Hot August Nights "postponed" until 2021

Started by easy, Jun 03, 2020, 12:02 PM

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I just got notification yesterday that Hot August Nights in Reno and Virginia City will not happen this year.    :( :( :(



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There is going to be a lot of that, most of my Continuing Education meetings and Trade Shows have been postponed, some 'to a later date' and some indefinitely, while others have been out right cancelled.. anyone hard if the Reno Rodeo is going to happen? 
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Sadly, the Reno Rodeo has been cancelled as well. See . The same goes for the Burning Man Festival; however, it will be moved to a "virtual celebration." No word yet on Street Vibration, Reno Air Races, or the Reno Balloon Festival. Hoping the Italian Festival in October is still on, but no news on that yet.

At least the casinos have opened in Nevada! No buffets though.  :-[


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The last I heard from them, the Air Races remained "cautiously optimistic" that they will go on as scheduled, but a firm decision will be made by the end of June. 
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Oh, I hope The Sparks Rib Cookoff in September 2nd - September 7th is not cancelled!


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