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Amina Monroe

Started by SixT9er, Mar 09, 2024, 05:24 AM

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Months after Amina & I failed to come to an agreement we closed the deal & had a mutually enjoyable party.
Even tho we didn't come to an agreement a few months back we stayed friendly & flirty with each other in house & thru social media. I have learned to not take failed negotiations personally or as a closed door to future encounters & with Amina it proved to be the right way to go.
I had an appt with a different Lady that fell thru so Amina & I chatted more & after an awhile & a few drinks she decided that I had "grown on her" (like a fungus! lol) & she suggested we try again.
Negotiations were quick as she knew my budget & my desires from before & after the DC away we went.
Amina is a very Sexy & sensual person. We had a Great time & will again in the future.
I highly recommend this Lady & will be seeing her again an independent message board dedicated to LPIN where clients and Courtesans can interact