how much more of this 2020 do we as society have to endure?

Started by clevelandbrowns01, May 31, 2020, 11:02 PM

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helicopter crash causing death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and their friends, coronavirus, and now riots after George Floyd's death.  I don't live too far away (about 10 miles away) from the epicenter and am quite familiar with the area.  Everything is so scary. 

Just Tom

Humans have always lived in scary times, from the first days of trying not to get eaten by large carnivores or dying of exposure to the trials of being assaulted by today's media coverage of current events....

Society, defined as the action of humans living with each other has survived plagues, pestilence, wars, the rule of demagogues, and kindergarten; we will get though this year just like we have all the rotten years before.  I'll challenge you, go find a current events magazine from 3 years ago and read that, comparing how horrible the times were then to now.... in the big picture of it all, the trials life haven't changed that much... we are still just trying to keep from being eaten or dying of exposure

Tomorrow is June 1, so we are almost halfway through the year, we are on the top of the hill and about to start the slide to 2021. So what, to far this hasn't been a 'great year', but it will be recorded as better than some other years when history is written.
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Unfortunately all of it. We are are only half way through it.

Even if everything were to be back to normalish. The after effu will linger into at least the first part of 2021.

Prospector Bob

Way back when... my foggy mind seems to recall back in the 1960s & 1970s there were Vietnam war protests, race riots, people shooting people from school towers & other mayhem plus the threat of nuclear war. I don't remember if this was just a local thing or if it occurred in other cities around the country, but back in those trying times, in our city, there was a highly prevalent bumper sticker. Seemed like almost every car had it. I had it on mine! It simply said, "SHIT HAPPENS!"

As Just Tom so aptly eluded to folks, shit is still happening. From those war protest, flower power days until right this minute, nothing has changed. "SHIT HAPPENS!"

Yeah, everything is scary but it's not anymore scarier than at any other time in this world's history.  Despite being a violent species, we humans are a resilient bunch. We'll survive this current "shit" as well.
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