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Mustang Lodge

Started by coralin, Dec 24, 2013, 03:56 AM

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Is there any area on the website describing the lodge?  Where does one call to reserve a room or a bungalow room, or to see the rates of the various rooms?  What about the room amenities?  I think that would be a valuable addition to the site... IMO


They show a few pictures on house tour. The sigh saying lodge. If you watch the house tour I think it is pretty much the lodge side of the ranch? I say call & ask. I've seen a number on the site some where. Try this #7753431424  If that's not the number to call. They should be able to help you & give you another number.


here is this I see when I first enter website. 

1011 Wild Horse Canyon Drive, Sparks, Nevada 89434


Thanks caveman...
I know it's on the website... just think it should be a bit more noticeable and/or available to find as a website improvement.  It's not like it has it's own section.  The lodge took the place of a whole brothel, and in my mind it should draw some attention.