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Jade Reviews

Started by World Famous Mustang Ranch, Dec 03, 2022, 08:37 PM

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World Famous Mustang Ranch

Jade Orchid REVIEWS

Review - I met Jade 1½ years ago when planning a four-day trip to the Ranch split between 2 ladies. As luck would have it, the other lady had to cancel her journey a couple of days before our party. Jade and I decided to roll the dice and spend four days together. That was one of the best decisions that I ever made. She is beautiful with a hot body and an excellent conversationalist with a great personality, and she definitely won't disappoint you in the bedroom. In the spirit of full disclosure, I spend a lot of time with Jade, and she is one of my ATFs. Do yourself a favor and contact her or if you are already there and see her, get to know her. But be careful; she may seduce you. Southerner 2022-11-28
Review - Hello Jade, Another OUTSTANDING TIME with JADE ORCHID but this time two days in a row. Thank You, and I LOVE YOU, JADE 2022-09-27

Review - Jade was wonderful. At first, I did not recognize her as I settled into the lounge. Yet, her charisma shined through that dusky room and drew me in. She was inviting and charming and put me at ease. Our time together was exhilarating—something to remember. 2022-05-31

Review - Jade Orchid is beautiful inside and out. Everything she has to say is golden, and everything about her appearance is much better in person. Her pictures do not do her justice. Everything about her is a million times better in person, and I had to match her tattoos. I'd describe my time with her as a retroactive bucket list item, and I had no idea how much I would get out of that interaction until I did.  2022-04-16

Review - Jade is an amiable and wonderful companion. When I met her, it felt like we had known her forever. I suppose that's why we were parting within five minutes of her coming out to the bar area. I'm looking forward to a much longer party on my next visit. Then I'm hoping for a great out date sometime in the future. 2021-10-07

Review - I had another exceptional session with Jade. Love you, Jade. Rich 2021-09-30

Review - I have seen Jade numerous times. Each time she takes me to a new level of intimacy. Don't miss Jade. She is a 10 in more ways than 1. Hope to see you again, very soon. Love and soft kisses. Rich 2021-06-16

Review - I had the best time with Jade. She is truly a wonderful person. She made me feel very at home and just like she was my girlfriend. I'll be back soon for more. John 2020-01-30

Review - Well, I saw Jade, again. If you are counting, it's number 7. But this time with Caprice for a Threesome. We did photos and videos. A GREAT TIME was had by all. Rich 2020-01-26

Review - Yes, I will include your name. Your name is Jade Orchid. And this is the eighth time that I have seen YOU. We had another GREAT SESSION, this time for four hours. I was in Heaven the whole time. Jade is at the TOP of her SEXUAL POWERS. LOVE ❤️ YOU. Jade Orchid is a MUST SEE. 2020-01-20

Review -Once again, I am at a loss for words. I spent my second evening with Jade tonight. I have had very few truly spiritual encounters in my life, but tonight was one of the most profound and beautiful experiences I have ever had. Jade is an amazing woman: Beautiful, sensual, magic, and compassionate. She is a gift for anyone looking for an encounter that may change your life. Thank you, sweet Jade, from the bottom of my heart. Much love, Robert 2020-01-14

Review - Dearest Jade, I don't know how to write a complimentary "review" of our date on the Mustang website, and I'm not certain that it would make much sense to anyone else anyway. I also don't want to reduce our time together to a product review; that would debase everything for me. So I'm going to share my feelings with you directly, and you can do with it what you choose. I encountered magic, real magic when I met you on Saturday. Yes, you are beautiful, sensual, and physically incredible. But you are so much more than beautiful. You have magic in your soul. You are ancient, and you are a gift to my soul. Reflecting on our time, I know that my soul is old, but it's been asleep for a long time now. You ended my slumber. Since I dropped you off, I have cried a few times (in my way) tears of healing and gratitude. Gratitude towards the Universe for the gift that I was given in you, and gratitude to you for allowing yourself to be a vessel for that gift. You accepted me first, and then you took me to a place where I was able to accept myself, if only for a night. The road lies long in front of me, but I'm anxious to get moving forward. I believe that we will share that road from time to time and that you will be crucial to my being able to keep moving forward, even when it gets difficult. Your grandmother was right when she told you that she saw a very magical woman in you. Please continue to embrace your magic. One prayer I have is that I might be able to be of benefit to you (beyond financially) as well.
Thank you, Jade Orchid, from New Mexico. With everything I have, thank you. With great appreciation, affection and love,
Robert 2020-01-03

Review -  I just took out Jade on an Outdate.  We couldn't have had a better time together—first, the room, then dinner.  We watched a movie that I brought.  Being together with her overnight is something that only happened in my dreams until 08-12-2020 when the dream became a reality. 
On the morning of 01-13-2020, we both became aroused.  I will not say an more, but we were both smiling with joy. Then, off to breakfast and back to The Ranch. We had a GREAT TIME !!!!
Rich 2020-01-14

Review - Well, guys and gals, I was with Jade again. And Jade rocked my world with her hourglass figure and sexual skills. Jade is a must-see LADY at The Ranch!!!! Don't miss out on this  Wonder Woman!!!
Book  Jade,  IMMEDIATELY !!!
Rich 2020-01-26

Review - This LADY is OUTSTANDING in more ways than you can count.  I had a GREAT TIME with her and Rachel Varga last year.
Thank You, BOTH !!!
2019-11-13 Rich

Review - One of the most intriguing and adventurous experiencing I have had in many years. I could not say enough about top-shelf quality in-service and companionship. Thank you, Jade Orchid.

Review - Jade is amazing. A true healer and lover. She fulfill me and made me whole. I've been waiting for this love all of my life. I can't believe I finally found her at The World Famous Mustang Ranch! Thank you.
Philip 2019-9-26