Vera Bliss - what a doll

Started by Luvtofish69, Jan 30, 2023, 02:15 AM

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I had the opportunity to party with Vera Bliss. This was a second party with this young lady. This young lady is a delight to be around.  Beautiful, sexy and a smile to die for.  We had a great party, even though I didn't arrive until the very end of her shift. She makes you feel so special and relaxed. She is so sweet and kind.  One can never go wrong with her.  After the party, she came and sat with me while I had breakfast for about 45 minutes, even though her shift was over.  Can't go wrong with her. Hopefully, will be able to party with her again someday.



Vera Bliss

Thank you for the very sweet and kind review. 🥰
I'm glad I could make you feel relaxed and at ease. It's always nice seeing you again. Taking the time to get to know my clients and form a connection is everything and can create an even more fun and intense sexual experience in the bedroom.