Question for the Courtesans (about trust)

Started by calibrats, Feb 05, 2024, 10:40 PM

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This is something I've been wondering about, and I'd love to hear your perspectives! How do you think about trust between you and your clients?

For example:
Is it important that you trust your clients?
Is it important that they trust you?
What does trust mean for you in this context? How do you define it?
What kinds of things increase or decrease the trust?


There is a trust that has been around for thousands of years. The trust that both parties will keep our visits to ourselves. Basically no one outs anyone else. This cornerstone is discretion.

If you elaborate on some of your thoughts I could add to this answer. If it is personal you could message me or one of the girls.
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Thanks for the reply, Rachel. My question's not personal, but I think trust is an interesting topic for a profession that is so intimate. There are probably many different angles to it, so I'll mention a few that I'm thinking of.

Vulnerability. For a first-time client visiting the Ranch, it seems like they will always need to have some amount of vulnerability going into their party. Would you agree with that? Is that something that you encourage and try to foster over time? Do you also show some amount of vulnerability as you're building trust with a client, or is that something that's better for you to avoid?

Flattery. I would imagine that some clients welcome flattery, and others really value sincerity. Is that true? If so, do you adapt to the client on that? Is it difficult to get a read on what they want?

Safety. This might be too personal, so I'll understand if you don't respond. It seems like you are repeatedly in a position where you have to trust a new, unknown client with your emotional, psychological, and physical safety. I know there are some protections in place for that. Are there other things that help to make that easier? Are there things that clients can do to make that any easier for you?

Thanks again for your thoughts. I really admire the work you do and the impact it has on people.