Author Topic: Rachel Varga 's Reviews Part 3  (Read 375 times)

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Rachel Varga 's Reviews Part 3
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2021, 02:12:12 AM »
eview - First time here, and was somewhat shy when I entered. Needed a pit stop after the long drive to the ranch. Read about it and always wanted to visit the place. I walked around for a couple of minutes then Rachel caught my eye sitting at one of the tables. I didn't feel like going to the bar; there were a couple of ladies there. I sat down and started talking with Rachel, mentioned I was on vacation and decided to drive 300 miles to check out the Mustang Ranch. She gave me the tour of the place, and she was very professional. I had a lineup and decided to pick her; I actually liked most of the ladies in the lineup, wasn't sure who to pick, so I picked Rachel because she helped me out and I did like her personality. I decided to go for regular sex, nothing kinky. I have to say I wasn't ready for how intense it got. She was on top, and I was getting too excited. Ended with a massage. She was great with real firm breasts, and a tight pussy. I had a great time. I will have to prepare better next time I visit. Rachel, you're a muse, after I got home I played some piano, and it sounded inspired. Thank you, Rachel.
Mitchell 2017-07-18

Review - I was a virgin until recently. As you can imagine I was totally scared to be around a woman of such beauty. Took a lot of nerve but I made it in the door and when I met Rachel I was instantly taken by how she took me through everything and was as sweet as can be. She was always with me. We went to her room and she took off her clothes, I thought I would just pop right there. She is a Goddess. I didn't know how to do anything but she made me feel comfortable and at ease and then the big moment came and I lasted about three minutes. I'm not ashamed to say that. Everyone has an awkward first time but once I recovered and could go longer, we tried a lot of things. She gave me a blowjob that was incredible and she can really use her hands. It was my first blowjob and I know I can't compare her to anyone but she was so into it. It was a passionate blow job. She says that's her favorite thing to do and I think that it really is. I think the most important thing is that she made me feel I was hers and vice versa. I have been back to my hot sex education teacher Miss Varga several times and what an amazing woman she is. Oh, and that accent is fucking killer! -
Alex 2017-05-01

Review - If you want you can post the following to your blog or a forum: Had an overnight with Rachel- it was out of this world and well worth it. She did things to me that were memorable. My world was rocked, she took my virginity, we had a good time relaxing, being sensual and overall was an experience that I would repeat in a second. If you are looking for someone who is honest, a wonderful individual and a lovely lady- she's the one for you.
W ER 2017-04-01

Review - Rachel was AWESOME in every way !!!! You're missing out if you don't give her a try.
Donnie 2017-03-28

Review - I have had the pleasure of knowing a number of Romanian women and I have found them to be beautiful of mind and spirit, extremely intelligent and, experts in romantic pursuits!!! Rachel Varga is a true Romanian woman!!! Rachel is a very smart and charming woman and spending time with her is never boring as she has varied interests and can hold her on a variety of subjects. It is a pleasure simply to spend time discussing the events of the day and she is not shy about sharing her opinions and beliefs. She always leaves me smiling. Rachel's romantic skills are beyond compare and she always ensures that your time with her is memorable and satisfying. I have always enjoyed my visits with Rachel immensely and I'm looking forward to the many more adventures that lie ahead. Time spent with Rachel is time well spent and very satisfying. Oh, by the way, did I mention that she possesses fabulous legs?
orilegman 2017-02-05

Review - Let me first tell you how I met Rachel. We were followers on Twitter but never really interacted. She sent me a message in response to something she noticed in my Twitter header; something regarding a change in my life. She picked up on it, the only one of my followers. I was struck immediately by her curiosity yet caring reactions when I explained. We became friends quickly and understood each other from the start. Well, I had my first weeklong visit coming up to Reno/Tahoe for skiing and brothel fun, so I made sure to set aside a night early in the week to visit Rachel. I had seen pics of her and we had this great connection but we never really met. When I arrived and walked in the Saloon for the first time ever she was sitting at a table waiting for me! I realized she really is a cutie right away. Like I've heard before it is very true that in person she is incredibly stunning more than her pics reflect. We chatted a bit, and I never felt rushed. The negotiations were very easy and we went back to her room to have a love session. I have been coming to the area for many years and I don't kiss and tell but I will tell you I had the hottest session ever with this luscious Romanian beauty. When she works on you, I think you will agree! I couldn't get enough of her and so I did return to see her a few more times before my week came to an end. In fact, I surprised her on her birthday with a visit and gave her, orgasm:) I highly recommend you visit Rachel even though I'd love to have her for my own! Thank you Rachel darling for an amazing time and I hope to see you soon!
Doc 2016-12-19

Review - Rachel Varga is the greatest human being ever to live on the earth. First, she is about to cure cancer in her garage using a quantum computer that she designed. She also travelled back in time where she stopped the Ottoman invasion at Vienna, helped Charles Dickens write the early drafts of his work and taught Nicola Tesla the concept of AC power. Oh, and Alan Turing learned all he knew from her. Back to the present, she has helped me to start a stock portfolio that will allow me to retire by age 45 in a villa in Tuscany, designed a new UPS tracking system that will allow packages to be teleported through mere thought and helped rescue a kitten stuck in a tree. I suppose I should also mention that she is just about the sweetest and prettiest girl I have ever seen in real life. You could say that I am a fan.
The Fan 2016-11-27

Review - I have been to different brothels in search of that one girl that is truly exceptional in the sense that she truly enjoys making people happy. I had heard on some forums about Rachel and thought I would check her out. We met and she was so amazingly beautiful. She oozed of sexuality but not in a bad way. In the way that makes you feel special. She was sophisticated but not in any way stuck up. Super easy to talk to. We sat and talked about different things. She is very knowledgeable but not a wannabe intellectual elitist. I was impressed. We then decided to negotiate. Once we made it to her room, she made me feel at ease. She knows what she is doing and takes care of everything. We started with some making out and damn it was hot. To be frank I was so hard it was hurting. I don't want to sound crass or say anything wrong so let me say it like this. When she went down on me I thought I died and went to heaven. She uses her hands while she is doing it. Her passion for it was overwhelming, She said it was her favorite thing to do and by God, it must be. I couldn't hold myself and popped so hard. I was exhausted. Hahaha once I recovered, she laid me down and rode me like I have never been ridden. When she bent over for me, I marveled at how gorgeous her ass was. Again it was hard to hold when you are with her. She is so into it and passionate. It was incredible. Afterward, we talked and unlike other girls, she did not just hop up and kick me out. I am going through a hard time and Rachel made me feel special. It was just what I needed. Oh, how I wish I would have lost my virginity to her. Thank you, Rachel. I will never forget you and I will be back to see you. That is a guarantee!!!
poleclimberjames 2016-11-12

Review - Though my first party with Rachel was exemplary, the one I just had was lightyears beyond. She's unbelievable. What a lady. She was wearing this sexy long sleeved red dress...and her legs were long and luscious. We all caught up on things, but I couldn't stop thinking about this party I was about to have with her. Eventually, I just about begged to go in the back. I think she liked that ;) But though my first party with her was all about me wanting to do whatever she asked, this party was all about me. Folks: her service is extraordinary. From the get go she found places on my body that I didn't know existed - erogenous zones that I've never thought could feel so sexy when she touched them. It helps that she's pretty stupendously hot too. I can't get over the look of her fair skin and platinum blonde hair next to me, and her firm bust on top of me. She legitimately cares that you have satisfaction. She tugged on my dick with purpose, finding out exactly how I liked it and then using the rest of her body to make it better. She mounted me like she was getting in a damn Ferrari like she was gonna do something fast and hard and enjoy it all the while. When I finally came she pressed her body on me like an iron, and my God, was I steaming hot. She is a total sweetheart too. We spent a lot of time talking about...anything while lying next to each other. Her body is a joy with which to cuddle. And she's pretty intelligent if you haven't gathered that - politics, science, sociology, she's well versed in a ton of things. Go see Rachel. She's nothing short of incredible.
highdrive 2016-11-01

Review - This woman is amazing. We had a couple experience and Rachel made it awesome. She was comfortable and open and was very giving. Her nature was stress free and her abilities are bar none. This woman was superb in every sense of the word.
Eagle 01 2016-09-24

Review - I have been owned by Rachel Varga, and there isn't a better feeling in the world. Rachel happens to be the best thing to hit the Mustang Ranch since sliced bread met peanut butter and jelly...and she'll make you melt far easier than that. The short of it is thus: Rachel rocks worlds on a regular basis. Trying to describe Rachel would be like describing how a beauteous blonde butterfly flaps its wings. You'll miss out on it if you blink, and you'll wonder what happened. But one thing is certifiable: Rachel is gorgeous. Her Romanian accent belies a sophistication, uncanny and uncommon. Her body is hard, her breasts are supple yet supreme, her mouth is tender on your own body. Her bottom is firm and her legs are strong. Here is a lady who commands your eyes to drift upon her. Her own eyes are beautiful, and gazing upon them is to realize all your dreams are right in front of you. Rachel stuns you into surrender. Throughout our party, the only words that I could say aloud were "yes" and "oh god." Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to totally trust someone, and then to give in? Rachel does these not with her words but with her allure. Rachel knows what to do with you. She knows exactly how to please you as you stand staring at her beauty, and even better what to do when you are nude in her bed. She knows that you want to explore her body with your hands. She knows how to please you with her soft lips. She will keep you under her control while she is on top of you, and she will make demands of your body with hers. But she does this while ensuring your unspoken demands are exceeded. She will work both sides of your body, front and back. She'll find places you'll never think existed, erogenous zones that only she knows. And if you yearn for her body, or perhaps, if you yearn for that primal desire to thrash about wildly in passion; if you must allow your body to convulse with pleasure, then she will enhance her touch tenfold. You will never have an orgasm the way Rachel will give you if that's what you want. Me, I wanted to submit my body entirely to her. Every part of me became hers. I was treated to the highest pleasures I've ever known. Rachel has a collection of toys that help serve this purpose...but my eyes were closed in my ecstasy that I did not realize till after how impressive it was, the things she did to me. Leather, plastic, rubber, hard, soft, hot, cold, wow. Later we showered. And I cannot impress enough that there is no feeling quite like Rachel's solid bust lathered in soap in your arms. I obeyed every single command of hers. She rewarded me by fulfilling my desires in every single way. Rachel is sweet and sensual, but if you want a domme who will control you, she can be that too. Just don't piss her off. If you do, prepare for the consequences. Your butt may never be redder......
highdrive 2016-07-23

Review - Rachel Varga has the boobs and the ass and the face. She is a total bomb. I like boobs and hers are very fun. The best thing I felt she did was her blow job. She deep throated a larger-than-average cock awesomely.
Midwest Firefighter 2016-07-13

Review - Rachel Varga, Saw you just today. Loved talking with you. So smart and funny. Plus beautiful too! Then we partied. Such a great party. Unforgettable. We talked. We partied. We cuddled. We talked some more. I had such a good time with you today. So, thank you Rachel. You really made my day today. It was a really great experience.
Mr. Noname 2016-06-11

Review - I took time to get to know as much as I could about Rachel Varga from Twitter before arriving. Anyone can see from her pictures that she is blond and has the longest legs. Beautiful face and built like a model from Playboy. Outside beauty only does so much for me. I look for the inner beauty as well. She is a special lady inside with a warm heart. She does not rush and treats you only in a way you could hope for. We sat and talked in the parlor and got close and talk a while. She had me feeling very at ease and ready to negotiate for a party. Negotiations went well and party we did. I waited at the bar so that she could freshen up. I had said she could come out naked to get me. To my surprise, she did come out in a short sassy robe. Oh my. I could only think that she had not a stitch on under that robe. In the room when she slipped off, I mean to tell you one of the best sexy bodies I have seen anywhere. Rachel does wax and is smooth as silk. I cannot forget to say how tight her pussy is. So tight that she can squeeze her pussy around my little finger. I thought she was going to have trouble with the size of my cock. Once we got started and her multiple orgasms there was no problem for sure. Out of a scale to 10 she is off the chart. She is definitely the best of the 15 woman I have partied with in a years time. I will be comparing all my parties now to her. A definite repeat for me. I hope Rachel will want to have me over and over. Rachel in is a league of her own. We had a sensual good time that we both enjoyed. Thanks Rachel.
Jay 2016-04-08

Review - I had the opportunity to meet and party with Rachel this past Tuesday. She is awesome. She is really sweet, kind, and fair. She won't try to pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable. She enjoys being on top and puts in great effort into her party. She looks better than her photos in person. Plus, she has an amazing accent. I enjoyed Rachel a lot and would love to see her again. Rachel is a blast go and see her when you can, she is amazing. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how easy to talk to and negotiate with. She makes everything relaxing.
N/A 2016-03-07

Review - I was in Nevada for the week I wanted a surprise, so I choose not to make an appointment this time. One woman caught me eye a beautiful blonde with big breasts. We talked a little negotiated then the fun began. Her name was Rachel and let me tell you guys she has a voice that will melt your heart, her voice alone is enough to get me an erection. She is very funny, seductive, and most of all she is a strong woman who will be honest with you no matter what. The sex was amazing I had two orgasms in less than 50 minutes. She is very sweet and I do plan on seeing her again. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone new.
Sincerely Austin 2016-02-01

Review - I first got interested in Rachel via her posts here. Then I got more interested in Rachel when i saw her pics. Then when I saw her at the bar, i got REAL interested. Wow. Whatta doll and damn, wouldn't you know it.....a half hour later, there I am, in her room, ready for playtime! Boys, if you like your babes blonde and busty, rachel is your girl. She's a fucking knockout with a stunning figure, a very nice young lady, and she's got a most sexy accent to boot. Cosmo says......oh yeah!
Cosmo 2016-01-11

Review - Three of my friends and I decided to visit a brothel and see what it was all about. I was nervous because I had never been to a place like that. As soon as I saw this gorgeous blonde with beautiful breasts, long blonde hair, and devious smile I knew she was the one. I picked her so my friends wouldn't get her. She took me by the hand and showed me around and then to her room. Once we started I found out it was her first time too! A brand new girl! Did I make a mistake by getting one that was new? Ummm hell no. She took me to the bed and totally destroyed me. I never had a girl go down on me like that. It took everything not to blow and I'm sure she knew that and didn't want to embarrass me. She hopped on top and rode me to my first climax in 5 minutes. I couldn't help it and it was embarrassingly quick but at 23 I have the stamina to keep going. Not to be too descriptive but when she bent over she made me cum in 15 minutes and then we did it again for the third time. It was the second best time I ever had in my life. The first being when I came back two days later. Again she made my nerves go away and rocked me like she was my girlfriend and had known me forever. I am glad I got to be her first and I will never forget it. I cannot recommend her enough. In some ways, I was still a virgin until I was with her because everything before her was just a warm-up. I forgot to mention that her sexy accent made my heart melt. I can't wait to come back and see her again.
Elliot 2015-12-07