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No Avatar - Where Did It Go?

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--- Quote from: Vera Bliss on February 19, 2022, 10:08:22 AM ---Same here

--- End quote ---

Use an off site 3rd party picture host.  Just drop the link your the pic hosting site will create for you into your profile.

In your case given your target Audience choose an adult friendly site.

Its always better whenever ever possible to link your Avatar display picture to on off site pic hosting site.  That way you are not hog tied by the fourm pictuture size limitations.


Vera Bliss:
Same here

Ashlyn Sparks:
I keep trying to update mine and it keeps erroring out ... :-[


--- Quote from: Luna on November 21, 2021, 11:43:35 PM ---Mine is gone too... How can you tell if Iím sexy or not without it?

D-does this help?

--- End quote ---

Dear Luna,

It appears from your photo that you're sexy with or without your avatar!

However, I should probably give you an intimately close examination during the Annual Reno Meeting scheduled for Wednesday July 13, 2022 thru Sunday July 17, 2022 to confirm my belief.  ;)

firefighter XO  :-*


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