up to the girls every time they agree to take less then the time before. So just in case this was my last rodeo for lack of a better term I had square things up with V. before  I disappear.  If any of you are reading this are thinking not only is this guy long winded he is a bit different even if he is harmless.  You all are not wrong! 😉😁😃

my last two or 3 rants on here ended.with a musical metaphor. Here is another one. I have always related to it on some level.

It is also kind of the fictional monkey monger's unofficial theme song.😉 The original 1982 Version from the Saints & Sinners CD.🙏🏻🤘🏻