Mustang Ranch FINALISTS Announced for LPIN 2023 Awards

Started by firefighter, Apr 30, 2024, 11:51 PM

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Congratulations Mustang Ranch LPIN 2023 AWARDS FINALISTS

All Finalists will advance to the FINAL Voting Round that runs May 1, 2024 through midnight May 10, 2024 PT. 
LPIN 2023 Awards will be presented at LPIN Awards Banquet, Host LPIN Awards Committee, on Friday July 19, 2024 in Reno Nevada.

Brothel of the Year 2023 FINALIST
Mustang Ranch

Rookie Courtesan of the Year 2023 FINALISTS

Courtesan of the Year 2023 FINALISTS
Vera Bliss

Hall of Fame Inductee 2023 FINALISTS
Madam Jennifer
Madam Tara

Note: The LPIN 2023 Awards WINNERS and Hall of Fame Inductees determined after the FINAL Voting Round will be identified by bold blue type.

LPIN Awards Presentations Banquet Announcement

List of Registered Voters that participated in LPIN 2023 Awards

Official Rules for LPIN 2023 Awards

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Vera Bliss

I feel so honored to be a finalist for courtesan of the year! This month makes 5 years I have been working at the Mustang Ranch and I never thought I would come this far in my career. I will be attending the awards ceremony July 19th. I can't wait to meet everyone that's going to be there! 🥰