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Saige is available and here are her sexy reviews!

Started by World Famous Mustang Ranch, Dec 27, 2020, 06:08 PM

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World Famous Mustang Ranch

Review - Wow, Saige is so hot. At first glance, her large breasts are hard to ignore. But upon further inspection, she has lovely wide hips and a behind that will make your mouth water. She was fun to be with, and I found she has an upbeat personality. She was committed to meeting my desires and brought a whole new way of thinking about the term, "customer service." I can't wait to see her again.
Seymour Butz 2018-12-13

Review - Saige is so amazing and beautiful! I had an amazing time with her! Her body was perfect including how soft, and big her breast are. She definitely knows how to please! I suggest anyone spend some time with her and Christina because they make the perfect team!
Z 2018-08-07

Review - Saige the experience was so delightful I'm thinking about asking my medical insurance carrier to let me classify it as therapy. She's beautiful, patient, and easy to talk to. I was on a cloud for days.
K 2018-08-03

Review - Super Fantastic party with an awesome young lady.  Saige is breathtaking and super sweet.  She listens to what you want and delivers.  A real treat spending time with her and I hope to return.  She is now one of my favorite ladies.   
GOLFER 2018-6-19

Review - I had a chance meeting with Saige at the bar. She asked what my plans were. I told her I needed to get some of my groove back. So I had a drink and went on the tour. God was it hard not stare at her remarkable ass. Her boobs were what she called "front and center" So after a short negotiation. We went to her room. What we did was so pleasurable, but after we sat and talked and I laid my head on her breasts and shared some real laughs and felt as if I had a real connection. I swear the goosebumps were real. Thank you for what you do I'm a lot better for knowing you. 
G from G.V. 2018-05-06

Review - I had the chance to party with Saige last week and I'm telling you that you need to get to the ranch and party with this beauty. Saige has an ass that is to die for and she really knows what to do with it if you know what I mean. Holy mother of God, I think I'm in love!
Ralph 2018-04-30

Review - I had a long party with Saige and her friend Jasper. The girls really worked me over and we had a ton of fun. I'm coming back next week to get a little more Saige and Jasper combo.
Johnny 2018-05-25