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Started by World Famous Mustang Ranch, Mar 30, 2013, 07:29 PM

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Michael j.

150% better. Now it's much easier to go back and forth between the forum and ladies/lineup pages.  Kudos to the webmaster.
Michael J.

pearl pleaser


Nice job with the new website. An especially good addition is the video tour Madame Susan offers of the premises, letting you know what's in store once you visit. For first-timers, they often worry about line-ups and negotiations and other aspects that rookies fret about, but your video is informative and even reveals that they'll go through the standard dick-check in a comfortable, easy-going way.  Was kind of surprised you were so blatant with the paying-for-sex angle, but I guess, people don't usually go to the Mustang for swimming lessons, correct?

I thought everything was laid out much nicer. My only quibble is that the CAMs and other video fare don't really mention that those particular girls aren't available at the Mustang, are going to benefit from the mixed message.

But overall, nicely done!


I like the lineup link...   it rotates the pictures everytime I refresh the screen.   All I have to do is hit F6 and a different girl shows up.   I'm like a kid in a candy store  :P


Yep for grown ups


Nice update to the New Website. 


Really a great job Jennifer...thank you !!
I ain't askin no body for nothing if I can't get it on my own
So if you don't like the way I am livin then leave this long haired country boy alone !!


It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass out all day long.

World Famous Mustang Ranch

Thank you very much! Still working on it, but I like it  lot better!!!


Hi Jennifer,

Is there any chance you can load the pics for the ladies and lineup sections, so that they render a bit larger when we click on one of them? I know that may use up more server space, but I believe it's well worth it. At the very least, maybe the pics in the Mustang Events slides can be enlarged. That way, we (meaning I) would be able to tell who the ladies are in the group shots.

Thanks for listening.



New website is great.. Phenix is right tho, every time we change formats, our reviews disappear;(
We are so appreciative of those reviews and the time that you men (and couples lol) take out of your busy days to do for us...

There are so few ways to legally advertise our business to begin with, (let alone each lady marketing her own assets), that it's a little disheartening to have such an effective form of advertising simply disappear:(

Anyway, thank you Jennifer for your ongoing efforts to improve our online visibility;)...
Xoxo Shayne:)


I might not be in the group shot but I was a complete part of it from the beginning I was the first girl in the rock crawler while they were using it to make the first access path to the very first rock crawling event and I took Caveman (client referred to me from the playboy radio station ) to the even as apart of my outdate with him and I had water ballon fights in the truckers parking lot and put on a huge stage show passing out "ORI and Drity Girl' offroad racing (along a few other sponcers) t-shirts and DVDs to a full house at the mustang and was a huge supporter and promoter of this event several years in a row  :) I even cam up with  a suggestion called sextreem offroad for (adults only) still in the works Im waiting for one of the sponcers to get back to me about the parts its going to take to make it safe  ;)


I remember that day!!!!! Thank You!!!!! That was along night, Morning afternoon. Hot dam you looked hot in jeans & work boots. You with couple jackets & that hat . You had me with the hat! I love the picture walking back & the bridge. Don't let us forget the once at night which are to hot to handle.
That water ballon thing fight sounds like fun. Are you all having them every night sence the weather is warm?


we shall see I did ask tara about the squirt guns and she said oh yeah she has lots of them in her office  :D


You could have water ballons parties every night!!!!! Dam that sounds like fun!!!! Getting all wet & slippery. Time to go to bed & continou this dream. Yeah!!!!!!


enjoy having wet dreams about me and you and the exciting things we have done and hopefully soon someday will do (God help us)


     Getting  Back  On  Topic
            About  the

     Constructive Criticism   on
       The  "New "  Website 

      I am  haaving  problems  reading and browsing  each ladies page.   

      I can read  part  of a Lady  bio.  Then it will get cut off @ the bottom. 
                         ((Not only on my computer.  It happen to another computer at a friends house))
           Can  No  longer  scroll thru  the  photos of a single lady.    About a month ago, I able to 
                 Whateever photo is up on the ladies Bio page.   That is the only photo I see of that lady.