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Started by World Famous Mustang Ranch, Mar 30, 2013, 07:29 PM

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World Famous Mustang Ranch

I know everything is not complete..... BUT.... I couldn't stand the "old" site. 

Please be kind and send me all your ideas!!!

Michael j.

I hope the online booking system works this time.  It never did for me, I always had to phone in to be sure.
Michael J.

World Famous Mustang Ranch

I hope it works too!! I sent a test one and it worked.

Lots more to do on the site, but things are looking up!!


I like this forum. Great idea
The family jewels should be handled by professionals not drunken amateurs.


OK on the ladies page when I click on Carolina's picture it kicks me out to  the home page.
The family jewels should be handled by professionals not drunken amateurs.


ya know even if or when the "booking" kinks are worked out i still like verbal confirmation just ta make shure of any last minute requests or to ansdwer any quick questions either of us may have  ;) and besides its a nice transition to keeping things abit more personable,ya know  :-* especialy seings how wut we offer can be quite personal once ya think about it  ;)


and gee wiz  instead of missing out on wuts almost right to demand "perfect" is just plain silly to me...wut ever happend to apperciating the "its the thought that counts" ... alittle reminder,something to think about people....  ;)

World Famous Mustang Ranch

There will be changes every day. Several times a day. I'm not resting until its done.......  It will never be done, done. but.... at least current, working and wanting you, to want to come back. 

Stay tuned, great things coming!!! Thank you!


Great work Jennifer.  Overall this is a huge improvement over the previous forums.


and just a quick heads up even when you make an appointment on line its always great to hear a verbal confirmation via our office phone that way when we have any naughty questions they can be answered so we can supprise you or make the experience just the way you like it  ;)

Anonymous person

Thank you for revamping the website.  It was getting very tiresome looking at how the old site was looking incomplete.
Thank you for your diligent work to getting the new site and the forum up and running again. 

World Famous Mustang Ranch

Your welcome! I understand how crappy the old site was. Pure torture! Thank you for sticking with us!

Thank you


Thank You  for this site!!!!!!!

Just Tom

Hey Jennifer, i understand the old address to the worldfamous website still send a searcher to the old website that none of us should check on getting that redirected to this new website
if you can't laugh at yourself, you don't deserve to laugh at anyone else

World Famous Mustang Ranch

The old site sucks, I will check it out! Thank you! Everything should be directed to the "new" site.

I'm having a bit of a struggle with the emails and few other things..............

I'm not throwing in the towel..... I'm going to continue my pursuit to a wonderful website

for the wonderful ladies that make the Mustang Ranch what it is.  Thank you!

I have not forgotten what I said about "emails, menu's, chat, store, etc...

I get wrapped around the axle on one item and before I know it, the day is gone!

When I first went to Lance about the new website, I thought for sure I could get it

done in a week. 2 months later the site was launched. In the "real world" things can get

done quick! Man oh Man it's taking  a bit longer. Please remember "good thing come to those who wait".

Thank you for waiting! I appreciate all of you! Thank you!!!!! I'm working on the site everyday!!!

Thank you