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LPIN Awards Banquet Announcement - Wednesday July 19, 2023
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LPIN Awards Banquet Announcement

Note: This announcement has been reposted for Elko Banquet Host Cookie Monster.

It is my pleasure to announce that I have been granted the privilege of hosting the LPIN Awards Banquet!

The LPIN Awards banquet in 2023 honors the achievements and shows appreciation for the past year of 2022.  Awards will be presented to those who have won the votes as accumulated on

The awards banquet will take place on Wednesday July 19th, 2023 between the hours of 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

The banquet will be held in ELKO, Nevada this year! We decided this for a few different reasons.  The past awards banquets have never been held in ELKO and those from ELKO always commuted to difference cities in the past.  This gives those the opportunity to celebrate in a different venue and makes it fair to those who have always commuted in the past.  After inquiring with several Courtesans and brothel owners, we decided to hold the banquet on a WEDNESDAY instead of a Friday.  Why?  Many of the Courtesans make their money on the weekends and a banquet on Friday for several hours breaks up their business on their best lucrative days.  Having the banquet from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm allows those who need to travel from other brothels ample time to get to ELKO and ample time to get back to resume business.

The banquet is a private event.  Only registered attendees will receive the venue location information.

The event is open to Mongers, Brothel owners, Brothel staff and Courtesans.  Registered members of and are welcome to join, as well as legal Courtesans and past working Courtesans of Nevada Brothels.  Attendee registration acceptance is at the discretion of myself and the LPIN Awards Team.

A Valid email address will be necessary when registering so I can have appropriate correspondence and confirm reservations.

We will dine on Prime Rib, Shrimp, Salads, Sides and Desserts, Soft Drinks and Coffee/Tea.  A specific food list will be provided later on.  The Venue will have a cash bar.

I will start to take reservations and payments on April 3rd, 2023.  The approximate cost will be $40.00 per person.

*** However ***

I plan on paying for the Banquet of up to 60 attendees and the Crystal Art Awards that will be presented to the winners.
If you register and send in your $40.00 no later than the deadline of July 1st and receive an approval / confirmation email, then you will be all set to attend.  The catering provider needs a final count by July 1st!

The first 60 attendees that have registered and paid, and ALSO physically show up to the banquet and attend will be reimbursed $40.00 by me in the form of cash at the banquet.  No-Shows will not be reimbursed.  No exceptions.

For those who are not the first 60 that I will pay for, no reimbursement will be made.  Upon successful registration, you will be notified via the approval / confirmation email if your attendance registration qualifies for reimbursement.

All registrants above the first 60 that pay will not be reimbursed.  I will keep a running public tally on the SIN board of how many registrants there are with cleared payments.

All the funds (if any) for all no-shows will be tallied during the banquet and a drawing will be made at the end of the banquet for all attending Courtesans.  A single Courtesan will be drawn and she will receive the funds.

The LPIN Awards Team (special shout out to Firefighter) has been most gracious with help to accomplish this.  I am really excited to see you all and enjoy your company as we honor those who deserve this recognition!

Most of you know me as Q on this forum, but the Ladies, brothel managers and staff know me as Cookie Monster.

Hope to see you there soon!

Best, Q (Cookie Monster)

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